The Cape of Empowerment – Episode 3 – The Grand Unveiling
The Cape of Empowerment – Episode 3 – The Grand Unveiling

The relationship I have with my own
creativity is complex. It’s a love-hate relationship.
I think this Pukka Project has been quite poignant for me
as an artist. I work a lot and I pour my own physical and mental energies into
the piece. It’s like this self-sacrifice, this giving to make something beautiful. But I
took this project on board for a reason. It’s a pilgrimage, it’s about giving
something back. This project is to remind people that we
are super women. I think that women will recognise that
celebratory aspect of this cape You know it’s a cape of adventure, people
can try it on and be part of the artwork. They can be enveloped in it and
they can feel wonderful in it and you know feel the wonderful energy and love
that I’ve put into it and the other people have poured into it. I’m hoping that people will want to wear
it, people of all walks of life and will share their stories in it. I mean what a privilege. This cape is
symbolic of our connection with nature, with the feminine and with the power of
dreams. It’s really important to be your true self, don’t mask yourself in fake identity. Find your creativity, nurture it and become the individual that you really
are. This has been a really inspiring journey
and I’m really excited about the future of the Cape. The creation of the cape has
come to an end, but really its journey begins here…

6 thoughts on “The Cape of Empowerment – Episode 3 – The Grand Unveiling”

  1. Diane Warburton says:

    Just stunning on so many levels. I sure do hope that the cape will come up North, so we can ogle at it and all it stands for. Pretty please! 😉

  2. Lesley Wilson says:

    Oh Lou, its just so beautiful. Its a blah word for what the cape evokes really. You have truly poured your heart and soul into it and it is stunning. I really love your message with it about the feminine, about us standing up creatively into the unique individual we truly are. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I truly hope you get to enter it in WOW, Wearable arts in New Zealand. I will be in England in June 2018 so I will come and visit to try on the cape if thats possible please. I LOVE IT!!

  3. Petra Kre says:

    Wow you‘re such an inspiration as person and of course your amazing creations….🌷🌺❤️🍀✌️petra

  4. VQ Prodigy says:


  5. Jeni Fogg says:

    Absolutely stunning Lou – you are sharing the cape with people who feel it's strength & beauty – Jenifogg

  6. winfred winfred says:

    Really enjoyed this little series, beautiful work. Thank you 🧡🌼

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