The Junior Giant Console Extending Table | Expand Furniture
The Junior Giant Console Extending Table | Expand Furniture

The Junior giant table, a beautiful dining
table that can seat up to 10 people with 8 very comfortably. It can also hide away as
a compact desk, the console leg splits in two and smoothly extends out. You can add
in 1, 2, 3 or 4 extensions to your choosing. Capable of seating 4 seats per side and 1 on
each end for 10 seats total. The inside support leg can move a few feet side to side in either direction as a smaller table. It also works great as a square compact table for an apartment.
At this size it has a minmal foot print and seats 4 as a permanent table, when you have an unexpected guest simply add in another extension. If you decide to have a dinner
party, add in all the leaflets and bring out your fine dinnerware to really entertain your
guests. This table is very sturdy and more than capable of supporting a large feast. The face and legs have a stylish contoured bevel which makes it look good weather its in dining mode or hiding as a console. For more information
you can visit

8 thoughts on “The Junior Giant Console Extending Table | Expand Furniture”

  1. echo will says:

    wondering the price

  2. Prabhavv Batra says:

    Its not available in India

  3. aasim phame says:

    I love this product

  4. aasim phame says:

    is this available in India

  5. Dileep Siddareddygari says:

    very nice where should I get it

  6. Rodica Murisanu says:

    cat costa?

  7. LaShae Shelton says:

    I think people would be more willing to purchase if they were alot cheaper.

  8. Ahad Khan says:

    what the price

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