Should Migration At The Border Be Called A Refugee Crisis? | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Should Migration At The Border Be Called A Refugee Crisis? | MTP Daily | MSNBC

51 thoughts on “Should Migration At The Border Be Called A Refugee Crisis? | MTP Daily | MSNBC”

  1. Dannny Boy says:


  2. J T says:

    Trump, Hillary, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris are Nazi's and White Supremacists. They all support ICE and Border Patrol! Open Borders is the new Progressive platform! Open the border or you are a racist bigot!

  3. Trumpocalypse says:

    Did Trump just call his supporters, "produce"? If I was a Trumpkin, I would dump Trump in an NY minute.

  4. newbyrobert49 says:

    Heah msnbc ,Your fake news! . That k8d on the cover of time magazine was kidnapped by the mother. She left her husband and 3 other children . Oh and she was caught yrs ago entering america . Thus time though she kidnapped her youngest daughter so she could falsely claim herself as a political refugee. Oh also when that pic was taken mom was next to her .

  5. david velasquez says:

    For every latino deported two white supremist must be deported to norway

  6. Doug E says:

    Yes, it is a refugee crisis. But the Cult Members call it illegal. Go figure.

  7. ulli goschmidt says:

    Do you like violators?
    Do you like child abusers?
    Like to be lied to and betrayed?
    Want the taxpayers money in the pockets of the rich?
    Like a nazi president?
    Vote republican!

  8. JJ20 says:

    Interview of what it is like given by a refugee

  9. Jeff Smith says:

    George Wills says there is no judgment being applied at the border, he forgot to add there is no judgment being applied in the Whitehouse.

  10. F8oK8 says:

    The little girl on the cover of Time: real kid, present at the real border, involved in the real crisis, experienced real stress and fear as a direct result of the situation= reality.

  11. Delfino Garza says:

    AND I bet the targets and Wal-Marts in Texas border towns MAKE THE MOST MONEY !!! because them Mexicans buy a lot. there are lots and lots of rich Mexicans.

  12. Cyd Oman says:

    What did Trump do to keep the Russian Mafia out of New York? What did he do to make certain none of his investors or sales targets were a part of the Russian kleptocracy? Looks like we have a big crime problem from them. What did Trump do to protect us from those already organized, already wealthy, criminal elements when he was a private citizen? Quick, somebody call the DOJ and ask them to find out…….tick tock, tick…..

  13. sam pjk says:

    Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Italy, France, etc. all sent their worst. Welcome to Amerikkka.

  14. Cue 1st Amend says:

    Didn't Trump just gut a program that was working against violence in Central America which Obama was implementing?

  15. Cue 1st Amend says:

    What about all our domestic home-grown shooters? What is safe about your first grader being shot dead in school? America look in the mirror. Plenty of criminals here in this country.

  16. tai' infio Nesa says:

    immigration is just code for ethnic cleansing the public been hammer by the media for last ten years that by 2050 demographics of the country would be changing everything else jobs, healthcare or new infrastructure is just smoke and mirrors the real issue is the threat of browning of America that why trump can shoot Jesus in middle time square and his supporters will continue to follow him because he doing exactly what they want cleansing America of non-white people

  17. Farley Andrews says:

    It's impossible not to draw parallels to other instances throughout history where family members have been separated for political purposes, by governments with extreme and nefarious agendas… Since too often memories and the news-cycle remain too short to create a large and indelible picture as reminder and "warning"… , and while the present administration is doing its best to hamper news coverage of our southern-boarder debacle, our insistence upon "answers" from all government officials responsible for carrying out these horrid, inhuman, and irrational policies, is essential, if we expect today's children to grow-up with a "connection" to, and understanding of free-expression and community values that support representative democracy free of intimidation and fear… – Farley Andrews, Ottawa Illinois

  18. Nel Turner says:

    He's worried about immigrants coming from the south and shoe smugglers from the north. But Kim Jong-un is a smart, funny guy that loves his ppl. Hilarious but not really.

  19. James Buggemo says:

    Decades ago, America stopped accepting adoptions from Romania due to the way in which the children were being treated. Its not that they were in wrecked foster homes, the children weren't nurtured and the only time they were held briefly was at diaper changing times.

    This ruined their chances of a normal life. Mammels need loving physical contact in any form, just like we need water. A hug and a smile can make someones day better, the opposite is true as well.

    The result was an entire generation of sociopaths that got adopted, only to find out too late that these children were dangerous to themselves and the families that adopted them.

    Loving each other isn't a cliche, its a necessary part of life.

    (Edited to add a source. Read " The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout to hear more about the Romanian adoptions story)

  20. Super Elastic says:

    More BS PROPAGANDA , there is no crisis in central America

  21. Dinka Boutit says:

    It should be called a refugee crisis NOW! Two weeks ago not so much… Good work Rump.

  22. Christine Freeman says:

    When they brought out people from Africa were they called " refugees" then..SOME HAVE NO CLUE WHAT BANDAGE IS..

  23. diane shelton says:

    How about economically helping Guetamala and El Salvador so conditions there improve, it probably would cost less than all this ?

  24. mymovetube says:

    FAKE, president,FAKE supporters, PUTIN'S PUPPET BOTTOM LINE

  25. Samsonian says:

    I always love hearing from George Will; his voice is such a calming presence for me. At least when you hear him speak it is a reasoned argument and in a world of few thoughts obviously pondered previous to speaking it is a forever welcome thing.

  26. Samsonian says:

    One other thing that people perhaps don’t know; 90% of the guns in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras etc. were smuggled from America’s black market because it is TOO EASY to buy a gun in this country with no proof that the person has passed a background check!!

