Sewing a Round Pillow With Piping : Pinning Round Pillow Fabric
Sewing a Round Pillow With Piping : Pinning Round Pillow Fabric

Okay, so now we got that piping on, make at
the, the two-inch of the piping, meeting, so the whole thing is a perfect circle. What
I’m going to do now is actually sew the two pieces of the pillow together. So I’m just
going to lay on top and go in the end. I think I’m just going to put some pins in here, just
like around the edge, alright, here we go, and just to keep it anchored on where I want.
They don’t have any funny rolls anywhere, here it go. I’m just going to go corner to
corner right now. Okay. Here it go. And then I’m going to jump over here and do this last
corner. I think I’ll even put one right in the middle. Okay. And so what we need to think
about now before we even get started sewing is where are you going to leave the hole for
the pillow insert to go into. So we need to leave a hole, about this big, maybe let’s
just go about this big, a little bit bigger, just so the pillow insert can sit in, fit
in and then will go in and then close it afterwards with a little top stitch. But I think I want
the bottom of the pillow, to all be like where I met the, let the piping meet, so I think
I’m just going to leave the insert hole right down here near that hole. So I’m just going
to make a mark, just about how big it should be, right here. And if your foam is real hard
and it doesn’t want to squeeze in very much, you might want to leave a bigger hole, but
I know mine is real squishy and I can just squeeze it up and put it in there and then
it’ll fluff out. So, in the next clip I’m going to show you how to go make this, this
circle to finish the edges and leave this open for the insert. We’ll do that next.

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