Sew This Bedroom: Throw
Sew This Bedroom: Throw

Hi, I’m Sarah with the Hobby Lobby Creative
Studio! Welcome to our Sew This Bedroom Series! Today
I’m going to show you how to make this custom throw blanket to add a finished look and a
little extra warmth to any room. To make a throw like mine, be sure to check
out our printable for a detailed list of what you’ll need! Alright, let’s get started!
I’ve cut my fabric to 55″ x 78″ and it’s pressed and ready to go. I’ve also pressed my muslin
and bias tape pieces. To give my throw a clean and completed look
on both sides, I’m going to add muslin as a backer.
I want my muslin backer fabric to be the exact same size as the printed fabric, but instead
of cutting the muslin to 55″ x 78″ on its own, I’m going to lay the fabric on top of
the muslin, with their right sides outward, and pin them together. Make sure and place your pins 2 or 3 inches
in from the edge so you don’t have to move them when adding your bias tape around the
edges later. To keep the fabric from shifting, I’m also
placing straight pins throughout the rest of the fabric, turning them in different directions.
Now cut your muslin to match the edge of the printed fabric. By doing it this way, you
insure that the two pieces are exactly the same in shape and size.
Now, for this project I am going to use a half inch pre-made black bias tape to finish
out the edges of my throw blanket. I’ve gone ahead and connected my pieces end-to-end
so I have enough to go all the way around the blanket. If you aren’t familiar with how
to do this, check out our Learn to Sew: How to Make Bias and Piping video where we not
only show you how to connect bias pieces together but also how to make custom bias so it will
match any project perfecty. In that video we also go into a little more
depth about how helpful these little clips are for use in different projects in place
of pins. I decided to use them today because they help hold my bias around my blanket really
nice and flat instead of wavy like pinning tends to do! So, let’s get to clipping!
With your fabric and muslin still pinned together, begin adding your bias tape around the edges,
clipping it in place as you go. Be sure you are placing both of the fabric layers all
the way into the crease of the bias tape. Bias tape is not only functional as it will
keep the edges from fraying when you wash the blanket but it also gives the throw a
nice, finished, porfessional look. When you get to a corner, you’ll want to create
a crisp 90 degree turn with the bias tape to make a nice, clean corner. Here’s how to
do that… You want your last clip to be about an inch
away from the corner. Pinch your bias tape right at the corner.
Now flatten the tape along the next edge as you place the fabric inside it. You’ll notice
little wings forming at the corner, press those down flat, giving you a tiny mitered
corner. Carefully pin this corner in place, making
sure you’re pinning that wing on both the front and the back side of the mitered corner.
I chose to use pins here so I can get really close to my corner before pulling out the
pin and sewing it in place. Once you’ve clipped your bias tape and pinned
your corners, you’re ready to join the ends together. You’ll need to start by trimming
the ends of your tape. You’ll want the two ends to overlap about
two inches. So, find that measurement and unfold your bias tape. Now, you’re going to cut this at an angle,
so it visually matches the other seam in the bias tape. To make sure you’re cutting it
correctly, look back at the angle of the last seam. You’re actually going to cut at the opposite
angle of this. So since my last seam is angling to the left, I will cut this one angling to
the right. Make the short side of the cut at about that two inch mark you found. Now when it’s folded under, it will actually
lay angled to the left like the others. So, on the end you just cut, unfold the bias
tape completely open, then fold the raw edge in and press to hold the fold. The last step here is to lay the two ends
together so the right one is on bottom, and the left one is on top.
Completely open the other end of the bias tape, and then re-fold them together, following
the original folds in the bias tape. Clip it in place and you’re ready to sew!
Begin sewing the bias tape onto the fabric, backstitching when you start. Sew closely
to the inner edge of the bias tape, and remove the clips as you go. At the corners, leave your needle down in
the fabric so you can pivot your fabric without interrupting your stitches, then continue
sewing all the way around, again backstitching at the very end to secure your stitches in
place. And that’s it! One custom throw ready to spruce
up any room in your house! For some added decorative flair, you could even add a tassle
trim like the one on the lampshade and roman shade to really tie your decor together. Well, that’s all for today everyone! Now,
be sure to check out the other videos in our Sew This Bedroom Series and I’ll see you next
time at the Hobby Lobby Creative Studio.

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