Single Girl Takes Her Family Camping In The Sims 4 | Part 10
Single Girl Takes Her Family Camping In The Sims 4 | Part 10

what are you doing today me I’m just hopping out babies left or right boom baby boom baby boom baby those me last hours are in this that was Chelsea last I was that we’re different we’re different those Chelsea I am NOT having babies Wow okay let’s go hey everybody my name is Kelsey and I am single still we thought it would be funny and ironic if I a single girl play the 100 baby challenge it’s a challenge in the sim so you have a matriarch and she’s a hundred children with all different dads there’s a bunch of rules to this if you’re interested in those rules the link will be below last time we have three kids in one episode we have room for two more babies that would be perfect if we got another two twins we would hit 13 babies that would be cool let’s do that so we are back in the apish main household last we loved it we had just had niya and Natalie impeach Rashmi Charlie’s very close to becoming a teenager and being able to help out around the house which would be great oh that’s smelly by Chelsea’s just back from the hospital which I think means she should invite over a special friend her new flame it looks like nya and Natalie are very upset Maria’s sleeping I mean it is 5:00 a.m. so okay hazel why don’t you play with your baby Oh baby did not like it why is Natalie difficult mom’s having a piece of cake what’s wrong with this baby find out what’s wrong Chelsea your sisters sleeping what is your deal she’s hungry didn’t we just like feed you remember that brief moment in time when Chelsea was a celebrity and then she faded away from spotlight it all happened so quickly oh my gosh look at little Hazel’s jacket I looked at little Charlie he’s all dressed up with his little red accent shoes these are the most stylish impe dish made children I think we’ve had first day of school for hazel have a good time my darling make good choices make sure to study hard for both of you and peaches maids don’t make friends and then we’re gonna give you Erika bath and once Erica’s all Gigi and all the babies are as well it’s baby-making time look at that genealogy could you just die look at how many children are up to her we’ve got our first daughter Olive our best child Charlie like it’s so cute and then if you click on them you get to see what Dad it is ah I love wait why do you look like that Craig Craig looks like he’s dressed up like Scrooge for like a community centers version of a Christmas carol okay we’re gonna ask Maria over once we’re done with us and I think once we’re done with this oh you know he’ll want he’ll want to sleep oh yeah he definitely needs to go to bed which means all of our kids will be sleeping Maria’s will be right over yay Maria’s coming out movie is coming over to our home here she comes ask her about a day she’ll like what’s up girl right nerd day kiss her hand and flirt a little bit it’s your flirt on Chelsea ah Chelsea’s new crush they’re having a casual conversation so we got to warm it up okay and then we’re gonna go here and try for a baby should we try for a baby in the closet in the bed I feel like we should try for a baby in the bed nice she’s so giggly yeah I’m so excited okay oh here we go going into the the love factory the baby factory here Maria’s pajamas are so cute yes ladies all the children are asleep it’s perfect timing really for this to go down okay now let’s take that pregnancy test she’s not pregnant oh no let’s try for a baby again she’d be like it didn’t shake are you down to go again and she’s like totally I hope my child gets your curves because my gosh she is gorgeous all right well how’s Erik doing he’s doing fine how’s she’ll do it she’s doing fine so now I gotta put up our baby there we go that’s good Wow Wow put one two three four five six seven eight nine ten yeah and we have eleven kids whoa fireworks Wow let’s take that pregnancy test here that lottery spirit tell her the good news yeah oh they’re just gonna hang a little bit it’s so cute how’s Eric feeling Eric is feeling pretty good she’s feeling energized she’s feeling great oh she gave her a kiss this is I think the most romantic a person has been after the deed with Chelsey that’s pretty cute they’re chatting oh how cute that’s very cute got her going outside for some reason wish oh she’s watering our tree wait what’s this oh we could sell that nice oh the kids are home and also the kids are upset Hazel’s done fine Charlie’s grades are up which means he could become a team our babies are crying Chelsea’s harvesting her vegetables in her hospital gown as usual she likes to chill in her hospital gown I don’t know why she’s gonna take care of her babies and then I think she’ll invite over Craig for a special intimate birthday party for our lovely charlie let’s wear a cuter outfit Chelsey change your outfit if Craig’s coming over we’ll party outfit get it and then we’re