Solar Fake Tour Diary – 25.05.2018 – Black Star Fest (eng/rus subs)
Solar Fake Tour Diary – 25.05.2018 – Black Star Fest (eng/rus subs)

Well, we thought we’d had it with our third try … no! No. This is the fourth video now, ’cause
we’re struggling with our stabilizer. We’ve got new technology! Mhm. But, however, Mexico was awesome as always! Exactly. Fantastic. We had to play for a whole hour
in thin air because of the height, … … that’s extremely exhausting. Yeah, you wouldn’t think that 2000 m
is that much, but the air is really thin. It’s like playing double time, it feels like a two-hour-show. You already notice it when you have to give
so much during the very first song. You’re supposed to start with some fast songs
and then you notice after the second or third song … … That’s not going to work! But it did work! I wouldn’t have said it that drastically, but you’re right. That’s what you think then… You think, “When I’m going to break down
now and just keep lying there, … … someone has to call an ambulance
and I’ll wake up tomorrow in the hotel”. But then you don’t do it. No, you don’t do it. People don’t deserve that. They pay really much for their ticket for
Mexican standards, so you cannot pass out! Why for Mexican standards? It’s about 40$ and people told me that’s
really expensive for Mexican standards. Yes. So people deserve that you give everything. If they have to pay that much we can sweat a bit … Yes. Erm … That’s what we did. But as a reward we’ve got a great bathroom. At a festival in Mexico, we have our own
backstage room with toilet, shower, sink and all … And perfectly clean. Awesome! Exactly. And we’re standing there at the moment
but we can’t show it to you … … because we’re too stupid to operate that thing… You can turn the stabilizer to whatever direction,
but it will stay in its position anyway. Wait, we could try it. I’ll try it one time … It doesn’t work. Nothing happens. Anyway. We’ll get familiar with it and next time
we’ll show you the dirty loo again. Exactly, nobody wants to see a clean loo anyway.
Who wants to see that? That’s nonsense. No, that’s boring. All that bourgeois stuff … Right. With pink tiles on the wall, dude! Folks, I’d say, before we mess up the fourth video, too … Exactly … We’ll see us next time … Now I have to be careful … First, at the fan club event … Exactly. … then in Schwedt and then at Amphi. Last time we completely messed up the dates… and… … exactly … And because you weren’t here, you’ll come
to all three concerts! As a punishment … As a reward! On that note, folks … Bye! Good night!

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  1. Kasia K-ska says:

    …and fortunately that an ambulance was not needed ! Andre shows great understanding and I appreciate it !

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