The Best Way to Paint a Wall | Consumer Reports
The Best Way to Paint a Wall | Consumer Reports

The top-performing paints
in Consumer Reports’ tests deliver excellent
coverage in just one coat. But even the best won’t
deliver those great results if you don’t apply
them properly. Here’s how to do it. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you do need to
use a paintbrush, look for one with nylon as
opposed to natural bristles. We found they deliver cleaner,
more even brushstrokes with water-based paints.

12 thoughts on “The Best Way to Paint a Wall | Consumer Reports”

  1. itachii267 says:

    Is it just me or did the paint coats look uneven?

  2. BackFireJames says:

    It's 4:30AM and i'm watching a video on how to paint a wall. What am I doing here.

  3. themrjones says:

    if your painting a fence or a house, you want to get a 5 gallon bucket, dunk the roller and slop as much paint on the house and spread, slop it on thick you'll never need to do 2 coats.

  4. JoeKickass324 says:

    why a W Y V?

  5. LiquidSFX says:

    how did i get here??

  6. Derek D says:

    use a brush you disgrace

  7. pbaylis1 says:

    It should be illegal to paint walls that way.

  8. Croo ookie says:

    That S curve painting thing… never seen that in my life. I've hired people to paint, painted myself.. never seen that. Wonder if it's legit?

  9. pradeep shetty says:

    it takes year to paint like this

  10. Mike mike says:

    This is NOT how to paint ANYTHING!!! Lord help us if people actually believe this crap!!

  11. KornmanGobbles says:

    This is 100% how NOT to paint a room. Was cringy watching this. Nice "straight" lines you have there on your trim…

  12. sandhya shukla says:

    How I can make peach colour

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