bosley bosley whose dog is that Oww that i8 though guys what the hell i randomly go on my balcony that i never go on and i see a dog About, to poop on our long i don’t know that dog what’s up buddy Hey come here oh he’s scary kind of you’re on our property you know that oh my god is bosley scared oh? this golf cart is for bosley only okay well it’s okay oh oh oh oh holy shit Come here all right we need to return him to his owner does it say anything bosley it’s okay it’s okay See now bosley thinks he’s tough he’s like yeah that’s right get off my property we have to return you to your owner follow me Sir hey hey be careful don’t run in the street wait wait let me grab you okay follow my lead no No, where are you going we’re just gonna name her bailey hi bailey where’s your owner oh my god there’s so many black crows what the hell look at this non-stop like the video you’ll have bad luck for the rest of your life they just keep coming maybe it’s their dog I don’t know oh it’s yours guys dog Wow i got worried for a second i was like oh, no like how am i gonna find them Rug: whats her name Girl: adidas and then we have a black lab Adi all right guys we found the owners yet bye nice to meet you guys, bosley lee it’s okay she’s gone she’s gone ahhhhhhh haha okay okay he just lost like 10 pounds right there Wait i had to make sure i was like i haven’t met any neighbors around here like we get so many hoa complains she’s like Oh, that’s not us that’s not us but we heard that there’s a famous youtuber living around here but she wasn’t the one that sent like hoa letters or anything this is our second neighbor that we’ve met good morning guys how’s everybody doing today i hope you’re all having a fantastic day i’m in a great mood i woke up feeling super super energetic and i’m just in a great mood and now i turn around and see that my Lamborghinis not there and it’s getting wrapped and i miss it dearly i miss it so much guys but The reveal is gonna be crazy i say two weeks from now they’re getting started on it they’re taking it apart now Okay maybe i can’t start my video here because of the gardener this man is living in the year 3000 that’s lit I’ve never seen that before But yeah guys for those who don’t know my lambo is not here because it is getting wrapped at sd rap right now and i’ve Been hyping it up and no one has guessed the color that i’m gonna get rapped so this reveal is gonna be huge give it two weeks I miss my lamborghini i know you guys miss it as well the lamborghini videos and when i get it back it’ll be a brand new freakin car and i’m super excited Hope you guys do enjoy this video i actually don’t know what i’m doing i just wanted to start my vlog i have no plans I seriously have no idea what i’m doing today but might as well start the video get the day started Sit back relax and enjoy the wall all right guys so yesterday in my video i talked about how i wasn’t moving To the cloud house just yet i said how i’m super super busy here we’re selling this house we’re finding a new house and There’s just a lot going on in san diego so right now wouldn’t be the right time for me to move but that doesn’t mean I’m not moving to the clock house ever like the opportunity’s still there and once i get everything situated in san diego i’m gonna go and there was another reason that i Said in my video yesterday i’m like oh because like i walked into my mom’s room and she was like crying all the time and I genuinely felt bad and i read a lot of comments saying oh your mom needs to grow up your mom needs to know that You’re old enough to move by yourself like she needs to stop being like that but come on she’s my mom and don’t give her? crap for that like yeah i’m sad because from living all of us together first To brandon and then him right away that’s what yeah i wish you guys kind of understood more where i was coming from because my Mom is like super emotional and i get that sometimes she needs to like let go and like if there’s an opportunity like this she wants me to go like she told me like i want you to go to the clock house i’m still gonna move to the cloud house in the future bear with me for a couple more months before i moved there cuz i read a lot of comments and A lot of you were upset saying like oh i was super hype now i’m unsubscribing Like i get it i’m sorry i hyped it up but there’s just So much going on right now and trust me in the future i will be living in the cloud house and no doubt like with All the homies stick with me okay don’t unsubscribe i’m sorry that you guys wanted it to happen sooner than later I understand that fully completely i love you guys, so i’m gonna Try to make the best of the best videos out here in san diego before i go to la i think day and night of? any cool video ideas i can make here in san diego trust me you can even ask my mom how much i talk about videos and What video i’m gonna make what video will be cool like what would my fans want to see i do it every 24/7 so the grind is real the grind doesn’t stop he dedicated his life his thing everything To you to the rugrats and i know for a fact the true rugrats will stick with me throughout whatever and i kind of made yesterday’s video a little bit dramatic Acting like i’m never gonna go to the cloud house or never live there it was my fault i kind of wanted to just let you guys know that it wasn’t happening right away but maybe in a month or two when we get everything here situated that’s when it’s gonna happen Last night couldn’t even get a answer The amount of times i’ve recorded in my car and my music has Interrupted me i had to just play along with it alright guys i am on my way to the mall right now and i actually hit up marcel you guys all know marcel i reunited with him after five years