SPRING SPEED CLEAN WITH ME | The Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning!
SPRING SPEED CLEAN WITH ME | The Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning!

31 thoughts on “SPRING SPEED CLEAN WITH ME | The Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning!”

  1. Sopherina says:

    Enjoy todays vid angels!! What was your favourite part? Mine was probably seeing the dirt leave my carpet, haha!! xxxxx

  2. Brittany Hays says:

    I don't think we have had our carpets professionally cleaned, you're not alone don't worry Sophie but wow I want to see how clean my carpets could be after now 😳

  3. Brittany Hays says:

    I love these videos on your channel, they are so damn relaxing 😍💜

  4. Hayley Martin says:

    Yes! Cup of tea and still in bed, Sunday morning lazy day watching your new vid love it 👌🏻

  5. Laura Tompson says:

    Thats amazing you worked with the Rug Doctor!!

  6. Laura Tompson says:

    I love that your cat gets in all the shots 😝😹

  7. Helen Garzia says:

    Sunday morning Sopherina new vid – favourite time!!!! and speed clean videos are my obsession lately, this is so relaxing

  8. Helen Garzia says:

    I now want to clean my carpets 😂 I had no idea about the dirt that could build up, your carpets looked so clean anyway, ahhhH!!!!

  9. Disneytodo says:

    I think I need a rug doctor in my life! How much do they retail at?

  10. Frances .S says:

    You’re way ahead of the game! First day of spring isn’t until the 20 March. So impressed ❤️

  11. Helena Smith says:

    I could watch you cleaning your house all day it's sooo calming and orderly

  12. 12missmolly says:

    These are my fave videos of yours❤️., they are so motivating and calming xx

  13. 12missmolly says:

    also where is your kitchen roll holder from ? Cxx

  14. Sharon Walker says:

    Such a nice kitchen, i love the cupboards soph and that pretty kettle sat on the cooker. x

  15. Anna Drążkiewicz says:

    Sophie you suppose to cut wick down before lighting candles xx

  16. Helen 22 says:

    Hi Sophie My hand is up. & I Aways give your Videos & Vlogs 👍✌🤟💯✔✅❤ .I Enjoy all Videos Fabulous Bye for Now .😎😍🤗

  17. Natalia Waliszek says:

    Love your videos! I need to finally try the country garden zoflora!x

  18. Rosanne Bekker says:

    Your introduction was a bit awkward today hahah

  19. Rosanne Bekker says:

    By the way… I just downloaded a Sims 4 demo and I'm building my dream house. Long time ago, but I still love that game.

  20. Emily Clarkson says:

    Love the edting style in the intro ❤️

  21. Boymom3 Y says:

    Yes to a kitchen cupboard clean! This video is so satisfying and makes me wanna tear into my house lol

  22. Katie Lodge says:

    Really enjoy watching this video and you have a beautiful house 🏠😊 will you be going to vidcon London? Would be nice to meet you

  23. Mary Harris says:

    Sorry the music is really distracting for me 😣

  24. TheMum WhoRead says:

    What a lovely calming video. It made me feel so relaxed. Great Job Sophie. Congrats on 11k too. Xx

  25. living with cambriea says:

    This was so satisfying

  26. Carley Thorpe says:

    Killing it !!❤️❤️ would you be able to do a pretty little thing, misguided etc. Haul

  27. Becki Louise MUA says:

    WOW! I’ve just looked up the rug doctor and I think I’m going to have to hire one 😍

  28. Alexandria Escue says:

    That Harry Potter cup in the kitchen!!!!! ❤️

  29. Vcafr0 says:

    learn how to adjust the handle…..my god…

  30. One Blessed Mama says:

    Hey great content here my friend 😊
    New subscriber ♥️❤️

  31. Laura Burdekin says:

    Definitely interested in the cupboard organisation video

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