I am a rabbit. Yes, you are a rabbit Hey, take one of these, you have food around your mouth Close your eyes, Good! Okay, Edgar, have you heard of a country named Korea? Yes
No you haven’t, you’re lying, aren’t you Young children tries korean food Young children tests korean food Okay, now you’re going to test… Breakfast Breakfast! Look Wow Is this breakfast? Help! Can I have a new fork? What is this? Pancakes from a country named Korea. Ew!
I’m going to test it Not tasty It was tasty It was? Oh that is great! Now you try it! But there’s saliva on them No, not on that one. Try this one. Yes, I hope this one is better. Oh no! That is nettles. How many points? Zero out of Zero Wow, that is really bad. It’s the worst point you can get. I got hurt! No it’s not nettles. Okay, should we try dinner instead? Yes. This was really bad. Dinner from Korea Shut your eyes! Shut your eyes! Shut your eyes! Open you eyes! What is this? All you can! Almost.. Noodles! I’ve eaten this before, i think. At Kalle’s It doesn’t work out whit these stupid sticks! I don’t know how to eat like this. Every time I eat sushi, I have a spoon. Tofu, really good, I love tofu! Noo! It wasn’t good. HAHAHAHAHAHA The noodles was really good. And… hmmm and… And the rest, a little like this. Those were really good. That is noodles! You don’t want any more? Yes! I want to eat all this! Oh HAHA. Wow, wow, wow, HAHAHA! A little laugh in the background. HAHAHA! Was it so bad? Okay desert! Okay! From Korea. From Korea one mor time? Yes, the last one! Shut your eyes, shut your eyes, shut your eyes! Wake up? Wake up! Hugh? Fruit?? Fried fruit! Fried fruit? From which country? Korea. Hugh? In water! It was a bit hard to get. Hallo?! Mmm! It was good. I think it tasted disgusting!… Is this mango? I think it’s peach! Oh I didn’t like it. What it is here! Yeah, eat it! No. Why? Good. Peach This was hard. It was? Yeah now. Was it? You can spit it out if you want to. I think it was like this and like this. Not good. Disgusting! Where is the paper? Background- laugh The sauce is not good! But how cute are you!! I can’t take it any more! You are so cute! Noo! Oh sorry!

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