Shipping Container Becomes Fabulous Backyard Tiny Home
Shipping Container Becomes Fabulous Backyard Tiny Home

I cover a variety of tiny
house stories on this channel. And while some people are using
tiny spaces as permanent housing, I also like to showcase stories where
people are using tiny spaces in a creative way to help improve their life. So that might be as an
additional revenue stream, as a vacation home or as a
backyard additional dwelling unit. So in today’s story, you’re going to see how one family has
transformed a shipping container into a beautiful modern living
space for their backyard. Hi, my name is Sasha and I’m here today
to show you my container home here in Denver, Colorado. so my husband and I decided
to do a container home. Uh, honestly it was my husband that
sort of put the idea into my head. He’s a a designer and he has a
great love of modular design and, and making things that
are ugly, beautiful. We decided to go with something that
was light and airy and really modern. It’s the style we’re both
really interested in. The modern style with that industrial
kind of feel is really inviting. It’s actually a 40 foot shipping
container that we had cut down to 33 feet. He, uh, had an idea of what
he wanted and he worked with, with the guys and adapted
it to make it work. It’s very much taking your time and going
through and working out what will fit in the tiny home. It’s a tiny space,
so you need to measure bookcases, you need to measure beds, you need to measure lounges and work
out what’s actually going to fit well in the space without making it smaller. So our container home is actually going
to be used for two different reasons. We have lots of family and
friends that come and visit us, so we decided we wanted somewhere
where people can come and stay. It’s their own little place private for
them, but then they’re also close to us. Secondly, we want to use it as an Airbnb and we
feel like people will love to experience that. You know what a tiny home, a container home is something
that is not readily available. It is very much an experience and I’m
excited to be able to provide that So guys, here is our tiny home. Come in through the French doors and
they both latch back fully. So this is one of my favorite
parts of the container home. Being able to sit here, relax and have the French doors wide
open and relaxed with outside. Yeah. So my husband’s favorite part of
the container home is the windows, the long windows that are
here and also in the bedroom. They really bring in so much light. So he kitchen is
actually quite spacious. I’m a big fan of the countertops. They look really beautiful as
well from this sparkling. Uh, there’s lots of space for storage and
stuff like that. Your pots and pans. I did however want a little bit more. So I added a little shelf up to the top
and I’m out of my glasses up there and it really went with the theme of
what we had. But if you’re short, there’s a little stool for the people
that are short that can’t reach it. So it comes
with an induction cooker, which just plugs in and I cooked on
that the other night and I made amazing food. So I was pretty happy with it. We have a relatively full size fridge. You’d be surprised how much
stuff actually fits in there. And it’s a fridge and a freezer. Go
to conviction oven, not microwave. And then our coffee machine because
everyone needs coffee in the morning. And so you cheeky people out there. My husband came up with a really cool
concept and behind this barn door. If you actually open up you
can peek into the shower. So the bathroom is a big
feature of this tiny home. It’s actually not tiny. Um, you’d be
surprised at the size of everything, especially the shower building with the tiny home. We had to
have a little bit of flexibility with uh, the stuff that was in
here. TV was a big thing. So what we did is we put it on a bracket
on the wall so it can rotate and it can be facing the lounge room or we can
actually have it rotating so it faces the bedroom. So this is the bedroom. Uh,
it has a queen size bed in it, and then we’ve even put in
a little wardrobe so people
can put their clothes and stuff like that in here too.
So living in Denver. We get both types of climate. So
in summer it’s boiling hot in here. And then in winter we have
snow. So it’s really cold. So the great thing about our
container home is the heater AC unit. So it’s adaptable to whatever
climate we’ll find here in Denver. In our tiny home, we
have the queen size bed, but we also wanted to put in a sofa
bed so that when the three of us, my husband, myself, and my
son come and sleep in here, we have a bed for him as well. Now we have two queen size beds. The end product is
really quite incredible. And people who walk into the tiny
home, they walk in and they go, wow. I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s story. Make sure to subscribe for more tiny
house and alternative lifestyle videos.

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