See How to Remove Sealer Residue with NanoScrub®
See How to Remove Sealer Residue with NanoScrub®

Aqua Mix® provides a full line of problem-solving products that are designed to safely and efficiently resolve installation issues, as well as correct existing problem areas. At Aqua Mix®, we supply the products and the experience needed to help you overcome your challenges.
Aqua Mix®: Professional solutions for professional results. This demonstration will show how to
remove excess either residue from a stone or tile surface.
Here is what excess sealer residue looks like the day after sealing. This can happen when excess sealer is not completely wiped from the surface within the recommended time set by the manufacturer. The best product to use for sealer residue removal is Aqua Mix® NanoScrub®. Be sure to shake the bottle well before using the product. Apply a small amount of NanoScrub® to the affected area. Add clean water, and use a circular motion with a white nylon scrub pad to remove the residue. Wipe it completely dry with a microfiber towel, and the end result is a nice, clean surface. NanoScrub® is a powerful, abrasive cleaner, but its nanotechnology allows it to clean safely without scratching. This makes it the perfect product for miscellaneous spot cleaning on any surface, as well as use as an additive with other Aqua Mix® cleaning and problem-solving products to boost their performance. Aqua Mix®: Professional solutions for professional results.

3 thoughts on “See How to Remove Sealer Residue with NanoScrub®”

  1. ilex Wang says:

    can it remove the tile wax as well?thx

  2. Tina Knight says:

    can this be used on concrete countertops and if so can I apply more sealer on top after removing residue?

  3. Andrei Fasola says:

    Voice : " apply a small amount … " pours 1/8 bottle.

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