Shakti Mat – Relieve muscle soreness, sleep better and improve your circulation
Shakti Mat – Relieve muscle soreness, sleep better and improve your circulation

Hi guys, Amber here from The Active Lifestyle I’ve got a new thing show you today it’s our new acupressure mats, so we’re going to show you what they look like. (Work out how to turn the camera) Here you go so this is it here It’s an acupressure mat, which is like acupuncture where you do it by yourself to yourself at home and they’re awesome for helping to release tight muscles, they’re great for people who get headaches or who are struggling to asleep at night. For people who are looking to start a meditation practice using an acupressure mat is a great way to do that because it gives you something to focus on as you feel things moving and starting to change in your body and also people who have poor blood flow and acupressure mat is awesome to help stimulate blood flow through your body and help to improve your overall health. So we’ll give you a quick demo today, James here is going (Turns camera around) There he is! He’s going to to show you how to use the acupressure mat on your back so what he’s gonna do is he’s going to sit at the end of the mat and you really need to do it without clothes on, it needs to go onto your bare skin; it doesn’t hurt as much as it looks, so don’t be too scared. But you want to line it up with your lower back And then you’re going to lie down gently onto it relaxing back into the mat. There you go. Awesome demo there, just lying back relax your head you can drop your arms out to the sides, whatever feels comfortable And you can just lie there relax, I really recommend that you learn to meditate like this – so just concentrating on your breath, feel the movement through your body, you’ll actually notice it feels cold, I find it feels cold to start with I do this lying on my bed and then I can pull the duvet up and keep warm, or I start to shiver but that’s just as everything is being stimulated through your body so it’s absolutely fine, some people get hot, so just listen to your body to see how you feel James shall we show what they look like after you do it. James – I feel hot Amber – do you you feel tingling anywhere? yeah, I’ve used it elsewhere as well well I find it been very good on my lower back and my butt and my hamstrings So over the next couple of weeks we’ll show you some other ways of using it like James said, so how to use it for your legs, your chest your lower back, also through your neck and shoulders a little bit more too and so James if you want to sit up we can show what it did to your back so but you can start to see the little bumps and so all those little pressure points they just get hit with the acupressure mat and makes you feel amazing. So if you’re ready to try out the Shakti Mat and start your journey using the acupressure mat give us a call – we have a very limited supply of them they are $70 dollars each and they’re friggin awesome and so you need one. By all means come on down to Mt Eden and have a go, you can play on ours and see what it’s like and yeah get yourself one and start using it today. Cool Happy New Year everyone hope you’re all doing really well we’ll see you soon If you’ve got any questions hit us up give us a shout, I like it, it’s helped a lot, helps the bloodflow, helps to relieve the soreness when I’ve been training at the gym doing deadlifts, stuff like that so give a shout, see what you think! Cheers! Awesome we’ll see you guys soon!

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    Does this help loosen muscles? To be able to move?

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