The Best MOSAICS Workshop in LISBON! Creative AirBnB Experience.
The Best MOSAICS Workshop in LISBON! Creative AirBnB Experience.

Hey everybody and welcome back to another episode of Triple P with me Surya Sridhar. So guys I’m so excited to tell you that last night I landed in one of the most artistic, one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. I can only be talking about: LISBON! I’m so excited to be here right now. I’m actually heading to an awesome Mosaics workshop with Eileen. I mean come on. There is just so much art everywhere, it really inspires you. There are these beautiful mosaics on the grounds and on the pavements. These azulejo tiles on the exterior of all the buildings. And the buildings themselves are so colourful. So it just made sense to go for a creative workshop. So let’s go! So I came for a 9 month contract, 25 years ago, and never left. Met my husband, at which point I was sort of looking for reasons to stay. And so I fell in love with the Mosaic sidewalks, and thought I would take a workshop. But they didn’t exist at the time. So it is very much self taught. You learn the pitfalls and don’t get so consumed with the rules. You make it up as you go. It’s a genuine passion! What inspires you? So I get inspiration from everything. Whether it is Instagram or a interior magazine. At the beach. The street art. I love the street art in Lisbon. But what I am really enamored with is the process. So I think whether it is doing mosaics or yoga or knitting, or anything that gets you out of your mind. It is the objective, to get out of the mind. To not think about it, and thats when the magic happens. Whatever their tool is, it is a vehicle to get in the zone. So I am doing this initiative where I’m happy to create it. Pay for the materials and the shipping. But the recipient has to agree to hang it in a public place. Not in their kitchen. And they are to give one homeless person – buy them something to eat. Whether its a sandwich or a banana. To have that exchange. And then the love represents you know, spreading the love. So now they are on six continents. If someone knows anyone in Antarctica, that doesn’t inhabit humans. So yeah, its spreading the little love. So my name is Maria Salomão-Schmidt. And this is probably my 6th time coming here. I live in the States part of the time and come here as much as I can to Lisbon. And I love love love Eileen. I love her work. She is so authentic. I’ve seen in those workshops – I’ve seen people come here. Kind of shy and reserved. What is this? Tiles? And they just leave with their hearts wide open. Its such a tool for humanity. It’s just people being people. The lost art of people being people. That is kind of what it is. And right now I’ve got re-diagnosed with breast cancer and I’m chosing to do it in a way that lot of people are worried for me for. Like I am doing it the natural way. The way that my body heals. And this is healing, on another level. It just fills my soul. And I was asked to add what do I do? And I’m an author. I was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show. And my book made it to Amazon’s top 100 books on happiness and it is called “Finally Full of Yourself”. “Unlocking your Spiritual DNA”. And I think we’re in a time in humanity where we need to be ourselves. Be our flavor in the world. It is imperative. It is absolutely imperative. So I just love it here. It is just my happy place.

6 thoughts on “The Best MOSAICS Workshop in LISBON! Creative AirBnB Experience.”

  1. Maria Salomão-Schmidt says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! You are soooo very talented beautiful Surya!

  2. Prateek Reen says:

    Amazing!! You do such a great job. Look forward to seeing more of your videos.

  3. Raam Prakash says:

    Awesome happy place 🙂 Very nice video . Looking forward to more of these.

  4. Hugo Mourlan says:

    Really good job done on that video I like the way she explain and the sound of her voice

  5. Maria Salomão-Schmidt says:

    I put this in my Coach Me Maria Heartsletter and a few more people subscribed. I will keep inviting people to subscribe because I'm a BIG FAN! 🙂

  6. Dreamy Travel Story says:

    You are inspiring! Great video!

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