Sew Many Sewing Hacks and Sew Little Time to Learn Sewing Techniques!
Sew Many Sewing Hacks and Sew Little Time to Learn Sewing Techniques!

Madison is inspired to do some sewing. However, that nasty thread just doesn’t want to go through… Hmm… if you can’t see
the way out of this situation you need to really zoom in. Let’s see. I guess it
doesn’t help either, huh. And just like that we’re stuck at the very first step. Jess, please come look at this! Someone oughta show her the ropes! Or in this case a thread! *chuckle* That’s simple, girl! Just lay a string on your palm and rub it
with the eye of the needle until it goes through. Here you go!
Thanks, Jess! It seems that all you needed was just to look into the eye of a needle! Let’s make
a colorful star ornament. Sew them onto a fabric tracing out a star. Fill in the
whole shape by using different color threads. Now pull the string through the
middle and wrap it through the needle a few times. Then push it back through the
center and you’re done! The star was born! This time let’s make a leaf! Follow the middle section by connecting one side of the blade to another. Make sure that the
sides are a little bit behind the center thread. This will give you a more
realistic pattern. It might take a while but the result is definitely worth it! It looks like Madison has really got into sewing! I can’t wait to see what she’s
going to create this time! Aw that’s so adorable! This looks like a half-hearted
attempt. And it doesn’t resemble the lovely heart we had in mind… There’s got
to be a better way to trace it down. Maybe this good ol’ pencil will do! Let’s try this again. Tracing it down and… …nothing… Graphite doesn’t seem to be a
good choice for marking the fabric. Let’s check our cleaning stash. No… no… that’s it! Maybe this soap will show us some love! Take the cutting board and slice a small
sliver from the bar. Since it’s soap you know it will wash away easily! Now let’s
try it one more time. I guess this cloth had a change of heart! *chuckle* Soap is by far the best choice for marking fabrics! Madison’s sewing skills are
beginning to bloom! Make a simple stitch tying up two colors
of threads. And continue to sew around the bottom part of the flower blossom. Now simply cut through the threads. And tidy up a bit. We know it seems a bit
difficult but we are rooting for you! Oh wow! This girl just doesn’t want to quit. This time she’s sewing actual curtains! Look how easy it is to sew them by
folding the fabric bit by bit using a fork. Amazing, Madison! You really
showed us what lies behind the curtain. Anna is relaxing after an intense
workout in a local cafe. This book is cool and all but it’s getting late. Reading about the icy region really gives her the chills. So it’s a good
thing she brought her jacket! Well of course… The zipper just had to break at
that very moment?? In situations like this it’s important to keep a cool head. Look around you, girl, there’s got to be something you could use. Aha! It looks like this plastic straw is reaching out to her! I’m sure all of us
had this issue at least once in our lives. Put some superglue on the broken part. Then take a plastic straw and cut a
small part from it. Cut through the sides. And attach it to the broken part of the
zipper. That’s it! I guess that broken zipper really took the last straw! Off you go as warm as a toast! Speaking of warm clothing, puffy vest tend to get a bit ripped over time. Here is a cute way
to hide those holes with a simple sewing trick. Using a thicker thread start
making long loops like this. Continue to sew them close to each other around in a
circle. Now wrap the string around the needle a couple of times and push it back through the hole. That’s it! Your dull waistcoat really came into bloom!
