Surface Pattern and Textile Design at Staffordshire University: Connect to your future
Surface Pattern and Textile Design at Staffordshire University: Connect to your future

At the Connected University, we’re connecting
great minds to great opportunities, students to industry and you to a future in Surface
Pattern and Textile Design. We’re a three-year programme and we offer our students a really great scope to come and learn the professional and technical skills they need to go into industry. We have great facilities here and it’s done to reflect industry, so they’re learning the professional skills they need and get ready for the world of work really. The learning spaces that we get, like the studio spaces in Surface Pattern and Textiles, we get our own desks, own boards where we can kind of pin up our own work, and it makes it a lot more personal. The facilities are amazing. Our print room is fantastic. We get a lot of time to use the facilities. Part of each of our modules, both in the second
year and third year, we get industry coming in to set us live briefs, so that we can prepare ourselves for work in the future and how to work within industry. We’ve worked with Middleport Pottery in our second year, Hallmark, Moonpig, Paper Rose. We take them to Paris to Premier
Vision, to some of the trade shows, we do an annual trip down to London so they know the key places to visit for their subject area. They teach you all aspects of
not just how to design but how to go forward after the course to become a professional
designer. I mean, one of the great things about our tutors is that they’re all still
very current in the industry, which obviously means current industry connections. I got
my job with W’innovate Wilko through past connections, through past students who’ve
graduated from our course. I’ve been so inspired by all the lecturers though, because they’ve got such in-depth industry knowledge and they’re really renowned designers in their own right. There are awards and competitions whilst we’re down there and we have a really good track
record of gaining some of those. One of the students won the Peroni award for her glass
design. We won the Johnson’s Tiles award, which is a monetary prize and again a two-week
work placement for that student. In previous years we’ve won the Sanderson award, the Wilko
W’innovate award. Opportunities where they can do all sorts of competitions throughout
the year and apply for bursaries. So there’s Bradford Textile Society, Society of Dyers
and Colourists, the Hand & Lock which is very specific to embroidery. We have a really good
mix of traditional skills and digital skills here, so they learn how to hand screenprint
and hand-dye fabrics. But we also have digital fabric printers, laser cutters, large format
paper printers for wallpaper, rug making facilities, machine embroidery and hand embroidery. I went to the open day and just thought, “I’ve got to be here”. The equipment, the materials,
the people just seemed so lovely and so fab, so that was my deciding factor, really, for
coming to Staffs. The future of education is here. Connecting learning to experience
and industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities are waiting for you. Staffordshire University
– The Connected University.

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