Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspired by Williams Sonoma Decorate With Me
Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspired by Williams Sonoma Decorate With Me

Coming up on this episode of Designed to
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scape it looks expensive but it’s not so that sounds good to you stay tuned welcome to Designed to the Nines I’m
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you will join me for this week’s episode is in collaboration with Heidi Sonboul
of happily thriving Heidi and it is a fall table decor collaboration with
several other talented and amazing women so after you’re through watching my
episode I’ve invite you to pop on over to Heidi’s channel check it out and then
check out all of the fall table decor inspiration you can handle on the
playlist so I’ll provide all of the links for everything in the description
box below last year I did a poolside Thanksgiving table scape it was amazing
to have Thanksgiving poolside especially after years and years of having very
cold weather so this year it is going to be indoors and while I would love to
have a formal dining room in my house my home does not have one and you know what
I figure a lot of people are in the same situation so I’m just gonna roll with it
now I love table scaping it is so much fun for me to create a beautiful
environment to share a special meal with my family and friends and so today I’m
going to be doing a Thanksgiving or friendsgiving table we live away from
family so we may or may not be able to have family with us every thanksgiving
I realize a lot of other people are probably in that situation as well so
we’ll call this a friendsgiving it could also be a Thanksgiving it works
for both to be honest with you so I’m really excited about it because I’ve got
a lot of fun things planned for you let’s get started so if you’ve seen any of my tablescapes
you know this is the part where I usually put out a nice white tablecloth
and then I roll some wrapping paper and do a runner well we’re doing things
different this time and so this time I am leaving the wood table exposed it’s
beautiful and I think it will add to our tablescape next time I’ll probably
break out the tablecloth but this time we’re shaking things up I wanted to do a
whole bunch of greenery on my table but I wanted to protect the wood a little
bit from all of that greenery I already had this white contact paper on hand
that I used in my chandelier makeover if you haven’t seen that episode I highly
recommend it so this is free it’s gonna work for what we’re doing so I’m just
gonna roll it out and this is really just to kind of protect my table as well
just add a little pop of color and contrast alright I got my hands full
here so I have this beautiful basket that I got on clearance from Hobby Lobby
and I’m just going to put that in the center of my table make sure that the
runner is straight and this is just to add some texture and because it’s
Thanksgiving it kind of gives that bountiful basket feel now I have a giant
assortment of greenery now some of this is silk and some of it is real the
magnolia leaves are real you don’t have to use silk I just went around my house
and gathered up all the greenery that I hadn’t done anything with yet go outside
and collect a whole assortment of greenery fresh is awesome I just got
these magnolias in my neighborhood and I just love magnolias and we’re just going
to mix it all together and just create a nice bedding of greenery but before we
put our greenery in I am going to take our Magnolia dupe cake stand and I’m
going to just place this on the center you’ll see what I’m gonna put on it in a
sec but at least we’ll have that set and we
can kind of build from there this is looking really good I’m really
happy with it mixing in a ton of greenery it just creates a softness
that’s beautiful and inviting I’m just going to keep going until I use all of
the greenery I think we’re about done with this part I’m just gonna do a
little cleanup from all of our clippings and then we’re gonna move to the next
step I am really happy with our foundation here it’s lush it’s green
it’s so interesting to look at but now we need to kind of bring it into the
fall decor realm and we are gonna do that by adding some pumpkins so I picked
these pumpkins up at Walmart and then I just painted them out with chalk paint
and added a little dimension in the crevices they are so beautiful and I am
not exactly sure how we’re going to do them but I think we are gonna just play
around a little bit and see how we like it so I might put these ones on the ends
here this one and then I have a whole bunch of tiny pumpkins that we’re going
to add an assortment of new ones as well as old ones from last year so and that’s
what you can do is you collect over time and then you can create a beautiful
tablescape just nestle them in wherever you see a
little spot and just add it until you think it looks good
now these little guys are from the target dollar spot last year they match
my chairs so we’re going to tuck a few of them in we’ve got to balance it out
so make sure you don’t forget the back we’re not doing this part this time
that’ll be next week so make sure you stay tuned for that because it’s gonna
coordinate with what we’ve got going on here and there will be some interactive
elements that you’re not gonna want to miss so stay tuned for that these are
some DIY hurricanes all I did was take some dollar tree vases and I glued them
to a tea light and so it’s a very elegant looking and we are just going to
nestle those in right here and then we’re gonna add something to them and
I’ll show you what and just a second here because we are staying with the
mostly neutral green theme I have these bag of dried split peas and we are just
going to open those up and pour them in our DIY hurricanes and then we’re gonna
just stick in one of our Dollar Tree candles and kind of just push it down in
there now it’s time to set our table and I’m going to start out with my
chalkboard chargers that I used on last year’s Thanksgiving table now I know
that I have navy blue in here but it’s just an accent and I think it’s going to
help our appetizer plates really pop and so it’s okay to put the black with a
blue I’m gonna give you permission so we’ll just set that now and we’re setting our table for six
because I still haven’t found the right captain’s chairs yet that is on my wish
list and maybe I will find the perfect one and you’ll see them next time I’m
all about a white plate so we’re just using our everyday white plate and is
we’re gonna dress it up with some other elements I forgot to add my placemats they’re
gonna look adorable and I cannot believe I forgot them to balance out all the
green that we’ve got going on and I do have some navy blue on my chair so I
didn’t want to go too overboard I found this adorable navy blue and
white buffalo check plaid at Hobby Lobby and I just made up some napkins I like
to do this because buying and fabric napkins are really expensive so making
them are so easy if you’re interested in seeing how I go about making my fabric
napkins I’m going to link that episode above and below as well and you will see
just how easy it is so we’re gonna place these napkins now and I pulled mine in
thirds and I’m going to let them hang off the edge of the table a little bit
and I just go up to the top of the plate and let it hang down seriously making
fabric napkins it like took me less than 20 minutes and it just feels more
elegant and more formal I love it and now for what I consider kind of the
pièce de résistance these were featured in my last episode however I
made them in gray on my last episode for the sake of the dupe but on our
Thanksgiving table – and pull the black of the chargers and I really wanted them
to pop so I went with black on these ones but these are DIY plates that are
so cute they say thankful and grateful very inexpensive at $2 a plate now if
you don’t want to make some there’s some similar ones at Walmart and they’re cute
I just really like these and they make a great gift for your guests and a great
conversation starter so we’re going to place these and you just rotate every other one now
it’s time to add our stemware and this glass we’ll pull in our hurricanes and
add a little shine so for our final element of our table scape I have these
interactive name cards and we are just going to set them on the upper edge of
the plate and if you want to see how I made these as well as see the
interactive feature of these name cards you’re going to want to stay tuned for
next week I’m going to show you how to do that as well as a few other things
back here that’s going to coordinate and look awesome so stay tuned for that that’s it our fall tablescape is done
this would be perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner or a friendsgiving
dinner depending on your situation and I just love it there’s a lot of things
going on and you don’t have to spend a lot of money the placemats were two
dollars the Chargers were a dollar and the DIY that I did last year make sure
you check the description box because there is going to be a ton of resources
for you in recreating this look everything on this table is totally
affordable it looks expensive it looks luxurious really you can recreate this
look for not very much did you like this look let me know by hitting the like
button below and tell me what your favorite element was in the comment
section below would you changed anything I’m thrilled with this look thank you so
much for watching and thank you to Heidi for inviting me to participate in this
collaboration and if you enjoyed this episode I’ve invited you to hit that
subscribe button I really appreciate it and I will see you next week bye

92 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspired by Williams Sonoma Decorate With Me”

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