Ready to take on those hills? What to do with that long sleeve sweater? Rolling
them up all the time can get a bit irritating. Let’s patch this problem up
with a simple sewing trick. Roll the sleeves up and use a color thread to sew
it in place Following the cross stitch pattern. Look at how these little
snowflakes make even the simplest outfit pop! Finally after months of peeking
through the window our package has arrived! What did you order there, Madison? Oh, I see, a new pair of jeans! Let’s try them out! That’s definitely not a perfect
fit, girl… They seem way too loose! That’s what happens when you order clothes
online and forget to check the size chart. Surely you are crafty enough to
find a way out of this situation. Let’s cut to the chase! No, girl, don’t take this
literally, we are not making another bag! Duct tape? This might not end well… You may as well wrap your whole leg in it! *chuckle* We have been learning sewing for quite a
while now. There’s gotta be something we learned that could be useful in this situation. How about these pins? Oh yes, that rings a bell! Let’s flip these jeans
inside out and begin pinning them starting from the top where it’s tight enough. Now let’s put our sewing machine to work. Sew through the marked parts removing the pins as you go. Denim is a difficult
material to sew by hand which is why we recommend the helping foot of a sewing machine. To finish just cut off the excess material flip it to the right side and you’re done. Looking good, girl! You really cut loose from that
situation! Don’t forget to check the size next time, sister! Anna is experiencing
every girl’s worst nightmare. There is absolutely nothing to wear. What’s this? Yet another plain shirt. That’s a big no-no for a fashionista like her. Well maybe it doesn’t have to be. Cut out one side of the shoulder and one strip from
the bottom. Now secure the bottom piece to the top with a safety pin. And start folding it bit by bit just be careful not to hurt your fingers! It looks so lovely already let’s not forget to sew it together. We recommend using the same
color thread as this shirt. Lastly just remove the pins and it’s done. Oh wow, Anna, you look like you came straight out of a magazine! Now that’s what we call
DIY sheik. There are many different stitches to use while sewing. But it can
get a bit difficult to keep them evenly spaced. Yeah, that doesn’t look neat at
all. A simple hack is to use your finger for measuring. Use a marker to draw two
lines about five millimeters apart. Now simply follow the lines and continue
stitching. That looks so much better! Who knew that
you had the answer at your fingertips all along! Looks like we are having
another hole in a sweater situation. Simply connect the loose ends with a
thread like shown in our video. Just try not to leave any out. And pull both ends
to hide the gap. Ta-da! Anna has really gotten into creative
writing. She gets so lost in her thoughts that she doesn’t notice the plot holes. Or um… denim holes too! It doesn’t take long for this witty girl to come up with a
creative idea. Firstly cut off both sleeves. Now attach the dolly to the
armhole and secure it with pins. Do the same for the other side and sew it
together. Don’t forget to leave a hole for your arms and you’re done. Oh wow, what a lovely pattern, Anna! A perfect waistcoat for warm weather! Now that we’ve learned the threads and needles of
sewing, we can move on to something more complex. For example let’s add some sass to the
pocket of this t-shirt. Just carefully follow the sewing pattern using a green
colored thread. This might be a bit difficult so watch closely. Sew through a whole line and then take a red colored thread. Pull it out from the inside and twist around the needle a couple of times to make a knot. Do the
same to every stitch. Oh, look at that! What a… cherry cherry
lady!~ Hard work really does bear fruit! Remember how we made a lovely flower
design out of threads? Let’s step it up a notch! Make a couple of double loops and
place them on top of each other like this. Now connect them all with the
thread. Once you get the hang of sewing it will be like a walk in the park. Lastly cut through the loops and tidy it up a bit with a needle. Try decorating your backpack or a sweater with these flower designs! Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you’re enjoying this video as much as Jacob is! Let us know just how much by smashing that like button! Subscribe to our channel if you
haven’t already! And most importantly don’t forget to leave a comment down below! We read them all! Emily is really trying her best to get ready for all the
upcoming classes. But it gets really tricky when the sportswear just doesn’t
fit in the backpack… Looks like this pillow couldn’t handle all the stuffing as well… Shall we fully destroy it? Empty out the
filling and cut out one side of it. Make a couple of small cuts here as well. Fold the edges up a bit just like this so you could sew them. Using a sewing machine would make your life a bit easier but it’s ok to do it manually. Now grab a
shoelace and pierce a safety pin on the end of it. This will help you to insert
the strings inside the folded edges of the the bag. Sew the strings to the corners of
the bag. For an extra touch grab a pair of old
pants and crop out the pocket. Cover the backside with a layer of glue and attach
it to your bag. That’s it! This huge a drawstring bag will definitely fit all
of your sportswear or any other necessities. The shoelaces are perfect
for concealing the bag. Be sure to put an extra protein bar for some energy as
well. Emily’s parents are meeting Jacob for the first time. But this guy is just
so busy with this old-school film reel strip! What is mom gonna think about him? You need to look good, Jacob. Hmm… And dad always says that you can’t be a man
without a bowtie. Well, sweetheart, I hope you finished analyzing the film because it’s time to get crafty! I think he wasn’t done yet… On the ends of an old
damaged film strip put pieces of double-sided tape. Stick the parts to the
middle point, make a smaller one and attach it on. You may want to use an old
bow tie and remove its strap. Now put a drop of hot glue and stick the hipster
bowtie on. Wrap the middle part using another piece of film strip. And there you have it! Well, Jacob, Emily has the final touch of your formal outfit ready just for you! Close your eyes and get ready for a surprise, sir! Yoink! And you’re all done! Wow mom and dad are gonna love this look
as much as Jacob is! This filmstrip bow tie will surely impress them! Just be the loving boyfriend you already are and you will be fine! After you, lady Emily! Hey, Stylish Pandas! I hope you enjoyed these fashion hacks! Let us know which of them
you’re going to use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more
feel free to check out our older videos. Hit the subscribe button and ring that
bell to stay tuned for more!

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