StarField Ceiling Install
StarField Ceiling Install

The most important part of installing the
Cinacoustic Starfield Ceiling is measuring and snapping the ceiling grid chalk
lines and each ceiling is different depending on
the room Here are the basic components
The drywall anchor A screw
The spacer And the Rotofast
First the anchor is screwed into the drywall ceiling
Then the Rotofast and the spacer are placed on the screw and screwed into the anchor
The hex head of the Rotofast is then snapped into place
to allow the hex wrench to turn the Rotofast from below
the StarCoustic ceiling panel We begin by placing the edging strip around
the boundary of the ceiling
It’s important that each piece be installed tight
and flush to the previous one so the ceiling panels
line up correctly After the edging strips we can measure for
the ceiling grid chalk lines
These must be exact because they show where the Rotofast anchors are placed
With laser measurements we determine the ceiling centers
and snap those grid lines then we can measure and snap the lines
for each ceiling panel As we said, exact measurements are critical
because they set up the placement points for the
Rotofast panel fasteners Take your time, measuring and marking the
chalk line snap points
And it’s good to confirm your measurements Measure twice, snap once
The Rotofasts are installed 4 inches from each grid corner
with one at the center of the long side of each panel
Notice that the panels have had any openings pre-cut before installation
and each panel has Rotofast markings 4 inches from each
edge in the corners and centers After the power cable is connected and checked
the panel is ready to lift into position This is why two people are the minimum needed
to install a ceiling Make sure the cable is tucked up onto the
panel Then carefully position the panel in place
Again, the panels have each Rotofast position marked on masking tape pieces on the panel
face 4 inches from each corner and center edge
The panels are somewhat fragile so go slowly When the panel is fully in place and aligned
the Rotofast in each corner can be engaged This is done with a hex wrench inserted through
the face of the panel at the mark
The hex wrench is rotated counter-clockwise to screw
the Rotofast into the panel material A little pressure while turning helps seat
the fastener into the material
An ice pick is used to locate the exact position of the
hex nut in the Rotofast Then the hex wrench can be inserted into the
hex nut to slowly turn the Rotofast
Make sure to level the panel face with the edging strip
and the other panels When the panels are in place they can then
be leveled with each other for a smooth surface
across the corners This process is repeated at each corner of
the panel while the panel is held in place by the second
person Gentle pressure combined with slow turns of
the hex wrench is the correct way to install the panels
It might take a few seconds to find the center of the
hex nut in the Rotofast but once it’s found, the hex wrench can be
inserted to engage the fastener
turn counter-clockwise to raise the panel clockwise to lower it
turn slowly a Rotofast can be over-rotated
After the four corners are secured the center panel Rotofasts can be engaged
to level the middle sections Remember, pre-cut the panel openings
exactly measure and mark the Rotofast positions use a minimum of two people to carefully install
each panel and level them for a smooth surface
when correctly installed, the StarField ceiling is a dramatic addition to any room

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