  27. Junior Harry says:

    Hi Chuck.👋.
    Exceptional, excellent, brilliant(smart) reporting.👍👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Chuck.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  28. Bert Nijhof says:

    This is who you are USA!!! You elected this child violator and he still has massive support from his Republican Fascist Party.
    I come from a old family of white Dutch, but I would not even go for a paid holidays to that deplorable USA.


    America is as America does…

  30. FortCC says:

    Hahaha, to build the Wall, you would need immigrants to build it, talking about irony.

  31. Moses Montes says:

    This is still Aztlan!!!

  32. John Baugh says:

    When they gather across from the white house,as many of them as possible gather them up and tar and feather them then drop them across the border into JUAREZ ! REMEMBER AMERICANS SUPPORT THE MUELLER INVESTIGATION

  33. LeMoyne Castle says:

    Here's a clarifying path: recognize that asylum seekers are fleeing the gang violence fostered by US policies. They meet the credible fear standard for gaining refugee status because they are gang victims and NOT gang members

  34. Tia Williams says:

    Even if we called it a refugee crisis, that wouldn’t change Trump’s methodology. He campaigned partially on sending Syrian refugees back.

  35. Billy Pardew says:

    a deportathon ….and i seriously hope you stupid liberals hav enough latinos that feel the way you do in the midterms….because now that you hav woke trumps base with the one issue that got trump elected ….illegal immigration ….you will never win on this issue no matter how much you cry ….

  36. Walt Schmidt says:

    No, it should be called Illegal immigration.

  37. Maggie McCreary says:

    These migrations are also the result of NAFTA and CAFTA which have all but destroyed the smaller agricultural and service jobs that maintained those populations and allowed them to support themselves. The corporate sector has put all if them out of business 😢. They are refugees from violence AND trade arrangements by the government and big business!!

  38. james west says:

    My god. Changing narratives, making up narratives, is this American news, not, it's propaganda, fake news like this only affects simple minds.

  39. music man 1970 says:

    Europe is taking in refugees from the useless wars the United State started in the Middle East United States should do the same for the refugees escaping violence from the drug war that the U S started

  40. Alan Graham says:

    We were against Chinese immigrants, we were against the Irish immigrants, we were against the Italian immigrants, we have always pretended to be against Mexican immigrants but as long as they work cheap we will look the other way. We were against Vietnamese immigrants who fought with us there, we were against Jewish immigrants in WWII and sent them back to their death, including children. There is no immigrant crises, there is a racist crisis. Abraham Lincoln tried to warn you. Read his words and learn.

  41. Bob Ramirezz says:

    Its sad what part of ILLEGAL ALIENS do you not understand???

  42. Bob Ramirezz says:

    Illegal Civilian Occupying Force on American Soil. Needs to be dealt with. It needed to be dealt with by

    filandering Politicians that refuse to uphold the oath of their office.

  43. The Old Gringo says:

    There is a huge new problem looming out there that can only compound our immigration woes. If the military becomes involved in housing refuges, everyone involved will be denied access except at the militaries perusal. This chunk of bad road in American history is about to get much worse!

  44. JamieLan2011 says:

    The people saying "you do not belong here" the loudest are, ironically, descendants of people who never were indigenous to the Americas to begin with. The white majority only became majority after centuries of displacing people who had lived there before. I would think that they would be able to reflect on this assumption they have that new comers are somehow unworthy, because they themselves were historically new comers at some point.
    I get it, people who have been in the US for generations no longer see themselves as immigrants (especially the white European descents) so they may never have had this feeling of not belonging in America, but the reason why people need a sense of history is so that we can extract a larger context from it through which we can inform our world views and learn from it.

    But who am I kidding. Muricans don't have the education or the curiosity to have a larger world view that extend beyond their immediate concern. A trait all too easy to see from this President's policies which are too aimed at solving their most direct problems and issues without seeing how Asserica is connected to the larger global communities. Which is why it is more isolated now than it has been in recent memory.

  45. Daniel says:

    Can the young ones be trained to pick celery?

  46. Floyd Schneider says:

    The amount of immigration detention centers Michelle Obama the Deporter in Chief First Lady visited? ZERO

  47. Jim Mauch says:

    He can mobilize his loyal and angry 30% base but will not gain 1% more by being decisive.

  48. Parker Young says:

    On point rant from Will.

    Zero tolerance is a bane. It is opposite of freedom.

    Reminds me of my childhood, education, early government interactions, and it's difficulties. If I had $100 right now for every time I was "made an example of" by an authority figure while making a mistake as a child, I could buy a car. A decent one.

    We don't hold children responsible in the same way, and yet, if they don't perform they are doomed to mediocrity. Or if they are bad enough, we treat them as an adult misbehaving. Far right conservatism and zero tolerance (tolerance people, yes, that word) should be diagnosed and harangued, not explained and normalized.

  49. Eduardo Mambuca says:

    UNITED STATES need to take responsibility for all does problems that we have created. Why MEXICO, UNITED STATES and CANADA have that so call better life than the rest of AMERICAN CONTINENTAL ?
    We need to be prepared to defend us all from our foes. RUSSIA, CHINA, NK and a lot of others counties. They will united against us. Do you know that CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA is our weak point ? So start working with our brothers AMERICAN down south before it be to late. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS.

  50. A.A. R. says:

    I’m skeptical of those saying they’re here before they fear their countries of origin. There’s other countries in the region that are stable and could offer safety – but they’re choosing the wealthiest country in the nation AKA looking for economic gain.

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