Small Kitchens, Beautiful Design Ideas
Small Kitchens, Beautiful Design Ideas

Smart and inexpensive design ideas for a contemporary small kitchen. Here, there are almost thirty images of small kitchens from modern and contemporary style to Scandinavian design. Beautiful images that can inspire you to remodel your own kitchen. Here, it is a tiny modern kitchen with brown cabinets and white backsplash and countertop. L-shaped design with central island and breakfast space. Simple, small and practical kitchen design. L-shaped modern and elegant small kitchen design. White kitchen cabinets, dark kitchen backsplash. Tiny kitchen with dining area combination. Modern kitchen design with white walls, white backsplash and black cabinets. Small Scandinavian-style kitchen design with wooden countertop. Modern and elegant kitchen / dining combo. Cute tiny kitchen idea. U-shaped small kitchen design. Thank you so much for watching. VOCAL BACKGROUND MUSIC BY EPIDEMIC SOUND

7 thoughts on “Small Kitchens, Beautiful Design Ideas”

  1. ricarda costa says:

    wow perfect fantastic !!!

  2. Amanda Smit says:


  3. Farida Ruto says:

    Thanks Grig ! You work so hard to keep our houses beautiful thank you

  4. Valentine Bawole says:

    … 🌷🌻💎❤👍 …

  5. Gina Reynolds says:

    I'm sorry but I don't like the words on the videos. They distract me from looking at the design styles. That's why I always watched YOUR videos

  6. Vee Bee says:

    I’m gearing towards a white backsplash instead of a colorful one because my cabinets are chocolate and my walls are beige; but looking at your different designs( fantastic looks) , I can now for sure think out of the box ; my pop color is orange( love this color); then I wanted to paint the my dark plain cabinets( but I may just upgrade them) and just consecrate on my choice of backsplash from your ideas; I just might do black and white; or mixture of quiet tones of aqua or teal with white( that’s my other pop color;(so my main pop colors are white – orange – teal – tan; thanks again for so many different looks to choose from and get solid ideas,

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