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Installing Drywall & Popcorn Tin Ceiling Tiles (1/3)

SnapLock tin ceiling tiles are the only patented embossed metal panels that screw directly into any type of existing ceiling material including drywall or popcorn without the need to pre-install plywood, saving money, and making […] Read More

Beam Ceiling on HGTV’s My Big Amazing Renovation

Jumbo beam running right down the center of the ceiling Aha the beam! It’s a faux beam. It’s made of fiberglass, weighs 2 pounds. As you can see it’s very very light. And the idea […] Read More

Tin Ceiling Tiles = Endless Design Opportunites
Tin Ceiling Tiles = Endless Design Opportunites

American Tin Ceiling tiles can be used for so much more than just ceilings. The only limit is your imagination. Picture an inviting bar with custom tin accents or sitting in your garden looking at […] Read More