gonna cook a cake for our darling boy she’s ready to go look at her she’s like I’m looking good I’m feeling good I’m newly pregnant my kids about to pick up a teenager which means they’ll get extra help around the house and I can make him get a job everything’s going so well 11 kids in looking fun Chelsey I’m gonna have charlie ask his dad to come over yay Craig’s here oh he’s here just in time let’s have a share a secret with his dad come here Charlie look at this could it be them if they were a family let’s just like can we have a moment where we pretend that Chelsey and Craig got married and in the background is a baby crying I as like just still not pleased Chelsey doesn’t get to eat that salad quite yet you can eat that salad after my girl he’s like bonding with his dad took a picture together hug lovingly make a silly face goof around Oh lovely okay Charlie I’m gonna blow up those candles now there’s dad and your mom here intimate family gathering here we go I can’t wait to see what he looks like as a team Craig is pumped it’s like team size okay we got to pick an aspiration take a number between 1 and 12 its 12-hour Charlie wants to be popular pick a number between 1 and 6 the answer is 2 he wants to be a party animal Wow wait that’s so much like his dad and revé daddy when he was in college he was a party animal and they called him keg stand Craig pick a number between 1 and 41 he’s childish oh well there’s nothing wrong with you know being a child at heart I suppose he does look like his dad so that’s good this is crazy she’s like oh they’re team Stein he’s sitting on the floor to do his homework with an invisible book but whatever that’s fine oh they’re just chillin that’s amazing Wow charlie is pretty cool he’s got like a cool long hair look I love how Herman his dad has maxed out their friendship they’re like just sing having a heart-to-heart like Craig hasn’t left Craig is still chillin with his boy oh my gosh it’s so cute he’s got a level 1 singing he’s gonna be a singer oh my god I can’t wait could you imagine if this is their family and she can have a hundred babies with one man that man would be Craig it would be perfect she could whoo-hoo it Craig I like that it’s still on the table hi Craig he’ll see us later bye-bye we still love you Craig wait for us out there in the world Charlie’s chilling with his mom I feel like Charlie’s kind of a mama’s boy a little bit well we take a pause I’m gonna check the Official Rules to see if we can go on vacation okay so she can go on vacation but she has to bring the whole household with her and she can’t have a newborn at home which means these two babies have to age up in order for us to go on vacation we need her to start moving on her next Bay who else how we met that we could seduce she just had two children with Steven she’s pregnant with Maria’s children we’re never going to have a baby with Santa ever because that disgusts me this game looks new Kaden he looks cute romantic we love it we could send him a flirty text say like you up is that a flirt that’s not a flirty text but that it it’s flirty but it’s not like a cute text it’s almost nice birthday wait if these two aged up then we can go take the vacation it’s on Friday okay we’re gonna age them up and then Saturday we’re going on vacation do Peter Schmidt family vacation is happening vacation ten baby celebration it sounds gross but I also makes me really happy so I don’t care oh the computer broke Oh No yeah we’re gonna have Chelsea repair it she’s gonna wake up sent a little flirty text when she wakes up like hey what’s up to our new friend and then she’s gonna repair or I guess she’s gonna skip the text oh so cute she’s hanging with her mom Oh Oh your baby said do that first superfish and baby care baby yes so efficient we stand an efficient mother oh man everything’s going to heck our babies are crying always going to school he cannot change the baby’s diaper he’s got to go to school all the kids are going school ah okay we’re all on our own here by Charlie have a good day study hard by hazel have a good day at school study hard I’m sorry children is that I’m failing you all he’s almost done well we got like one more potty before Erik is done being trained find out what’s wrong with your baby it’s keep screaming Natalie mom is meal prepping cuz she’s a queen we love a meal prep like no one’s hungry right now I mean Chelsea Carly but she’s meal prepping for later she knows her babies will be hungry Oliver little kids are sleeping why do you keep changing into that great really super efficient baby care go go Chelsea go efficiently care for your baby so efficient our baby’s happy again cuz she’s a pro at being a mom she’d done Oh another babies crying now nyla you’re fine look Charlie’s a B student and so is hazel good job kids proud of you Chelsea’s like sitting on her bed thinking about like what brought her here to this moment find out what’s wrong with that baby didn’t you