Stain Removal Tips : How to Get Vomit Out of Carpeting
Stain Removal Tips : How to Get Vomit Out of Carpeting

It’s the morning after a party, and you’ve
found a little surprise somebody left for you the night before. A little bit of vomit
on your carpeting. I’m Cyn Deer, I’m with 3’s Company Too and I’m going to show you
how to remove vomit from your carpeting. First thing is, it’s probably dry, so you want to
get up what’s on your carpeting. First thing you’re going to do is grab your trusty paper
towels, wipe up as much excess as possible, use your vacuum cleaner. That helps pulls up the nap. Then what you’re
going to use is some white vinegar. ‘Cause that helps with the odor and it helps pull
up the stain. So you’re going to pretty much soak it and white vinegar smells so much better
than vomit. And then you’re going to rub that in after you’ve let it sit for a few minutes.
You’re going to let that dry, then again you’re going to use your vacuum, once it’s dry, you
would use your vacuum again to pull it up. And then your carpet is clean from that horrible
smell and debris left from the night before. So I’m Cyn Deer, this was how to remove vomit
from your carpeting, and hopefully you’ll have a great day and vomit free.

31 thoughts on “Stain Removal Tips : How to Get Vomit Out of Carpeting”

  1. Arukage says:

    I drank too much, puked a bit, and I know how to clean my own vomit on carpet.

    Thank you.

  2. dyl1992 says:

    Extra tip, bring along a garbage can incase you can't handle the rancid smell and you yourself vomit.

  3. DJ Scottdog says:

    im only watching this cos i drank way to much on friday and chundered in the car and dads pissed off at me lol

  4. Meggs says:

    you saved me from the jonathan

  5. shayan navi says:

    thumbs up if u got to waisted 😛

  6. jouxpane says:

    Fabulous advice. Thank you for putting the time into this video.

  7. Angelique Gabriella says:

    Does this also work on a couch? Could someone answer me quick?

  8. Pixieinhiding says:

    using a vacuum cleaner is the last thing you should do… it'll make the hoover smell

  9. skibumpmc says:

    NEVER EVER Rub carpet, especially with a scotch bright pad or bristle brush…It damages the carpet fibers, especially on a cut-pile carpet; this video is a loop/berber carpet. BLOT STAINS ONLY with clean white towels, If you feel you need to, use your fingers to gently massage cleaning solutions/detergent into fibers, then blot and leave damp white towel over stain (with weight), until removed.

  10. Doug Dale says:

    You are a bore. You talk like you're giving a report in school. Have something prepared. And stop clapping your hands together! 

  11. Zarick Greenwood says:

    im only a kid my mum is out but then i found this as soon as i vomit across our  2 meter hall im not sure how long that is but eny wayz thanks

  12. Metal's POV says:

    Instructions aren't clear. Got my dick stuck between the car and the garage door again! 🙁

  13. Shane de Silva says:

    Baha she looks like she's just puked up and thought, hey I'll make a video about this!

  14. Jacob Ryan says:

    think I might just cut out the carpet

  15. Izzy Sarratt says:

    Thanks for the advice but please stop laughing it was very annoying

  16. CD Verix says:

    how do you remove vomit from 4 months ago?

  17. Jack Vale says:

    No gloves 😱😱

  18. Annika Bananika says:

    She was always clapping I was getting on my nerves

  19. Eligah Thompson says:

    Bruh last night I chugged a bottle of Polar ice. This morning I had the worst head ache and dryed puke on my bed

  20. Jimiai says:

    Homegirl came over and got hammered. Let her sleep on my bed and I slept on the floor. Woke up to vomit all over me and the carpet ahaha…fuck this sucks

  21. Blake Cable says:

    You're a life saver

  22. Lmclean89 says:

    I just munted all over my bathroom door and floor and it fucking reeks. Every time I try and clean it I end up vomiting more over the top of it.

  23. cli._. flips says:

    What if it’s green

  24. King the Tab Gaming says:

    How do I remove cum

  25. Darrien G says:

    She’s sexy

  26. a fucking god says:

    you think I had a party ? no I just have a drinking problem that I’m trying to disguise

  27. Mr SoggyPampers says:

    She's drunk she's the best

  28. Brian N says:

    Thank you! You're a doll.

  29. Arielle Alston says:

    No one:
    Her: 👏👏👏👏

  30. Pocket Man says:

    What a gorgeous lady. Absolutely love good looking matured women

  31. YouTube Recahp says:

    clutch asf

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