my best friend from high school and i was honestly shocked To see the feedback on that video you guys all loved marcel i actually hit him up i’m like hey you want to go to The mall with me and he said he’s at school and he gets off in like an hour and a half and i’m like damn okay maybe i’ll just wait for him after opal sorry guys i’m trying to not hold my camera and drive because it’s all about safety you guys already know Basically i decided i’m like let me just go to the mall by myself and kind of go on a little shopping spree from ourselves and that was actually highly suggested by you guys and marcel’s honestly one of the nicest people ever he never switched up on me he is what you call a real friend and he’s all about positivity and oh my god okay i might have to hold it i’m gonna go on a little shopping spree for you okay he Has no idea i asked if you wanted to go to the mall and hang out he’s at school he gets off in like an hour and a half and i decided like hey i might just go to the mall by myself and Kind of go on a little shopping spree for myself he really does deserve it like he works super hard and he goes to school full-time student full-time job i’m telling you throughout high school He never switched up on me even after high school like we would still talk and he would never talk shit about me like that’s what you call a real friend man and it’s actually hard to find real friends nowadays and i’m sure a lot of you guys can relate it sucks based off of one video of him one video you guys can tell how nice and genuine he is i actually know him like i know
Him as a person and He is super super nice i’m glad you guys all love him i’m about to get to the mall and we’re gonna surprise him with Some nice little gifts love you marcel you are the homie shout out To the rugrats honestly you guys showed him so much love he hit me up that same day saying your fans are the best like i can’t believe the feedback that i’m getting right now and i’m like i know i’m reading the comments and i’m like you guys seriously just put a smile on my face you made his day like What the rugrats are the best i freaking love you i’m rocking these bape and then these guys look at how sick these are i’ve Honestly never been to the small when it first Opens it’s literally so dead usually when i come in so packed but there’s gonna be a nice fun little trip i’m super excited to surprise marcel guys like please smash that like button for this you guys already know the recording policy of gucci i don’t want
To get in trouble but man they need to sponsor this out of me like a man attends i promote them and buy their stuff and just Shop there they need to sponsor me 100% cap to stop recording the guys Sadly i don’t know marcel’s shoe size or i would have gone shoes but i might cop him a little back for school or something Maybe you’ll wall it i don’t know but i want to get him something gucci cuz i know for a fact that he doesn’t own Any, gucci so i want to be the first to gift him that okay like he truly does deserve it but really if there’s anyone from gucci watching this please sponsor me like if you want to go through my videos And see how many times i promote gucci or by gucci wear gucci marcel i freaking love you bro like i’m So happy that we reunited and i can’t wait to hang out with you a lot more I’m glad the rugrats loved you the rugrats are the best he even said that he texts me he’s like your Fan base is pretty strong they’re pretty awesome and i know that so thank you guys i’m gonna find him a bag maybe a wallet and We’re gonna go surprise him after school Man he literally has no idea so there’s gonna be great holy shit this is the biggest gucci bag i’ve ever gotten from gucci and i got marcel a backpack a shirt and then a wallets in there somewhere like literally it’s as big as me Lady: You could be in the bag . Rug: That’s what i saying right. it barely fits in my car guys oh my god oh okay that was fun Not, really so i’m gonna go link up with marcel right now guys i’m so stoked To see his reaction he legit has no idea i went on a shopping spree for him like i was one of the video suggestions that you guys gave in the comments section when i Reunited with him like hey take him for a shopping spree he deserves it and that is true i got on my back pack for school a wallet and then a shirt, to like top it off okay i’m out of breath guys i’m telling you That bag is like 50 pounds and i had to walk so far to my car but we’re about To go link up with marcel i hope you guys do enjoy the video i was actually having like a deep conversation with some of the gucci workers saying that like kids come in the store and ask for me and how i’m such an inspiration to a lot of people and younger kids and i’m like i just can’t believe it like thank you guys So much, for the support oh i don’t know it’s all just so overwhelming you guys honestly kill it with support and you guys just i can’t thank you guys enough Sometimes i repeat myself every video saying like you guys are the best the rugrats are the best but it just crosses my mind so Much that i feel like i just have to let you guys know as many times as i think about it i just want you guys
to know how much i really really appreciate you guys watching my videos on a daily basis like that’s the greatest gift anyone could ever give Me
