The FIVE Best Places to Shop for Home Decor | Budget Friendly
The FIVE Best Places to Shop for Home Decor | Budget Friendly

Hey Loves! Welcome back to Sometimes I Love You More! My name is Ashley if you’re new here. In today’s video, I’ll be sharing the five
best places to buy home decor when you’re on a budget. I’ll also be sharing a couple of the items
I’ve picked up from these places. So if you’re interested, let’s get into the
video! {Music} Number 1 Are gonna be Thrift Stores. These are locations where people donate the
old items that they don’t want or use anymore. So you can find them at really cheap prices. These are locations like the PTA, Goodwill,
and Habitat for Humanity. Habitat is my favorite place to go. Every lamp that I own is from there and usually
they are around five dollars. They’ve always worked when I’ve purchased
them. I always just paint them a different color
to match the style of my home and then go buy a lampshade. I’ve also recently purchased these candlesticks. They are also brass similar to the lamps that
I’ve purchased. They are $8 each. This is one before and this is after. After I’ve painted it Oil Rubbed Bronze to
match the decor of my home. I really love how it turned out. And I plan on putting these on my fireplace
once I paint this one. I also recently got a jug from there for $10. Right here. It looks like a Moonshine or old wine jug. And I plan on putting some stems in there
for decoration. I think they’d make a great centerpiece on
a table. Put a couple more in than this, but for $10
you can’t really beat that. I love the Habitat and thrift stores. It’s more like a treasure hunt because you
do have to look through pretty much everything, but you can get some awesome finds for really
cheap prices. Number 2 is gonna be other people. And by other people, I mean, things like yard
sales, estate sales, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and there’s also great Apps like
LetGo. I’ve never used it, but I have family members
who love those Apps. I’ve personally furnished most of my home
from Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. I’ve found some great furniture pieces from
there. I got our couch in our living room for $60
from Craigslist. Our recliner chair is a knock-off Pottery
Barn chair for $40. And also recently, I’ve picked up a couple
things from the estate sale that I’d like to show you. I picked up this huge water jug. It was originally $40, but we went later in
the day so things were starting to go 50 percent off. So I got it for $20. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with
it, to be honest, but I loved the look of it. The blue color goes with my home so I’m definitely
going to use it for decoration. I’ve also got this amazing find. It is a huge basket. The price tag on it says $20 so I would’ve
paid $10. You’d easily pay $60 at a larger retail store
for this item. I’ll probably put throw blankets and pillows
in it. But those are great finds. Those are just a few examples of things you
can get from other people. Just keep your eye out on those websites constantly
and you will find some amazing things. Number 3 is gonna be the Dollar Tree. If you watched my recent haul, you know I
love that store because you can get home decor items for really cheap. I love getting their faux flowers. I love the spring colors they always have. As well as the seasonal items. So a couple weeks ago, I started purchasing
a lot of their little pumpkins, which they were originally in orange and yellow. I don’t really care for the traditional pumpkin
colors so I was trying to get a style that matched my home decor. I painted them all creams, blues, and yellows. And I have several on my fireplace mantle,
as well as, my entertainment center. They also have amazing frames there. I love Dollar Tree because you’re not spending
a lot of money and it’s easy to change their items to match the style of your home. Number 4 is WalMart and I won’t go into too
much detail because if you’ve never been to WalMart you are truly missing out. They have everything you could possibly imagine. So many great finds for home decor. One of my favorite items to buy from there
are actually blinds. They have some faux wood blinds from Better
Homes and Garden that are like $20 each. They do an amazing job at keeping out a lot
of the sunlight and I’ve purchased them for every room in our upstairs. So if you haven’t been to WalMart definitely
check them out, they have everything you could imagine and so much more. Lastly, number 5 is gonna be discount retailers
such as Ross and the TJ Maxx chain stores, which is TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and
AC Moore. Which is more crafty items. All of those retailers have great prices at
discounts. You do have to look at the items carefully
to make sure they’re not damaged. However, you can find some really unique and
one of a kind pieces. They do sell out incredibly fast, so those
type of stores are definitely the kind where its like you have to buy it if you like it
that day. Cuz more than likely even if you go back the
next day, it’s gonna be gone. We recently purchased our living room rug
from there {Ross}. We got an 8 by 10 rug for just $100. Now it is not a thick pile rug. It’s not incredible quality, but it definitely
does the job for a home with 2 dogs. So check out those chain stores they have
great finds as well. I hope you enjoyed this list of my favorite
places to buy home decor. I’d love to hear from you in the comments
down below as to where you love to buy budget friendly home decor as well because I am always
on the hunt. If you liked this video please give me a like
and also subscribe for more videos like this. Until next time, Bye Y’all!

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