Shipping Container House Design Ideas
Shipping Container House Design Ideas

Shipping containers are also known as cargo
containers. It usually used when sending large shipments to another country.
Do you know that shipping containers can be used for lots of interesting projects ? One
of intersting project from this cargo containers is to built shipping container homes. Here
are some great project using shipping container Here’s proof that the shipping container house trend is spreading world wide, and that
each project reflects the region’s and architect’s design preferences. In France, Clément Gillet
Architects built an eco-friendly prefabricated single family home. The main ingredient in
this successful recipe, was some old shipping containers.
The home has approximately 1,120 square feet and it’s a prototype for a modular industrial
house constructed from four containers. The main aim behind this project is to build low-cost
architect’s houses, while focusing on the environment. The home’s great success is
due to its very simple design, with a living area on the ground floor and three bedrooms
on the upper floor. The entrance, which is between the two sections,
is also used as a carport. The interior is well finished with bright colors and furniture
that creates the impression of vast space, and the wooden accents warm the entire house,
making it a great place to live. Clorindo Testa build shipping container home for Alterra Beach Resort. This Project is
for private glambing cabins. Basic ideas from this project is about using shipping containers for others to use. This wonderful design combines the art of outdoor relaxation and sustainability
by using old shipping containers as private cabins.
The minimalist look of the containers focuses attention on the paradise outside. The resort
was originally an art gallery, so transforming it into a hotel involved changing some of
the spaces and adding more cabins. It is important to know that no trees were harmed during construction
and the main house still functions as a gallery. So, you can look at this location as a place
for a truly relaxing experience. When real estate market price is higher and higher, People looking for an alternatives.
Jure Kotonik has an answer to that issue. He designed and changed shipping container
into a great house. He built 300 square foot container house that brings massive benefits
to its owners. It has a very low end cost, compared to traditional housing,this shipping
container is assembled in a matter of days ,and most of all, is easy to move.
The pink-dotted appearance illustrates its flexibility and the opportunity for expressing
yourself so others can see your true spirit. Shipping Container Design from Savannah Project.
This beautiful shipping container ideas, is designed by Julio Garcia. This project use
two shipping container, and intended to create beautiful small budget home. The house is
building with green and simple design. This is one of shipping container ideas built from
two recycled shipping containers. The entrance to the house is through a sliding glass door.
It is placed between two blue steel containers. There’s, even an elevated terrace, made
of local wood, that inviting you to step inside. Its interior design has clean contemporary
look. There are living room, kitchen area and also bedroom. Perfect combination between
color and furniture, make this shipping container home not only has great design, but also a
comfortable place to live. Yellow Shipping Container Home.
Here is one example of shipping container design ideas, for a small house. This design
is made using a standard shipping container, and use yellow paint for the exterior. The bright yellow home is capable of sleeping,
up to four people,this shipping container home is powered by a rooftop solar system,
and can easily be transported and relocated. The entrance of this house, using glass doors
so that the inside of the house will be visible from the outside. Before entering the house,
you can find a wooden porch. Some flower pots, are also available on the right and left side Large windows and doors, open up onto a large
deck, which extends the living space. The cut out container sides, were used to create
sliding exterior doors to close up the home, when not in use. Finally, a solar system mounted
on the roof top of the container, provides power for the hot water heater, kitchen stove,
radiant heater, and lighting Summer Residence from Shipping Container.
If you are nature lover, you can also bring shipping container to spend your time
in nature. In this project we will see how a common shipping
container is being transformed into a summer residence.  When go camping in the summer
time, people decided to build their own summer residence. This shipping container will become
basic shelter. This Shipping Container Home can protect you from rain, wind and wild life. These two containers  have a small shady
area covered by a simple cane roof, perfect for eating , working and so on Wing House Shipping Container.
This project also called winghouse, Maybe this is the greatest project that involves
shipping container. The main design principle from this project is relatively simple. Pack
everything into a container, so that it will be easy to transport anywhere.
This wing house shipping container has great interior space This is amazing. A quite large interior space that can be finished in multiple ways, because there are no internal supports in the way.
This Wing House, has three bedrooms just like a standard home, or it can be transformed
into more bedroom room, an office, or just about anything you would like. This project
shows us not only the concept of home but also that of moving your home in a shipping
container. Sarah House Shipping Container.
Jeffrey White designed Sarah house, an affordable green container home. This project intent
on creating affordable and sustainable housing for people on low incomes. This is one of great shipping container example
which are furnished with eco-friendly plywood, sustainable bamboo flooring, and other green
materials. Recycled clothing insulation and insulating paint, keep the home warm in the
winter, and cool in the summer, and electric radiant heat, keeps utility costs down. as seen on video, this design has beautiful
interior using wood as materials. There are kitchen room, bedroom, bathroom with shower
and also large space that you can use as living room or anything you want. The kitchen is built along one side wall.
Next to the fridge is a utility closet containing an efficient tankless water heater, and beyond
that is space for a stacked washer and dryer. Generous windows, including a row of clerestory
windows over the kitchen, let in plenty of light. Tom’s Tiny Shipping Container Home.
In this project we will see how to transform shipping container into a comfortable and
livable space. This shipping container home is one of most innovative design involves
a shipping container. Using standard shipping container, Tom’s container home has luxe space
with dining room, living area and sleeping space.
This shipping container home also has outdoor small patio.

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