Shimmer and Shine Enchanted Carpet Ride Game (AD) | Jr. Gamers | Preschool App | Nick Jr.

NARRATOR: Nick Jr.’s Jr.
Gamers play “Shimmer and Shine Enchanted Carpet Ride.” Hi, I’m Fiona. I’m Ethan. Today, we’re playing
the “Shimmer and Shine Enchanted Carpet Ride” game. We have to collect
all of the gems in order to get the
genie rific prize. I wonder what that is? There’s only one
way to find out. Are you ready? Yeah. Boom zahramay! [LAUGHTER] Here we go. Coins! Yeah, we have to get
as many as possible. Whoa. Let’s collect that green gem. Hey, I’m seeing double. Now there are two of us. Now there are two of you. Double coins! OK, now we’re at
the genie beach level. We need to find
the treasure chest. There’s gems inside! Over there! We need to trace the
pattern to unlock the chest. Whoa. We got the gems. Nice! Oh, no. There are boulders
blocking our path. Ethan, tap them
to clear the way. Whoa! Good job. We’ve collected all of the gems. In order to win our
prize, we have to match the pattern on the left. I think that goes there. And that one should
go right there. And that one goes there. That’s a match. Zahara slam! NARRATOR: Our Jr. Gamers
flew through two levels. But there are plenty
more prizes to collect. The “Shimmer and Shine Enchanted
Carpet Ride” app is available now on iOS and Android. Ask your parents for
permission to download.

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