Simple Home Decorating Tips | Interior Design
Simple Home Decorating Tips | Interior Design

So some people think that when they have to
tackle their home decoration that it takes a lot and it really scares people off. It doesn’t have to be that daunting. So just remember to keep it simple, and simple
means things, like paint is really cheap and simple. You can’t really go wrong. But when you go to paint your space, people
are really kind of scared that you have to paint the whole room and tape it off. Just paint one wall, one accent wall goes
a really long way. Artwork, artwork is really inexpensive and
it’s also really personal. So sometimes getting an old map, an old maybe
calendar that you can use, old letters, brooches that you have, everything can become art. So that’s a really easy way to add some drama
to each room. Throw pillows, throw pillows are easy to use
and they’re easy to find. For the fall you can go with the warmer colors. For the summer obviously ,you go for the lighter
colors. Area rugs, always easy to implement, always
easy to find, and that adds warmth, as well. So area rugs are really easy, accent lighting,
all of the accessories. Think of that little black dress and then
think about how you would accentuate it. You accentuate it with the earrings, the bracelets,
the shoes. Same thing goes for your space, you don’t
have to go crazy and you just have to add a little bit.

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