Textile + Illustration Design Business (GROW ONLINE TODAY!) | Lauren Lesley Channel Trailer
Textile + Illustration Design Business (GROW ONLINE TODAY!) | Lauren Lesley Channel Trailer

What’s up fools Textile designer named portrait illustrator behind the brand Lauren Lesley Studio. Welcome to my YouTube channel. I’ve been a designer for over 10 years and have designed textiles sold by Anthropologie, Target, Wayfair and Overstock online and I’m here to help you get the creative career of your dreams by providing design tutorials for free and showing you how to grow your design business online. Be sure to subscribe to my channel and you’ll get new videos. Definitely leave a comment letting me know WHERE YOU’RE FROM. I’m originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina.. Hopefully you can’t tell too bad from the accent! But now I reside in Birmingham, Alabama with my adorable fiance. So if you’d like to check out my website, it’s at LaurenLesley.com Lesley’s with an E-Y and I sell pre-made clipart digital products and offer design services if you’re in need of any of those things. To get my free TREND GUIDE click on the link below and I’ll see you in the next video!

3 thoughts on “Textile + Illustration Design Business (GROW ONLINE TODAY!) | Lauren Lesley Channel Trailer”

  1. Cole's Creations says:

    Hi Lauren! I am from SC too! Near Myrtle Beach. I’ve recently decided to turn my graphic design career into being more aimed at surface design…..so much fun! I’ll be subscribing and watching! Best of luck to you!

  2. Lauren Lesley says:

    To download my totally FREE 2019 Trend Guide PDF:
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  3. Elipsys Evanier says:

    Hi Lauren, I am Elipsys and I live in the UK. I am just getting started and I am hoping to learn from you. Thank you so much for sharing. I am all subscribed and ready to roll. I was super-stoked to hear you designed for Wayfair – one of my favourite stores. Stay blessed, xo

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