See This Woman’s Incredible 140-Square-Foot Dream Home
See This Woman’s Incredible 140-Square-Foot Dream Home

– [Vina] The design of the
house is very thought out. You really have to make every single use of square inch that you have. We knew that it was gonna
be sitting on this property. We sided it so that it’s south-facing, which allows for passive
heating and cooling. So the main living space,
which is the great room and the deck, is all facing south. It has almost continuous
lighting throughout the day, but you don’t have direct heat gain. – The outside of the house is all cedar. It’s western red cedar. It’s resistant to rot
and weathers very well. There’s a rain screen
underneath the cedar. The corners are mitered
and glued together. No seam; it’s very clean, very smooth. And no trim around the windows meant that it had to
be a very perfect fit. – It’s a mobile stretcher that has wheels that allows you to go
from one place to another. – It’s probably ten
thousand pounds, maybe plus. We didn’t weigh it yet, but judging by how it
pulls on a large truck, I’d say it’s up there. – [Vina] The deck doubles
my square footage. It’s a lot of my living space for dining and just entertaining. The great room functions as a media room, as an office space, as a
guest bedroom, as a library. My office has the little storage unit that has a portable coffee
table/storage/dining table. It can move around because of the castors. Believe it or not, my kitchen
is the biggest kitchen I’ve ever had in any of the
guest houses I’ve rented pretty much throughout my adult life, which is really crazy. One of the tricks about the
kitchen is light and storage. So for instance, my stove
has a horizontal window that frames the view outside,
yet it has storage above, so having completely open
shelving really helps. My sink is really functional. It has a deep basin as
well as a high gooseneck, so I can put tons of dishes
and pots and pans in there. It’s a gray water system
that recycles all my water; feeds my grapefruit tree. A year ago when I moved in,
it was completely lifeless and now it’s just in full
glory with grapefruit. So just because I’m tiny
doesn’t mean I don’t go big. Some of my luxury items in my tiny house is the propane gas a fireplace. It’s pretty sweet. Another item is my skylight loft. It’s actually half as
long as my entire trailer. It’s ten feet long, and
so there’s a lot of space up here, which people don’t
realize until they’re up here. It’s one of my dream parts of my house that I could be able
to watch the birds sing and look at the stars at night and almost feel like I’m camping. It’s pretty special. I think people are
surprised that my tiny house is actually my forever home, because I see it as a place where I can actually take root in, which is unusual because all my life, I’ve never felt rooted anywhere. I’m from the Philippines. I was born there, and
I’m one of nine children and we lived a very modest lifestyle because we didn’t have much money at all. And when I came here, I basically just learned to live pretty
simply and minimally. When you think about your daily life, having to go to work everyday and making the money to
support your lifestyle of your big house, and really, how much time do you really
spend with your family? Quality time, not cleaning out the garage. Ojai is definitely a
place I can call home. You know, when I built my house it was really just for myself and so I didn’t think of
it as any major explosion that this is gonna
happen for other people. When somebody told me I
should put it on Houzz, I just uploaded some photos and then immediately soon after, I had all these responses
and it just exploded. Most people think of a home
as something to be rooted in, but the tiny house allows
you to have that flexibility and still be grounded. And I think that’s an amazing thing. (peaceful music)

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