Spigaroli Michelin Restaurant – Antica Corte Pallavicina near Zibello

copyright 2019 atellani.com music playing The Michelin Starred Restaurant near the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi, close to Zibello, the land of the famed Culatello di Zibello DOP ham, but also land of Parmigiano (Parmesan) and excellent, simple and regional Italian cousine (always the best). In an exclusive setting, a stained glass window with the Po river a few meters away, the warmth of the fireplaces and the locals: this is the atmosphere that is breathed in the restaurant that has received the Michelin Guide Star since 2011 and represents the best of the refined Bassa Parmense and sought as one would expect from an elite restaurant. A surprising and colorful “gastrofluvial“ kitchen, where the raw materials produced directly in the ancient court of Pallavicina dominate and where the ancient and precious traditions of the lands bathed by the great river are exalted. In this way Massimo and Luciano Spigaroli built the success of their restaurant. The Relais offers its guests eleven rooms all on the first floor served by a lift. They are simply elegant, with all the comforts and attention to detail, the modern style inserted during the renovation works pleasantly blends with the period furnishings and the magnificent sixteenth century coffered ceiling. After nearly twenty years the restoration is complete! It’s been a struggle. At times it seemed impossible, but we did it! And how did we do it? When our great-grandfather left the Piantador farm belonging to the Maestro Giuseppe Verdi he came right here to the Corte Pallavicina with his three children and went from being a sharecropper to a tenant. Together they began to work this wonderful farm with its fertile soil in the flood plain surrounding the main building with great enthusiasm and with all the expertise and experience acquired at Piantador. Read more at: http://www.anticacortepallavicinarelais.com/ copyright 2019 atellani.com

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