Shenandoah – Peter Hollens (A Cappella)
Shenandoah – Peter Hollens (A Cappella)

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  1. Whitescar Products says:

    Lyrics of the first Half

    Oh Shenandoah, I long to see you!

    Way', you rolling river.

    Oh Shenandoah, I long to see you.

    Way', I'm bound away.

    Cross the wide Missouri.

    Oh Shenandoah, I love your daughter.

    Way', you rolling river.

    For her I cross your roaming waters.

    Way', I'm bound away.

    Cross the wide Missouri.

    Tis' seven long years since last I've seen you.

    And heard your rolling rivers.

    Tis' seven long years since last I've seen you.

    Way', I'm bound away…

    Cross the Wide Missouri

  2. J Cheng says:

    How about an album all for American patriotic songs? That will be great!

  3. Kilah Lynott says:


  4. gary sis says:

    In what key signature is the first part in then the key change?

  5. Mandar says:

    I heard this song by a large choir sometime when I was a teen and ever since the hook has been stuck in my head, but I've never found a version that's moved me as much.

    Until tonight. Tears immediately spring from my eyes and my heart aches with how beautiful this is. Thank you, Peter.

  6. Ryndezvous says:

    Blessed with a lovely voice ❤️

  7. Sutton Ritter says:

    Peter Hollens, my school Alexander Hamilton 5th grade band is playing the melody of Shenandoah. We all saw this video. Do you have. Any tips I can share to them all?

  8. teery59 says:

    In what language are the lyrics written?

  9. Mónika Csorba says:

    A zene nagyon tetszik az anyukámnak és nekem

  10. Ranger's Tavern says:

    I know its probably corny, but I"d love to hear you tackle the ballad of Davy Crockett and the theme to Daniel Boone, of Fes Parker's stuff.

  11. Ryanx says:

    My school just put on the play Mourning becomes electra and this song is the main theme

  12. BlockBreaker88 says:

    I’ve got this as my trumpet solo and it’s so litt

  13. Edana la Fleur says:

    you can reach all my feelings.. thank you for this <3

  14. random gaming/aka anime fan fan says:

    I need to sing this for my consert

  15. Miranda Peyton says:

    For my all state chorus audition I have to sing this beautiful song

  16. nater1111 says:

    I took this song as a solo to a high school contest and got a 1. Absolutely love this song.

  17. TERRY KUEHNER says:

    One of the most beautiful songs ever. Thank you, Peter!

  18. Callie Rose Martinsyde says:

    Some time ago I wanted to hear this song, so I searched it and saw this and wondered who this Peter Hollens guy was. This is one of the most beautiful performances of this song I have ever heard. Now I'm hooked on everything on your channel. 🙂

  19. Jennifer Hjelmeland says:

    OMG!!😂 I grew up with this song!! Brings back so many wonderful memories! THANK YOU FOR BRING THIS BACK!!💖💖💗💗

  20. Vicki Ware says:

    God I love his voice.

  21. rhinely850 says:

    This is about the daughter of an Indian chief in New York state. A fur trader travelled the Missouri and longed for his love. Shenandoah.

  22. Lydia Robertson says:


  23. SierraLovesCats says:

    That voice, it goes just as deep as the Dovahkins. Godly is all I have to describe. Just gorgeous. I also LOVE the setting, mellow, dark, rainy, snowy, riverside….. Yes…

  24. Sarah T says:

    in virginia, people play this song for every school event under the sun. we play the frank ticheli version on our instruments at graduation every year ~

  25. Mary Palm says:

    Please sing: Still be my vision

  26. etistone says:

    Fantastic song and singer! Thank you for this incredibly long and intense "moment frisson" from 1:49 to 2:20 !!!!

  27. Bri Shaffer says:

    I remember singing a solo for this song in elementary school, and honestly, every time I hear this song, I'm drawn to the brink of tears. It's such a fantastic song!

  28. John Situ says:


  29. Usha Meister says:

    Lovely voice. beautiful song. heard it after I heard my little grandson singing.

  30. Karen Williams says:

    I love the snow falling!😱👏🏻👍🏻💚😘👍🏻🙌🏻

  31. TJ Hughes says:

    Haven’t heard this song in years. absolutely positively brilliant rendition of a classic song

  32. JHP says:

    DUDE! You're awesome. Beautiful voice, creative interpretations/musicality, so silky smooth it gives me goose bumps.
    Thank you for sharing your music with us. It makes my soul want to sing and brings joy.

  33. David C says:

    Wow voice of an angel! Im here from Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon's "Almost Heaven" after googling Shenandoah.

  34. kitio sao says:

    I'm a choir member and is tasked with singing this In the bass(lower)version

  35. Morning Glory says:

    Love this song!

  36. LH Shnailed says:


  37. R. Whitaker says:


  38. Joshua McMahan says:

    You should sing for the longest time

  39. Shatten Jager says:

    Nice job man!

  40. nan zhang says:

    instant feeling, any Chinese songs can't compare with this video version.清新脱俗 美得不得了

  41. Susan de Wit says:

    I love your songs

  42. Leftatalbuquerque says:

    Peter would enjoy hearing this from MY generation: 1975, by Starland Vocal Band.

  43. Giselle West says:

    We sang this for my chorus concert and it’s so beautiful that it makes me wanna cry no joke

  44. Andrzej Brzezina says:

    Genialne wykonanie

  45. Ray Woodcock says:

    I don't entirely like the change of lyrics. But this is astoundingly beautiful.