just fix that one oh he needs a skill to level 3 that’s probably why he didn’t AJ which is okay I kind of want him on the family vacation so we don’t need to rush everybody out of the house why don’t you invite over your new friend Chelsea Hayden cross and buy him over stay like hey hey name well like put on a cute outfit the red dress no one can resist you in the red dress Chelsea here he comes go on Chelsea get out there like all my kids are taking care of themselves inside share some photos be like hey ooh they’re already pretty romantic which is interesting I want to see her do a sexy pose super pregnant in front of this guy that she hardly knows let’s go do you like it he seemed pretty interested whoa he loves her sexy foe she’s like that was super sexy the bow a bow is right he’s got like that like tall dark and handsome so he just went into the house okay got a boy on our computer as usual which is fine finish your imagination skill and then he can eat yeah I’m a bad mom finish your skill and then you can eat Chelsea’s having a nice snack before she talks to her nice snack Charlie’s doing his homework cuz he’s such a good boy it’s invisible homework as usual he just stares at his hand until he knows all of his homework it’s done they’re having such a flirty time and Eric’s sitting here just soaking it in like oh this is how to be charming uh-huh when she really needs to go though we’re gonna have her go to the restroom after she gives him this rose a rose for me Thank You Chelsea they’re just hot and heavy to be chatting flirtatiously to my son like he’s not flirting but he’s in a flirty mood and so the way he talks is super weird but she’s back so it’s fine uh-huh-huh compliment his appearance say you have such broad shoulders tell dramatic story one time I had two children and then I had two more children maybe Charlie can finish potty training Erick really fast just kind of skating off responsibility here a little bit but it’s okay because she’s got our new suitor and they’re having a very suggestive conversation let’s have a first cave first kiss first kiss first kick alone in the broom at last [Music] Wow they’re super into each other and it’s only been flirty like they’ve never really tried to be friends which is interesting they just got the hashing it connection and they’re probably gonna whoo-hoo in a closet even before she needs to have a new baby yeah he’s level two potty okay he’s twos on everything so that’s good so now we just gotta get him into threes for everything and then he’s done Oh mom’s having at a time in the closet over there she’s definitely gonna need to sleep after this but I think it’s sufficient to say that her in Kayden’s relationship is on track whoa fireworks around the door she’s gonna break that door oh my oh no Kayden’s in the way trying to talk to our baby no what are you doing go to bed Chelsey’s just sitting you’re like uh I need to find out what’s wrong with my baby but there’s a guy in the way oh he’s playing with our baby that but that’s not really what our baby wants I don’t think he’s cleaning up for us that’s the sweet of him he’s cleaning up this puddle we were gonna clean up ourselves Natalie what do you need you need food alright we’ll feed you Oh mom passed out it’s been a while since I made mom pass out sometimes you wear stuff a little bit I think she had a fun time so worth it Chelsea got herself to bed which is good Hazel’s taking care of her needs which is also good okay it hasn’t left yet nice oh she’s bonding that’s nice she’s like yeah your mom and I have a connection you know and she’s like uh-huh I’ve I’ve heard that before yeah I’m not like other guys okay I think this is for real and she’s like aha face like okay I’m just gonna let this dude talk Eric’s pretty good on most of his needs so when he wakes up we’ll probably work on imagination kick that guy off the computer okay say I need to chat in my kids chat room for school get off the computer oh he’s headed out anyway okay bye you thinking about race cars maybe he’s a fan of Chelsea’s latest screenplay to NASCAR race drivers falling in love it’s kind of jam it’s their birthday today so we can age them up and then we can take our family vacation yeah buddy let’s go it’s nice birthday it’s not Natalie’s birthday why why do that when you could just age them up hey Jeff hey Jeff oh you really need to use the restroom though maybe you should use the restroom for you a Jawa he’s eating his salad and watching some TV aged up oh my gosh I wasn’t even there for it I sped her I passed it she’s a toddler pick a number between one and eight the answer is fool or okay so she is a charmer oh wait stop we missed her first steps I’m sorry nya you’re so cute though she looks like a mini version of her mom Natalie pick a number between one and eight the answer is three three so she’s clingy Natalie’s clingy and nya is up but Natalie’s got the cool sunglasses that we loves oh and they kind of