The Fixies: What Is a Pack-o-mat?
The Fixies: What Is a Pack-o-mat?

Just like the name says, Fixies live
to help machines and appliances. But machines are very big and Fixies are very small. So they can’t get by without tools. Long ago Fixies worked with just about
anything they could find: little feathers, threads, pins… But now they have backpacks called pack-o-mats. Inside a pack-o-mat are all sorts of tools. Just push the button and the pack-o-mat spins around quickly shooting out a hook, or a magnet, or even a parachute. Every adult Fixie has their own pack-o-mat, but before children can get them,
they have to go to school and study hard, and then pass an exam before they have the rights of a full-fledged Fixie. And it’s only after all of that
that young Fixies get their own pack-o-mats.

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    У дедуса очень писклявый голос в английской версии! Слушать противно.

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