Textiles designer Wendy Edmonds on createdbespoke.com
Textiles designer Wendy Edmonds on createdbespoke.com

I’m Wendy Edmonds. I’m a textile designer and I produce hand-printed textiles for fashion. Mainly scarves, belts. I specialise in printing and pleating. I studied millinery at London College of Fashion, and then I went on to work as a milliner, couture milliner, one of them was Freddie Fox, and decided really that I was more interested in clothing. I started making clothing and I’d got interested in them, the process of printing heat transfer, and just the way that this printing method worked. I felt it was right for me. I could achieve what I wanted. I started making bespoke clothing for people, and some stage clothing. Stage outfits I did for Freddie Mercury. He approached me to make the Bohemian Rhapsody white winged suit! It was quite a fascinating project to do
really. You know, I worked closely with him; we
collaborated on the ideas. He had decided that he wanted to be a
winged mercurial figure, and he was inspired by a painting
by Richard Dadd, called ‘The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke’. In the end I made three white suits and two black, which was the good and the evil, and they were worn for the first UK tour which then went on internationally. Then it was on the Bahemian Rhapsody video, which was a surprise. I didn’t know
it was going to be on that. So, an iconic suit. No one knows what happened to those suits. And, yes, now looking back on it, it was was fantastic thing to have done, but at the time I was young, it was just another commission, you know, I just did it, because Freddie was a friend. Really all I want to do
now, my love, doing the hands-on. I love doing the printing. I do everything myself really, more or less.
Somebody gives me a colour scheme, you know, to match something, even
interiors, you know, I can do that. I did some ties for a wedding, and each
tie was different, so I was able to do six ties of slightly
different design. I think commissioning is special because it’s a one-off, something that somebody wants, and they
like what I do, and they want to have something that I do, maybe in their home or to wear. So, it’s the customer having faith in you
to do what they want and to know that you can do what they
want, really.

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