Sweet Home 3D – Octagon tray ceiling
Sweet Home 3D – Octagon tray ceiling

In this video I will show you how to make octagon shaped tray ceiling. First, create the octagon shaped wall. Change the wall height to the height of your tray ceiling. I want my tray ceiling to be one foot deep, so I will make my wall height 12 inches. I’m changing the size to all eight sides of the wall. Now that I have the sides of the tray ceiling created, I’m going to fill in the top of the ceiling. I’m going to use “Create 3D shape tool” to create a triangle. Change the size of the triangle. Texture the triangle and export to OBJ. Import the triangle as new furniture, be sure to change the orientation of the triangle before importing. Place the triangle in all four corners or the tray ceiling. Now that the corners are covered, I will create another wall to cover the flat square area in the middle of the tray ceiling. I’m going to texture, export as OBJ, and import as furniture. I will repeat the same process to cover the two narrower spots on the ceiling. The ceiling is all covered, now it’s time to create the trim piece that will go all the way around the tray ceiling. Once the trim piece is done, texture it, and export. Import the trim as new furniture. Place the newly created trim all around the tray ceiling. By default, wall corners in Sweet Home 3d are 90 degrees. I want my tray ceiling to have rounded edges. I’m going to make a round pipe object, export it and import as furniture. I’m going to place the round pipe all around the edges of the tray ceiling to make it look like the rounded drywall edge. Octagon shaped tray ceiling is done, all that’s left is to export it as OBJ and import as new furniture. While importing be sure to turn it the right way up. Place the new tray ceiling in the room, Now, I’m going to fill in the ceiling gaps next to the tray ceiling. I’m going to use the same ceiling pieces I used on the inside of the tray ceiling. I hope you found my video useful. If you have an idea for the future video please leave a comment below.

13 thoughts on “Sweet Home 3D – Octagon tray ceiling”

  1. نايف الحربي says:

    شكرا لا توجد الدي قائمة tools النسخة 5.4

  2. Filio Andrik says:

    Does anybody know how this works on the online edition? I can't find this page, the tools, the furniture etc. Please help me. Thank you.

  3. Its Kimia says:

    What version of sweet home 3d is this? @redtop learning

  4. Crystal McKenzie says:

    I was puzzled when I couldn't find Generate 3D Shape in Sweet Home 3D, not to mention the Tools menu altogether… until I remembered that I had decided I would only install plugins when I was sure I needed them. Thank you for introducing this plugin to me, and for teaching it using something that I actually need to model in my own house before I begin designing my renovation plan!

  5. Noor Ullah says:

    the focus on teaching is less as. compared to creating , Please point you commands either they are in menus or from right click. the commands visibility is less….. however a very good video for learners….thanks for uploading

  6. Syntax Error says:

    I add level (level 1) but the ceiling of level 0 is blank as well as the floor of level 1.. how to fix it?

  7. Prince Khidd says:

    Is there a way i could download the octagon ceiling obj file?

  8. WindowOfFantasy says:

    you are genius !! never thought of using parts as furniture !!
    I love this video THANKS !!

  9. RE Verb says:

    NICE!!!!! Gives me an idea to make "studs". I didn't have a clue you could save a "Wall" as a part. Freakin nice!… But I do need photographs to create the texture 😉 lol nice song

  10. Dejan Vizant says:

    Thank you for a video !

  11. Dipak Sharma says:

    you are genius !! never thought of using parts as furniture…..
    I love this video THANKS……………………..

  12. Waleed Fahmy says:

    Good video and great effort but I prefer to make it in sketchup and export as obj (needs sketchup plugin) then import it to sweet home 3d as a furniture , I think it is easier and faster .

  13. CGI 4D says:

    Voice is too fake. try Amazon Polly tts

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