Quick little update guys i’m actually picking up myself from school and i’m dropping him off home because he usually has to walk and I’m gonna give him his gifts when we get to his house i’m trying To figure out where to go but i used to go to this college guys this was the college i went to for like a month or two and then i Wanted to take a break from it to pursue my youtube To see where it took me what i’m actually planning on going back to school in the future for like business classes and stuff like that school isn’t for everyone but you might want the Experience you know like you have to get the experience for college but honestly guys stay in school Okay like you guys might not like it but trust me it’s worth it when you finish it and when you go to college and Complete college i’m actually so hyped to see marcel again you know i just saw him a couple days Ago and he’s about to get on a class right now and i’m gonna drive him home and tell me i got a surprise for him marcel my g what’s up man your uber is here Hey bro how was class so really what class was it History 109 Yo Marcel is back my man You want anything to say to the fans like yo thanks for the positive words i saw some y’all jokes though i saw a comment where it was like you know you should bring Me to the tunnel and in response with you a fish oh come on bro that was a good joke that was a good joke. Was literally so much positively on that being positive i’m, so glad to be back with you marcel and i be to film we’re about it we’re about it just drop them off phil Clay did i tell you i have a gift for you you didn’t have to I mean i know i have to but you know like real jenny when you didn’t have like like? Nah? nah Oh, i love you marcel you’re the best man yo guys i’m about, to drop him off right now give him his gift before He goes home and i’m sure that’s gonna make your day i’m sure you Made my day yo i didn’t even shout out anything about me no they found my instagram my twitter A little youtube going on there too damn links in the description you guys off, to follow marcel on everything i honesty forgot was a point out there on purpose i mean i didn’t really care y’all want to go ahead alright guys we just got tomorrow’s house so what did you say about your backpack basic james more basic backpack all you need Look the only all those fancy bags with the compartments and stuff get you a two compartment bag put your books or pencils All your essentials you peddle if you want to sleep in class you said he literally said like i’m trying to go to the store and get a new backpack well because well because one of the zippers are missing i got you fam Come on come on my cell you ready yeah it’s in a bag, so this bag right here Oh that’s a big ass gucci bag that’s all for you what the oh yoooo dammmm you don’t even know whats in there i dont even know whats all this big ass gucci bag let’s untie this oh all right yeah you want to open the big one first or what we got going there myself oh what is that oh what is that marcel it’s a gucci backpack for you bro oh she clean outlet is that bro the bee clean throw it on throw it on oh gucci getting myself which one do you want to open next up in the middle side one hey what is this what is this no what can it be myself what could it be its this like christmas yeah Christmas in October *chuckles* it’s a gucci shirt do you want to try it on you miss not the right size why so Hey let’s go bro is it a little small it’s like really perfect oh hell yeah dude marcell with that gucci okay okay okay okay i feel I don’t know what is it what is it it is a wallet ayyyy *chuckles* i remember when i first got my first paycheck i bought this wall i have right now How about this first wallet right here no, way and my friend ben wanted me to get a different wall for so long so now i have one oh yay marcel I’m glad you like your bro oh thank you dawg dude of course dude look at you already look at you man there are so many comments i would like take marcel on a shopping spree i i saw those. I was like surprise him with Gucci. i was like shill though dog. no i know but i was thinking want, to take you shopping but you were in school and i’m like i’m just gonna go shopping for you oh that’s cute i I love you Bryan. Love you too bro alright Marcel it’s time, to say bye do its its you really truly didn’t have to do this know man but like i wanted to like just i genuinely wanted to Like keep repeating myself a he really didn’t have to do this but, he did it Dude i love you too you are amazing bow let’s kick it tonight or tomorrow guys We might go to a haunted house together that’s gonna be lit no, i know me too i don’t know how to tech you there but y’all really glad you like your gifts man all right i Love you man love you too love y’all too man all right guys i am back home now that was amazing i cannot believe how happy marcel was like i don’t know if you guys could tell on camera but he was in shock like off, camera he was just like no way like i can’t accept this like you’re crazy you can’t do this to me seriously made me smile it made my day and i hope it made you guys smile i Think i’m gonna end the video there i hope you guys did enjoy please be sure to smash that like button if you guys want To see marcel in more videos i’m more than happy to go hang out with him like when i would marcel it’s literally nothing but Positive vibes you love the gifts so i hope you guys did enjoy please subscribe if you’re new become a rug rat today the rug rats one of the greatest fan bases on youtube and seriously any time I hear someone talk about me in such like a positive way it makes me so happy and it’s just like a dream come true You know this is what i wanted to do when i was younger entertain people And i got big off of it and now a lot of people look up to me but i have a bunch of power to Spread positivity and that’s all i want nothing but positivity i don’t like bad energy i don’t like negative vibes so like i said it’s All about positivity on this channel so hit that subscribe button hope you guys enjoyed the video and other than that soon rug and i’m out peace

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