Small Kitchen Countertop Organization – In Hindi With English Subtitles
Small Kitchen Countertop Organization – In Hindi With English Subtitles

Hello friends. Welcome to Smplify Your Space Today’s video is based on kitchen counter top organization. That too renter friendly I have a friend who lives on rent Recently we have done a makeover of her kitchen countertop that she wanted to do for a long time and for that she had set a budget. Here, I would like to suggest that whenever you want to do a makeover of any place, then definitely keep a budget for it so that there you don’t face problem in your monthly saving or budget Also, today’s video has been created in collaboration with Meesho App. I will tell you at the end of the video about what Meesho is and how it works. So let’s start So this is the kitchen of my friend This counter is made in L Shape Because it is a rented house, there is not much kitchen cabinet. There are cabinets under the counter top and two above. It is difficult to keep all the things. Although, she hasn’t kept much stuff on the countertop but she wanted to make the counter a little functional so that she could get some more space in the cabinets. So now we will see what changes have been made to make the counter top functional, efficient and beautiful. First we emptied the counter Seeing the space well, and taking its measurements, we ordered some organizers and kitchen items Whenever you think of makeover of a place, analyze the place in a very good way. Make a list of items needed, then order. Otherwise, there is a possibility of getting a lot of unwanted items and due to the lack of size, there will be a problem of returning. After receiving the items, we started the kitchen makeover. It takes some time to understand things and to know where to place them, then put things with patience. Take care of functionality and easy access. So it used to be the kitchen earlier And this is how t looks now Let’s start from this corner. Here I have placed a black metal rack. In which tea and sugar cans are kept above. The best thing about these containers is that the labeling already made and they look good too. We have taken them from Westside The bottom shelf has tea cups This is a very cute set that we ordered from the Meesho app Which we got at a very reasonable price. Here an oil dispenser is placed on the side, in which labeling is also done I put it on a wooden hot stand Along with that, a ceramic spoon rest holder is kept here which is very handy while preparing food to keep the ladle or spoon To save space here, we have installed this magnetic kitchen knife holder on the wall. In this, all the knives and scissor are organized easily. It becomes very easy to access them. Now come to the other side of the gas. Here we have kept a holder which is actually meant for holding fork and knife, but we have used it to keep ladles and spatulas. Being in front of them while preparing food, makes the work easy A wooden chopping board is also placed behind it for easy access. Cabinet rack is installed here. With this, this remaining space above or you can vertical space is used quite well. There are also two hanging rods down here, which we have used to keep kitchen rolls and kitchen towels Because of this you will not need to take a separate kitchen towel holder and space will also be saved. Inside the rack I have kept spices container for daily use. You can keep anything here as per your requirement. Now come to this corner where the microwave is kept. We had earlier ordered a stand for this but due to the lack of space, that stand could not fit here. We did not want to waste this place, so keeping the space in mind, placed a wooden tray on the microwave and put some stuff on it. So that whenever the microwave has to be used, the tray can be removed easily. First of all here we have kept this a spice rack, which has small glass bottles. In this, we have kept some more spices which are used occasionally Due to its coming with a stand, it becomes very easy to keep it from one place to another. We took it from 99 store A tissue holder is placed behind it. An artificial flower pot is placed in the center for the decoration With this, this very cute little coffee mug is kept behind which is not only useful, but also helps to make this place attractive. And here in the side, this beautiful pickle barney is kept. I will tell you that if you have space, then put microwave stand of this type in your kitchen. So that things will not have to be placed directly over the microwave. Now we come here in the side. The mixer is placed here. Because my friend uses it daily, it is easy her to keep it in the counter top On its side, water jugs are placed here on a wooden tray. To decorate it a bit, we put this kitchen sticker on the back tiles which look very beautiful and are helping to give a new look to the kitchen. And here on the window we have placed these 3 artificial succulents for a little decoration. Now comes the kitchen sink in this corner. In the side here, we have placed the kitchen sink organizer which has dish a liquid dispenser, hand wash dispenser and scrub pad holder. It is a very efficient sink organizer. Very useful in keeping the sink clean and tidy. Here we have placed a real planter on its side. Neon pothos. It is a low maintenance plant and it looks very beautiful. lastly, to hang the towel we have installed an over the door towel holder. he makeover of this kitchen ends with this. With a little creativity and thinking, you can give a new look to any place. Always keep in mind the functionality and easy access so that when you work, you do not have any problem. Keep things simple but attractive. s I told you during the video that I have taken some things online and some from different stores. You can get very good home useful items from Meesho App. And you can also start the business of home organizing things. You will find different types of products in Meesho at very cheap prices. You can sell these items sitting at home and make money from them. All you have to do is find the best products from the Meesho app and share the catalog with your friends and family. On receiving the order, enter the customer’s address and add your margin After the order is placed, Meesho will also deliver the product you ordered and collect the COD. Your margin and commission amount will be transferred to your given bank account. That’s all you have to do. So if you want to do something sitting at home, then try Meesho once. I have given more information about it in the description box and also gave a link to download it. I hope you liked this video Please give a like and share this video with your family and friends Subscribe for more such videos Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest updates and video notifications Will see you all next week. Till then happy organizing. Bye Bye!

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