Snapshot: Textile Treatments
Snapshot: Textile Treatments

My name is Caroline Dignes, I’m a dyer and painter, and I’m working on Hamlet with David Willard. This show is cool because David’s concept
is a mixture of Jacobean costume meets rock and roll, and so how he’s approaching
the rock and roll in the costumes is with contemporary textile finishing
including screen printing, laser cutting, and foiling. The exciting thing about this
show is that almost every character in the show that’s part of the young rock
and roll vibe has some sort of textile treatment on their costume. So I worked
with the drapers, and each pattern piece that has printing on it was scanned into
the computer, and the artwork that you see printed on them was custom laid out
in the computer before I printed it so it would fit each pattern piece
correctly. David Willard specifically requested screen printing, and that’s why
I am using a screen to apply the paint so that I can get a smooth printed feeling. So, I’ve been doing a combination of using screen prints and vinyl cuts for stencils, so that’s fun
because we’re able to get nice crisp clean lines and really unique one-off
prints that we’re putting on each character. This is our Hamlet, and the
design team came up with the idea that Hamlet is affiliated with skulls and
birds and so we’ve got some bird bones and we’ve got some bird imagery on the front of his doublet
combined with the skull imagery. And the designer wanted a really unique, subtle,
sophisticated look but also incorporate that rock and roll feel, so I screen
printed foil glue on the front and the back of his doublet which is a light-
absorbing fabric, and I put a high shine foil on top of the glue, so there is a
raven on the back and the skull with wings on the front, and you can just see
them in the right lighting. So, Ophelia is also part of the screen printed group. David
focused it on the younger generation. He noticed in Hamlet it was really
generational and he wanted to give a different feeling to
the young generation. So Ophelia is part of a generation that has some screen
printing. It has a feeling of falling down her dress. It’s pretty rock and roll. I think this is a unique take on
Hamlet. I’m really excited to see how the costumes and the music all come together on stage.

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