mad yeah little blood friends oh look at all all right the twins I’ve aged up which means tonight we can go on vacation Chelsea’s back in her favorite outfit I mean I guess it’s comfortable I’m I would imagine it to be oh whatever twins is already enjoying the play thing which is great yeah why don’t you both just jump in already to learning some skills I love how she gets off the couch it’s so cute she’s a overachiever I think is nya she’s like already trying to learn immediately he’s working on his communication just by chatting with his bro that’s perfect that has already acquired the thinking skill and Natalie has required the communication skill she’s almost already a level two of communication which is hilarious to me Erik is level three Charley’s extra credits complete Naz already leveled – because she’s way over achiever this nya and now he’s practicing his singing with his brother but he needs to go to school I guess go to high school Charlie bye bye hazel have a good time at school she didn’t quite get to level four but she was pretty close I hope you have a great day at school you cool man with his all-white outfit now he just got three toddlers it’s a toddle time let’s adjust the toddler really fast yeah that’s fine I feel like she’s the cooler sister that’s like a little clingy and I was like miss independent smartypants overachiever like she’s like her Hermione she’s already working on her third level of communication like whatever mom Miles wants to come over and hang out yeah that’s fine miles come on over hang out with your siblings look it’s miles and his crab top came in to visit what’s up miles he’s like applauding his mom look at you give it up kid a bath I remember all the times that you didn’t give me baths she really needs to sleep so hopefully she doesn’t pass out miles Oh Myles came / to be on the computer he came over to use mom’s Wi-Fi understandable he’s hanging out with his little brother he’s doing a little dance oh he’s sad them so funnily squatted and slowly Lord and self to the ground and I just fell her thinking is almost level – which is good she’s quite behind her sister already and her sister like just started living a childhood I know you’re tired but you got a potty train nine Nataly next Hayden’s calling oh he wants to go on a date to a retail store nothing I don’t want to go on a date to a retail store that’s so funny you want to learn how to potty today’s your lucky day and then after that she can sleep oh wait what just happened all the kids are home from school probably is done with school for the week he’s doing well but it wouldn’t help to go the extra mile and same with hazel so neither of them have more grades he’s enraged why for no particular reason it seems like he’s oh he’s like hitting himself in the head with a toy okay drama King [Music] Chelsea just keeps getting job offers which is crazy how you doing with that seeing that building that skilled that fast which makes me feel like we should make him give another how you doin Chelsea you’re real tired she’s probably gonna pass out in like two seconds he’s singing poorly Chelsea just passed out on the floor I wonder if there’s a better skill that you could learn at this point oh you know what comedy that’s cute buy you a book on comedy I love that he just reads his hand I think that’s really funny to me he just needs to be level through it one skill work on your comedy my friend and then he can probably go to bed Saturday morning Peter Schmidt family are going to vacay wait what happened to our plant it’s dead oh no what happened I’m sorry plant I told you we’d ruin that plant no we tried at least it gave us a little bit of morning take a vacation so we’re taking Charlie Eric hazel nyah Natalie olive Jaime Brielle oh we can only invite no I feel like we should invite the two eldest so sorry Jamie but Brielle is technically older than ya all right we’re gonna go on vacation the apish my family vacation celebration is happening oh let’s go to Granite Falls the og vacation spots we could go camping camping which sounds horrible but also quite funny all right this is the camping time we’re gonna go to the campground they’re going camping I’m excited this is gonna be great are there of a campground they literally have nothing Oh was I supposed to prep stuff oh my god I feel like they’re all bad this one’s stinky how do we wash Eric can we wash him you can’t bathtub is required we we can’t get a bathtub okay he’s just gonna be dirty you know it’s outdoors you can be stinky it’s fine okay is this a place where we can buy stuff that’s the bathroom can he go in like take a shower Oh Jamie can’t I don’t know if he can you can’t okay we got to go buy stuff I supplies great so Chelsea’s gonna go buy some supplies so let’s do a cabin oh my gosh these are expensive what these are expensive oh you can sleep in a tent it doesn’t say oh that’s not helpful okay well let’s get like we make three tents is probably