Students have designs on new fashion and textiles degrees

the fashion shows it’s a nervous
experience initially I mean we’ve worked on them a few years ago but when it’s your
own it’s quite precious to you you have a different experience you’re not
just assisting but you’re having to make decisions for yourself as well
you go on kind of an intimate journey yourself with what you create but you
have to think of a way of trying to get that to other people so they have the
same experience you do well I came onto the course with when I say zero skills I
really didn’t mean zero, zero qualifications to study fashion and so I
came at it from a different angle as everybody else but I I think that the
certain areas you enjoy more than others and those are the things that you try to
to push forward on but yet in general that the whole course itself is
structured so if you are weaker in some areas you can study on those more but
there’s more than enough places for you to succeed in different areas
well I’ve recent got a placement I’m more interested in the business side of
it more than the design aspect at the moment but eventually I do want to
go back in to design my own collections again I feel that I need a bit more
experience within the industry before taking that leap we’re developing a new fashion course
which obviously gives students a lot more opportunity to be more specialist so really to kind of follow their passion of what their key skills are so
whether that’s in fashion design and designing a collection of outfits or accessories and it could be you know more the marketing and business
side so hoping that we can really kind of equip students with you know all the
all the basic skills they need and really it’s about them kind of almost
writing their own own future really moving forward with the textile course
in particular we’re looking to work and develop contacts with industry and
new partners looking to the future really a new opportunities for
employment within the textile sector so quite exciting

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