Sunny Tile
Sunny Tile

When you buy a Stampendous Cling Rubber stamp, it comes in a package like this, and on the back we have a little diagram and that’s to show you what I’m going to show you here. It comes on a liner of acetate which you want to pull away and just set that aside, but it has a cling sticker on it. And this you do not want to remove because that has the design on it and it is what is going to make it cling to your clear block. So simply put it on press it so that you know it’s connected, and even shake it to make sure it’s connected before you apply ink. Now we’re ready to stamp. I’ll take my ink pad and ink up my stamp completely. This is one of those designs that’s a tile, Sunny Tile, and we want to see how we can use it in a repeat pattern. I’m starting in the corner of my paper pressing firmly, and I’m going to ink it again, and now I want to be as close again as I was the first time. Now a little space in between, in this case, is going to look like tile. It would be like where the grout was. Now that this is dry let’s stamp on top of it. Let’s do some simple blue-and-white patterning I’m using an Aquarelle colored pencil so let’s add a bit of color and then a wet brush. The color pencil and a brush with water give you a nice quick way to get some washes or you might use your watercolors and your brush and in the same way come in and just do some painted areas. This is going to give you the look of a hand painted piece more readily than others so it’s fun and it can be very quick even for a whole big background. I was able to visit the Delft factory in Holland, and it was very fun to see how they use the glazes. When they were painting it looked rather gray and until it was fired they couldn’t see exactly all of the tones of the blues. I certainly brought home a beautiful hand-painted piece and I enjoy looking at all the beautiful colors. Here’s another option with your watercolor set and a brush. Now I want to show you what it takes to stamp as close as you can in lining this up so I’m aiming right for the very edge of the paper to start with and then if you just think closer. You have just that little edge so it will almost look like it’s overlapping but you’ll get the feel of how close is touching. Hey, that’s working pretty good. Ok and again think “closer” and there it goes so that gives you the idea of it. And remember if you’re doing your stamping just in black which is quick and easy you could always touch up some things with your black pen if you wanted in between. So just tips for you to do a continuous pattern. It’s easiest to clean your stamp while it’s still on the block and a wet wipe is as simple as it can be to clean it off. And then your cling stamp can go back into your package if you like and putting it back on the carrier may just help for storage and then you can keep it nice and clean and ready for use the next time

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  1. Viki Banaszak says:

    This is such a pretty stamp, but I really hate that kind of cling mount.

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