fine yeah let’s get a cooler we don’t really need chairs okay I think we’re good with all of that thank you for ordering it’s all an inventory are you just laying on the ground to look at stars Chelsie hopefully we only need three tents but I don’t know it’s gonna be intense what are you up to you’re feeling uncomfortable cousin stinky otherwise she’s looking pretty good she’s enjoying the fresh air he’s playing a game with his sister olive which is great fine he’s fine he’s fine uh I wonder if there’s like a creek and he could just go in it could he go swimming I don’t see one he’s just gonna be smelling it’s not a big deal how are you you’re quite hungry but the veggie dogs are out so it’s all good all the kids are eating their veggies augs enjoying themselves they’re all smelly they all need a bath which is hilarious but Josie’s having some water she’s feeling great she’s feeling inspired let’s put out these guys for the kids and the cooler no way they can still work on their skills while they’re miserable in the woods and she’s still grossed out because all of her siblings are smelly I wonder if if our Charlie can look around and see if there’s any teen girls around are there any teen girls camping with their family on the weekend there’s mom grilling something always leveled up this comedy still that’s what you should be doing he should be comedy they are feeling disgusting they’re all sucking each other while they just smell here why don’t you talk to your sister and tell her a knock-knock joke oh they’re all really sad cuz that’s so dirty but they’re miserable oh my god I’m so sorry children why don’t you play in the tent they’re my darlings or cry in the tent as it seems like that’s what you want to do and you can go sleep in this tent how about that you’re like we’re gonna go be in the tent now cuz everything is miserable and I hate it and I’m like ah I’m sorry there really isn’t a shower for children Chelsea’s over here just taking care of her own needs and not helping any of her children oh this is so funny she’s just being inspired out in the wilderness thinking about her daughter he’s singing level two which is good cuz he’s just been sitting here singing cuz I didn’t know what else to do with him he still sounds not that great though she’s asleep they’re crying in the tent oh no she’s just out what else do need anything nothing else you just are smelling he’s figuring out his bladder needs some help though can he go to the bathroom no I’ll just go in his other pants Camping’s really not made for toddlers Sutter I should have bathed all of my children before Jaime’s singing is not going that well honestly meanwhile Chelsea Burrell are making friends with this woman and a person in a bear outfit she’s like regaling them with tales of her dating life like oh yeah one time oh oh gosh okay how baby at the hospital oh you can’t have baby at the hospital on vacation all right we’re gonna end this vacation early we’re gonna send everybody home yeah we gotta go home we gotta go home we’re ending this vacation this was a terrible idea everyone’s miserable no one had a fine no one met anyone fun she’s just going home yeah this is this was bad that was a terrible celebration vacation oh she’s gonna have an accident in front of the hospital Oh [Music] gross it’s fine all your needs are back up because apparently that’s what happens in The Sims every time a mom is giving birth which is great back in this old song in bands baby will be at 13 she’s just sitting here waiting for her friend dr. Dan dr. Eric sorry oh wow I guess she might have made one of her kids after dr. Eric accidentally we didn’t even know okay girl another girl this made me laugh so I think I’m gonna take it this person says do you mind naming one of the children Rosie which I find hilarious that the name is Rosie how to add an accent Ian PC I don’t even know hold on Oh zero two three three no wait that worked really I had to type out numbers to get whatever rosy and peachy Shrey is here boy oh my gosh Louie up to it alright so River it is we took two from this person so thank you so much for your name suggestions as always leave those in the comments below these videos is the only place I look so if you send them to me elsewhere I’m never gonna see all right raiveer impeach ash May and rosy and peachy SHM a are here let’s go home to our mess of a household well Chelsea’s embarrassed because she wet herself at the hospital charlie sad because he got a bad love day Hazel’s feeling great Eric is really mad and stinky and hungry Nyla’s feeling wait why are they both fine they were stinky last time we saw them Jamie you give a bubble bath to all the kids just like keep giving bubble baths to all of them so we’ll add a river and Rosie into Chelsea’s room they’re both upset both River and Rose Arabs we’re gonna sell that I don’t think we’re ever gonna go back on vacation to that place again that was a nightmare that or we’re gonna