Sealing Saltillo Floors With Desert Tile & Grout Care
Sealing Saltillo Floors With Desert Tile & Grout Care

Hi, my name is Dan Milne, owner of Desert
Tile and Grout Care out of Gilbert, Arizona. One of our specialties is Mexican tile refinishing
or also known as Saltillo tile refinishing, and we’reoften asked, “Well, why do I need
that to be refinished. Why can’t I just mop it and leave it at that?” What people have to understand is this Mexican
tile, or Saltillo, is just basically a clay tile. So periodically, it needs to be resealed to
keep it restored and what happens is that once your sealer breaks down, being just a
clay tile, if you don’t reseal it, it’s just gonna wear your tile right down to where it’s
just… Again, just clay. So we like to come in, machine scrub it, reseal
it, and make it look nice and fresh. They’re clean. It’s much easier to take care of once
we’re done. You can just damp mop it with water or just hit it with a dry dust mop. But again, it should be done periodically
and then people will often ask, “How often”. Depending on your floor traffic. I would think
Some people figure every two to three years is good, and that’s fine. I get people even last longer than that, with
the high traffic areas aren’t as bad as some of the other ones are, rooms aren’t being
used as often. So please feel free to give me a call. Again,
my name is Dan. My cell phone is 602-330-9460.

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