The Basics of Playing Dominoes : How to Match Playing Dominoes
The Basics of Playing Dominoes : How to Match Playing Dominoes

Hi! I’m Nathan Holsey, author of the book
The Dominologist. On behalf of, in this clip I’d like to talk to you about
how to play dominoes, laying down bones and matching. If you’d like more information,
you can refer to my website The main object in dominos and I’m going
to place this double 2 down. Let’s say I have the domino, so it’s my turn to throw
the first down. Let’s say I’m comfortable with 2’s in my hand. Well the next player
who plays has to match and I have colored dominos so you can see that a green will match
a green or a 2 will match a 2, a 2 can connect to a 2, so the next players play a 5 deuce,
a 5-2. It’s mine turn, I have option to play on the 2 or the 5 but my choice is to
play on the 2. Now there are 4 options or 3 options, 5, 2, 1, and 2 again. So there
are 2 options for 2 and it’s my opponent’s play, so my opponent would play let’s say
on the 5. So the 5 matches the 5, then again, it becomes my play. My option will be to play
on the one, basically, matching dominoes. You just want to make sure that you always
have an option leaving yourself possibly a 2 in your hand, a 6, or a blank where I only
have and I’m going to show you my hand, only a blank. If this is opponent were to
play over there, I would not be able to play unless he played a 3 or a blank 5 or etc.

27 thoughts on “The Basics of Playing Dominoes : How to Match Playing Dominoes”

  1. Michael Quartey says:

    awsome i love this game

  2. 14BrazZ says:

    Idiotz!!! How do you draw the stones, how do you keep score… not important enough is it you r tard!?

  3. dino1261 says:

    before u advertise ur site ur bill mate…haa…cheers

  4. abefroman10 says:

    @14BrazZ this is only a matching video. there are other videos on other steps.

  5. 14BrazZ says:

    @abefroman10 I'm sorry dude i was freakinnnn frustrated cause i was playing with a friend of mine who insisted on playing the way he is used to it. So i was looking for the proper way to play domino, as you may have noticed the big aurgument subjects were how to draw and keep score. If you can give me a site or link where i can find that it would make me verry happy.

  6. abefroman10 says:

    If you google "draw dominoes" the first link I believe is a simple site that describes the basics. There are scoring variations and other variations in general, but you have to find the way you like to play. I understand the frustration considering there are no (or very few) good videos on youtube on how to play dominoes.

  7. Pyro4eight6nine says:

    whats the scoring for bones

  8. jjooeegg1 says:

    Ive noticed all of the "Dominologists" dominoe explanations are just awful. Can somebody simply play a game of dominoes and overdub later why and how you do what you do. Dominoes is a great game but if people are coming on here to learn how to play this guy just makes everything so complicated and just plain wacky . No one would even wnat to learn how to play a game of dominoes after listening to this guy and its a shame because its a simple and fun game . Must be the dominologist of Dominopizza

  9. matthew cory says:


  10. Jack!: Gaming, Comedy, And More! says:

    this guy contradicts himself all the time! I thought whomever has the highest double starts! Why isn't he scoring?!

  11. Travis Newsome says:

    CHECK OUT MY "HOW TO" DOMINOES VIDEOS. GOOGLE "how to play dominoes by Travis Newsome. Please share!!

  12. keitharoo1962 says:

    I watched the video and I STILL don't get it. Not explained very well.

  13. TheMamaboyzz says:

    Still don't get it.

  14. Angela Ponder says:

    How many do you start with? Can you pass? Do you draw?

  15. Mosel21 says:

    Still did not explain Who begins the game?

  16. Cassius M says:

    thanks alot of help

  17. e beatstx says:

    You start with 7 chips.  max of 4 players since there is only 28  pieces.  if there is only 3 players well  then you have extra pieces to draw from when you are playing and find yourself without the matching piece that your opponents put down.  if there is no pieces to draw from and you don't havevmatching,piece you obviously get skipped hence since key of game is to get rid of all your  pieces first.  Never let an opponent know what you dont have since theynwill use it against you.  if the game gets closed because lets say all 6 got put down and everyone has pieces, you count points person with least wins.  at the beginning person with Double 6's drops the first piece always, or winner.   domino Murtha tuckers!!!!!

  18. cheeple says:

    Dominologist sounds awesome, Imma steal it and pretend like I made it up.  No Disrespect.

  19. Nancy Marrone says:

    I don't understand what you meant at the end…it's the blank piece that no one is clear about??  Please, explain!!

  20. Discombobulated says:

    Wow, this was awful, so then what happens, how do I know who wins? Count them up. what?

  21. Discombobulated says:

    Please remove this video, I'm none the wiser for having watched it!

  22. Chloe Jackson says:

    I am playing online dominoes every day at

  23. Dominohq Admin says:

    Love Jamaican style domino? Join a domino league or community at See how Jamaicans play domino!

  24. AzサqЯ メD メD says:

    Any one from 2018?

  25. CYRUS GRAHAM says:

    🎄Tamales verdes mexicanos.

  26. Arts Girl Z says:

    so when u start the game the winner from the last game gets to go first, to start the game each player has to have seven dominoes. So the person that goes first gets to put any dominoes they want to put down the other players have to put a domino that matched atleast on side of the person that went before them and so on the game goes but if u don't have a domino that match u have to call 'pass' which means they skip you and the person after you go. and if someone put a domino that nobody can match the game is automatically done to find the winner you have to see who has the least amount dominoes. to win the game u have to put all ur dominoes down and have none left

  27. Donald Aston says:

    Dominoes games and tournaments, every day at GameColony com, join the fun!

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