have to like figure out a better way to do it oh he’s just angry rivers very hungry ah shoot come on Chelsea stop you got a go feed River before River gets taken away also fun fact River is the name of one of the daughters of dream daddy which is funny eat your Franks and beans my young lad Natalie’s getting a bath now cuz charlie is such a good boy hazel was like this was the worst day ever how much completing her levels complete though we just need to help Charlie get up there for his skill level which is highest in comedy so we’re gonna have him read his comedy book again he just is a natural-born performer and we love him Chelsea didn’t even finish the salad that I had her start making like what is your deal Chelsea get your act together we go on one family vacation and everyone has a meltdown no one can function anymore this is like second gen impeach Rashmi household here we’ve got charlie the cool teenz I’m hazel she used to be needy and always forgotten but now she’s just very capable and I think she’s just like a really smart playful girl Erick who he’s a little plain he’s just kind of a little bit of a boring kid niya and Natalie niya the overachiever maybe Natalie will be like the fun one like the hoos cannon sister we don’t know she’s still a little young and then we got Rosa who is apparently just Ross now where did the ego for rose’ just this roh in a river a beautician a well ross / rosie I’m still gonna call you Rosie I’m Pete Rashmi you’re Jose to us whatever it’s fine it’s not fine I’m very sad about that oh no sweetie what’s wrong you’ll be okay what’s your problem my darling she’s like crying to her sister when she could be crying to her mom whatever and then it looks like we have two new baby certificates to add to the wall yeah buddy look at that Wow and how close is Charlie to aging up he’s a communication level 4 how did that happen I mean Eric de Kolb Charlie is I can’t help it charlie it’s the perfect child I’m not gonna read in this comedy book wait are you level 3 you are I’m just still mad that Rosie his name confessed it’s now just Ross now this means that Chelsey needs to get Charlie out of the house so she can have more children but I don’t want Charlie to leave she’s mad she’s mad because there’s kids and she doesn’t like him what if you like Coweta maybe if you bond with a river and Rosa you’ll like them better she’s just super mad like I guess I will do what’s best she turns on all the lights and her mom’s room oh boy I think she likes him better now oh that’s cute Oh nope she’s still mad okay now we’re gonna give up about the Eric who looks like he just crawled out of his own grave yeah you know he’s feeling better he’s ready to go ready to get his skill on so that he will become a kid she’s ready to become a team and he’s ready to become a young adult oh she’s teaching her daughter with flashcards that’s so cute Oh Natalie what do you mean you can’t get there who knows get out of the way stop it go here let your mom take care of this and then Natalie why don’t you learn some imagination these babies look creepy they look like aliens but I think all babies kind of look like aliens get in there Chelsea the mother’s work is never done you’re having cake for breakfast who gave you the right miss Oh Eric hungry but he’s almost done with the skill auntie sleepy when you’re done with your skill you can sleep any yeah buddy level three movement the twins are asleep Rosie and River or Ross as her friends call her either birth serve it it’s kind of like when I feel like this is this thing that has happened but doesn’t happen a lot when people at hospitals misspell people’s names on their birth certificate but it was meant to be something else I feel like that’s what happened to poor baby Rosie who’s this niylah niylah I thought it was nyla they look the same these twins are like mary-kate and Ashley a level we’re like you I feel like if you really look at them there’s a difference but a lot of times you get them confused I want to look at her baby tree now it’s so big I can’t wait until it’s a hundred kids long that’s gonna be insane Oh Charlie I don’t know what to do with you you’re too good no Sergio I don’t want to go on a date with you you hate children no later it’s still killing me an occasional little too don’t want to come to your birthday party I don’t even know you he’s doing a good job he’s like a little cheerleader he’s a go you got this also why are you still in that outfit this has got to be a glitch that she keeps wearing it why are you doing that no you’re not gonna do that yeah he’s like I’m gonna go outside and make a mess I’m like no no no no no no Natalie no no no no no no I don’t you uh no no no no no no no no no no no no discipline her bad behavior do not make a mess like a good as time as any for Chelsea to change clothes why are you always in that outfit and then start our party oh no she’s really sleepy never mind go to bed Chelsea when Chelsea’s