Screen Printing on Fabric
Screen Printing on Fabric

4 thoughts on “Screen Printing on Fabric”

  1. 12enma12 says:

    how can you make the screen thingy ?

  2. jose gonzalez says:

    esta bien para hacerse uno sus propias camisetas 

  3. Seb Mireault says:

    Hey, long time user of your products! I have recently stepped up my production but it is difficult for me to offer 50 fabric prints in a reasonable about of time due to the length of the heat setting. I am about to purchase a 16×24 heat press to be able to do heat stamped products with my vinyl cutter. Can I reduce heating time by using a large heat press over my set up with two household irons and a silicon sheet? Do you have any recommendations?

  4. Peter Gašperan says:

    2:10 How long does the ink take to dry, rendering the screen useless? Cheers

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