The Data Center Mural Project: Painting a Cloud
The Data Center Mural Project: Painting a Cloud

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36 thoughts on “The Data Center Mural Project: Painting a Cloud”

  1. Ninjo says:

    y0 6 views

  2. THE ERROR_ says:

    its so cool how Google isn't just another commercial company, and their work towards a creative and unique style!

  3. H a r r y says:

    mighty glow clouds

  4. Vishal Jaiswar says:

    Isn't there any option for playing YouTube videos default at 720p ( or whatever ) ??

  5. Emir Sandoval says:

    sorry read dota center and click on the video… cya.

  6. Lucas says:

    that day will be the version for Android

  7. LordWalras says:

    Its just a prank bro ;D

  8. Maria Morales Zavala says:

    son geniales los vídeos y los proyectos bien simentados

  9. illuminati says:

    Meet Google.
    Youtube spammer first class.

  10. Hatim Chathiwala says:

    +Google best cloud

  11. Joseph Louax says:


  12. Joseph Louax says:


  13. ilker yoldas says:

    Google stop spamming my youtube

  14. THE KING Meruem says:


  15. Jakub says:

    thanks for subtitles

  16. SOUSA says:

    nice paintjob 😛

  17. zsdnaya says:

    I voted for apple.

  18. Pietro Basei says:

    veramente cool

  19. ParadoxBassCube says:

    google must be like "omg thei graffitified da building of us lolz !!11!!!"

  20. Seegal Galguntijak says:

    Again, crass symbolism of that one: A weird cloud of surreal horrors clumped together on a black background.
    Had they made the background white, it probably wouldn't have been that bad.

  21. Olga1270 Gamarra says:

    es buenisimo…

  22. Legofan431 says:

    it's beautiful :3

  23. Xavier Bassols González says:

    Beautiful but won't the black background increase the heat of the building and because of that the amount of energy spent (unless the isolation is very good) cooling down the data center? Even if little it might increase the ecological footprint.

  24. Inspired Music says:


  25. Thomas Wilson says:


  26. Vincenzo Sims says:

    I love it.

  27. piggytailgirl says:

    I want that on my wall o

  28. Navindu Amarakoon says:

    Damn Dan…. Larry!

  29. Y2Kvids says:

    so this is how they serve Google doodle

  30. CharmedAngelin says:

    Wow, that's awesome, creativity at its best. 🙂

  31. BiBo TV says:

    i love it #bibotv

  32. Abdirahman Yusuf says:


  33. deadzen says:

    children in africa could have eaten that paint :/

  34. Iraq Games says:

    I love Google

  35. Susana Angelica Villavicencio Zuñiga says:


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