  46. Ildefonso Rizos Fotógrafo Murcia says:


  47. Clavier says:

    wonderful voice for an amazing melody

  48. Brian Smidt says:

    I listen to this once a day and perform it once a month…thank you for the blueprint Peter hollins!

  49. Robbie J says:

    Wow! I'm so glad I stumbled upon this. It's right up there with the best of 'em!

  50. Lisa Jensen says:

    I can't say enough how much I have always loved this song

  51. Kamila Wereszko says:

    I don't know what can I say. Just love this cover. ❤️

  52. John Davey says:

    WOW. WOW. WOW !!!

  53. James Lamon says:

    U r awesome

  54. Stephanie Vineyard says:

    Peter's voice gives me chills on this song – one of my favorites!

  55. Joseph Millraney says:

    Peter, ich werde eines Tages not rich singen. Ist das moeglich. Deine Stimme… ausgezeichnet! Ich danke for.

  56. someguyonli says:

    Chills my friend. You hit that out of the park!

  57. FernCurtis says:

    ❤️ WOW…Haven't heard this since…forever…I'm in my 50's and haven't heard it since I was still at home!

  58. Karen Johns says:

    Thank you for sharing your music. You make my heart light.

  59. Aaron Wilkinson says:

    I was mowing the lawn to this yesterday, and I decided to belt it, and I hit all the notes, and then later I came into the house and my sisters looked at me like I was insane.

  60. carolmahala says:

    The most beautiful song and done so well! Thank you, Peter!

  61. Johnsc11904 says:


  62. eileen goodwin says:

    Lovely, so relaxing👍💖💖

  63. Lucy Scott says:

    i am doing this for my grade 4 singing exam peter!

  64. Sara Wehr says:


  65. Cassandra Forste says:

    I don't understand why so many ppl didn't like it.. 😏 He did very well and no reason to give this a thumbs down !

  66. carty43 says:

    This was always my favorite version. Never understood why you re-did it. One of these days, for a cool change of pace, I wish you'd take a run at "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive." Quite a slice of Americana, that one.

  67. Chris Alvey says:

    My high school choir teacher had us sing this song and I absolutely fell in love with it. You do an amazing job singing it and I’m sure he’d probably listen to this over and over if he was still with us. Well done, Peter!

  68. Judy Lynn Baker says:

    I am from from Virginia and this song calls me home one more time.


  69. Cynthia Johnson says:

    Beautiful is all I can say beautiful voice and song

  70. bburnsga says:

    I watch & listen to this often, I have the link on my desktop. When it gets to 2:16, the wet snow, his expressions, arm movements, & the words really get to me. He's so believable. I miss living out west, now that I'm back in the southeast. This song takes me back. Just a wonderful performance, an amazing voice.

  71. Jane lane says:

    what a beautiful voice .

  72. Meisoon Basheir says:

    You have a beautiful sound

  73. Fuck off cunt says:


  74. Miles • says:

    I've watched this like literally a hundred times, and I'm still struck by the beauty of it all.

  75. Doug Cronkhite says:

    Easily my favorite of your covers, Peter. It's just straight up heartfelt and powerful. Love your layering for the musical melody and harmonies. Absolutely magical.

  76. Suzy Harthcock says:

    I have always loved this song, well done! Thank you.🎶💚🎶💙🎶💜

  77. Georgie Walker says:

    My choir sang this and i absolutely love this song ❤️

  78. Zion School of Performing Arts Ministry says:

    Takes me back to high school! We sang this song in Show Choir. Love your version. Amazing.

  79. CountArtha says:

    This was my Granddad's favorite folk song.

  80. Victoria Sicola says:

    I am a new grandmother. This song/Peter's voice work magic on my five-month-old grandson. Whether teething or hungry, if I play Shenandoah, he becomes calm and smiling immediately. I am forever grateful! Maybe a lullaby or two next?

  81. Veni Vidi Amavi says:

    I see those Japanese subtitles

  82. Edward Gilmour says:

    Outstanding version

  83. dpmltm says:

    This song lacks a real Southern Accent to push it above the line. I had relatives fight on both sides and something like this it just needs that little extra push. Oh it is so close to perfection!

  84. Collaboarator LLC says:

    Transposed it here!

  85. TheConfidentialEnderman says:

    I have to do this for a university choir audition tomorrow. Can always count on Peter Hollens for a good recording.

  86. Kim Fowler says:

    I love this!

  87. Katherine Tressler says:

    When i was a freshman we did this song for veterans day, i just think its cool to hear my favorite acapalaist sing my favorite choir song

  88. Enjoy Life - 子明生活分享 says:


  89. adanayalas says:

    that violin voice effect……awesome. greetings from mexico peter…. soul touching voice

  90. Darrell Border says:

    You're a snake!

  91. Blasian _Rämen says:

    All-State contestants where you at?!

  92. Sandra Grant says:

    Oh. Oh, it hurts so sweetly, I can't explain. This song, and your voice, will be my touchstone.

  93. Thomas Caprino says:


  94. Eldin Young Park says:

    The moment Peter was in 20s. Lovely!

  95. Nicholas Thompson says:

    Hauntingly beautiful

  96. Maid in Germany says:

    As Fan of irish and scotish Music I just can say Thank you for this wonderful version! Please, make more!

  97. Gene Spanos says:

    Thank you.

  98. Jiaming Qi says:

    Oh my god, his voice is so clear and beautiful. Our a cappella group is also practicing this beautiful song currently, I hope I will sing as good as him one day!

  99. Nn Nancy Perry says:

    my very favorite

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