Textile artist (Wearable Art) Carole Waller on createdbespoke.com
Textile artist (Wearable Art) Carole Waller on createdbespoke.com

My name is Carol Waller. I am a painter and textile artist. Everyone
understands textiles because we’re born and we get wrapped in it, we have to wear it all our lives, we use textiles
every day, we die wrapped in textiles. To sum up my
ideas as an artist, what really interests me is the idea of
projecting a mark and projecting colour. That’s the
reason I make my painted clothes, because it’s a way of making paintings which have movement; they’re full of life. And, my absolute pleasure is watching the
colours as they combine, watching the colors in relationship to
each other, and exploring that unique translucency that silk has, and the way die penetrates its
fibers and expresses colour in it’s quite unique
way. The time it takes to make the pieces varies enormously; sometimes I get absolutely stuck and it takes days on
end, and sometimes it’s just a few hours. I’ve been making my work for 25 years and I
don’t feel as if I have perfected it and I felt that way I’d stop! I take my inspiration from everything that surrounds me and
especially the people around me. Watching people on train stations, it comes from
looking at the sea, it comes from observing the weather. I
describe my painted clothes as ‘art to wear’, and I describe my painted
textiles that are encapsulated in glass as ‘art for architecture. My free-hanging
paintings and the glasswork are commissioned by all sorts of people.
I’ve just completed a big commission for a law firm in London; the piece was six-and-a-half
metre’s long and with three panels side by side. It’s actually easy to commission me even if we never meet, because the use of photography to show people
work and video conferencing, and an exchange of ideas verbal and visual, make that process very easy. I think the
commissioning process is wonderful for clients and artists, because the end result is truly collaborative and both artist and client get a great sense of satisfaction from that.

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