Taking Down Halloween Decorations ||  Cleaning Motivation
Taking Down Halloween Decorations || Cleaning Motivation

This is an interesting week Because half way through cleaning I forgot I had done something even though it was in the same week. It has been a long week what can I say. If this is your first time here remember to subscribe. Hit that bell for notifications and share this video so that way we can grow our neighborhood. I am hoping that videos like these give you the… The… um… Inspiration to clean up your house. What do I do this week? well this week I take down my Halloween decorations which then affects the end of the week cleaning which… it is just interesting. because if you forget that it affects that. It affects it. so yeah your Halloween decorations are probably coming down and you are getting you house back into fall and ready for Thanksgiving in the Americas. So That’s something to thing about. But yeah, lets get started let’s get this cleaning done. And get those decorations down. [ music ] Alright everything is done, it is down. Like I said, this is really funny the fact that When I was cleaning this morning. I was trying to figure out why did it Why was it so easy to clean. Everything was because everything was so simple. because I had two major, major cleaning projects that happened. One that happened in this room. If you can tell by the back ground. And then also one that happened With taking down the Halloween decorations. That’s really interesting. So it effected my end of the week cleaning because well… guess what… It was the end of the week cleaning So it was really simple. But… There was some massive cleaning with taking down the Halloween decorations and all that fun stuff. I hope you liked this video and I hope it got you into the mood to get those Halloween decorations down Get back into fall, get back into getting ready for for Thanksgiving. And remember if this is your first time here hit that subscribe button And ring that bell for notifications Share this video that we can grow our neighborhood. Check out the links down in the description for some of the products that I use And I hope I get to see you again next time. An check out some of these videos that I picked out just for you. [ music ]

4 thoughts on “Taking Down Halloween Decorations || Cleaning Motivation”

  1. Bailey Bahr says:

    You are the best and I also really like your kitchen ^-^!

  2. Unicorn DIYS says:

    please also visit to my channel

  3. Brandi Groover says:

    LOVE the pumpkins above your kitchen cabinets, so cute! Great video, your home is very lovely. 👍👏

  4. amy snider says:

    Nice video!

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