no longer that tired she will Oh nope rivers sad I like how all the other and future shows are taking midday naps but the babies and toddlers are awake all right incognito costume party the guests are obviously Eric hazal Natalie didn’t initiative miles Alexis Renee Jamie Brielle olive and Craig can come too okay and it was like shouldn’t you find all the dads too or just Craig I feel bad let’s see how many people we can invite let’s just invite maybe the current dad Maria hasn’t seen her kids yet Stephen being news kid is there and I think that’s it it’s party time get in your costume Chelsea there shoot oh what is that are you just a generic maid I mean okay let’s see what oh we got this guy rolling up in this like steampunk outfit which honestly is amazing wait pause so we can check you out today Steven Smith you looking fly should we do something fun in the outdoors like to maybe have like a cute activity we can all do outside there’s a wash tub but that’s not quite what I had in mind there’s a whoohoo bush which is funny it’s summer right what if we did a waterslide in the lawn that’s awesome waterslide for a costume party I don’t know it made sense in my brain let’s get something the little kids can do too yeah toddler slide so the toddlers get a slide too let’s slide let’s have the girls slide it’s the slide add soap do a slide trick with Charlie one of the babies is crying who is this it’s miles always cool always cool let me get into my own child please that’s not even your kid oh my God look like half of them are wearing the same outfit how embarrassing can you let me change my daughter’s diaper please wake up so you can hang out with your sister okay stop doing that so Chelsea can do this please wait why is he going into the closet and she just glitched oh my gosh look at Charlie yes it’s a party time here at the impede Rashmi household she’s gonna give all of her kids a hug to say hey have a deep conversation with is that smiles right Jamie’s here are hot sorry Eric is upset maybe we should get Eric some food what Oh dopes cave it ate is flippin food okay wait there we go oh my gosh look at him oh wait is that olive olive is that you olive no that’s Mario where’s Olive Maria’s looking boss I mean you and his daughter sing hey she should slide just do a trick slide did all have not come where’s Olive where’s our sweet baby olive olive didn’t come and neither did no craig’s here he’s already nearby but he’s not in the house apparently which is weird what are our kids coming in doing trick slide here we go Oh Natalie is very hungry and very tired oh no oh my sweet baby I’m sorry go get a salad and then go to sleep I’m sorry that this party kind of interrupts their schedule what are you doing you’re fine oh go have fun my darling sorry you’re still stuck on the thing I like forgot that she was playing on the iPad and I just left her there like I’m fine this party’s happening around me but likes your mom Chelsea go check on your baby there’s someone already over there who’s over there by the babies that olive it’s all this but she’s not doing anything she’s just blocking mom from doing something just go over there and be like hey olive can you move please okay thank you she’s fine she’s going on the slide now it’s late at night it’s 8:30 nya’s not happy oh she just needs to sleep alright now I gotta sleep you had a good day Oh everyone’s hugging it’s like a reunion it’s like a really weird reunion and I really haven’t seen Craig – Craig not show she’s like well I love room full of people and I love most of them in this room but I wish I could have seen Craig Hazel’s doing great she’s like party Queen oh she’s also cleaning Queen Jamie’s like well last time I saw you were so small you got so big he’s like yeah it’s been good Oh baby time luckily our boy can change a dirty diaper Craig are you crazy here with his abs what’s up Craig uh he’s like hey Dad good to see you glad you could come to the party he’s like yeah of course son I would never miss it even though it’s like over half of it it was a party it was just okay just the way I like it here at the education about household well that was really great I think that was a really fun party it was a nice way to round out our surpassing our ten babies our family vacation didn’t work out but our family hearty reunion definitely dead I’m really excited for what’s up next we hit 13 kids it just fills my heart with so much happiness and joy I love it with the feel like you all get together and just be a hot mess in the same room [Music]

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  1. Eme Flores says:

    Elliot and River for a girl name or a boy name is Eden and Jake 😜

  2. skylar helgerson says:

    " when a mother thinks her work is done, she becomes a grandmother!"

    -something on my wall

  3. Mari Aanonsen says:

    Call one of them Mari please❤️ or a boy Charlie

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