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very good to all welcome to a
new video of abandoned places of the channel today we are going to explore a palace
very peculiar because in it the family gross received on November 4
1906 to his majesty of the kings alfonso 13 and doña victoria eugenia in which
they were fascinated by the gardens of the estate in that palace we have been
commented another group of explorers with which we agree in other places
they are urbex guide málaga let them your instagram and your YouTube channel on
description that occurs in it paranormal phenomena such as psychophonies and
apparitions of a woman and a girl dressed in white which we believe that
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channel without more we begin around here is all of wood until the
vegetation has entered the house in the area where the animals
all eating supposedly would be one for the food and the water we go to another dependency of the Palace
and this other one of the houses there is one another which is the largest the largest the
Real big mansion is in the background and we’ll see it later but now let’s see a little try
enter that this is the first we will enter Look how pretty the staircase is spectacular
we will try to go up until good we arrive Look at the wardrobe thrown away it seems as if someone stayed here right? in this room there is a sink it seems an auxuliar part of the house this is noted that it was a bathroom because there is also the tub for showering we go upload your step on the sides let’s get where we can because
Hello we believe effectively
before him the floor has collapsed are bathrooms, if the floor has collapsed this is a room
with the balcony that we just saw from Look how beautiful they are going to see
Yes now on the spiral staircase Too bad you can not climb the tower anymore is to see how the couple is cracked
we think that if we make weight in the ladder can fall the entire structure I suppose there would be more rooms upstairs it sounds to me that there is someone shhhhh let’s try to move to the one in front without being seen hello the animals have all the pint
of church would have been first before do before being a chapels and has
all the pint already yes because it has up to the altar area door of the priest in the background they have put
nothing from a menorquina fridge
mondail where we live is Kalise merged at the time Awesome
it is amazing beautiful house manorial
although it is already covered by nature look at the staircase
as input this is still mosqueando it seems that someone is stalking us from there that’s why I tell you how there is enough undergrowth there can be someone hiding you can appreciate life that looks like it was
on the iron balcony with the legends which has ghost appearances etc.
yes to the legend that has that are not stupid the boys that we met in the other abandonment told us that they had found a girl in front it gives me to think look at the
stairs are nicer than those of in front of
but equally spectacular even more before entering I will make sure that no
there’s nobody around you have to look good because this is an enclosure there is only one entrance you know when you notice that someone is watching you I do not know, I have that feeling, in the part of the animals it seems as if there was someone before they were inside the house when we
we arrived can? if it’s worth here there’s like a quarter ñosss this is very dark it was like a bathroom the roof is wrong, it looks like it’s the door of the service
ufff looked like blood hi, this is the kitchen incredible you see the bell god
incredible from there would be the kitchen that here would be the home of the house if the kitchen or the oven here would be the countertop and the sink Be careful with the roof, I’m just going to get in here here behind there is a pantry normally the shelves are made of wood but these are work yes with tiles like the one in the bathrooms yes but it is to keep the cold a small closet in some
looking at the walls because you always he says
who have seen something then if they see something please
let’s say in the comments here is another door and this looks like blood splatters it seems when someone is stabbed the spray comes out there is more on the ground, and with the earth as if it had been covered how curious this room full of stars the window was huge
and the roof is fine. look how beautiful is the rose window of the lamp but the collapse of the Palace has been brutal The problem here is that if it does not fall on us, it can leave us locked up without being able to leave as it all fell to the bottom there is a wooden chimney and
will be removed let’s start guys they ask us that this type of houses
let’s make it known that we we will stay on this topic I do not create
but we tried the device we tried whatever came out we
we have said that there are appearances if they hear something they tell us start to say yes listen with this
home Hello
anyone here Did you hear something? yes where? outside? I think so Hello uffff something was heard, do you want us to leave? iros did you hear it? ufff mia mother I think we should leave now … Hello Hello who was that? wait, there was someone there Hello salt let’s look What a bad feeling, right? Hello
hello but poked his head and all the guy maybe it was some curious, sure if someone who would come scared to listen to us
we good guys and girls up here the
today’s video I hope you liked it this exploration I would like me to
they will leave in the comments that from whom they believe that the blood that is in the
palace I hope you support a lot this video to get to those 2,000 likes and
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then they will see in our channel many thanks see you in the next video a

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