The Rug
The Rug

17 thoughts on “The Rug”

  1. pinky2389 says:

    all i can say is wow!! I truly needed this

  2. unboxed prophet says:


  3. Barry Westman says:

    What happened to the coffee?

  4. rosettegarbanz says:

    Every once in while we need a visual to remind us. Thnx

  5. Ava Fails says:

    This is totally how I feel.

  6. Lonesome Boss says:

    there isn't really any place i belong but with God

  7. oldedrum says:

    GollyBill!—That's great!
    How on earth did you ever make that!?…The level is way up there my friend as far as quality goes! (fav'd it!)

  8. Galev12 says:

    @Editfan Well, you see: it is hard to even consider your sanity can fail you… and it must hurt a lot when it happens…

  9. Daniel Pintilie says:

    Congrats for who made this ! There no safety in the world other than being reconciled in Jesus Christ with God. He is in control whatever the economy goes down , sanity is not good and even when the entire Earth is hit by enormous earthquake. He Is HALLWAYS in control and will provide best ever protection only for those who put their trust in Him !

  10. roee amar says:

    I just typed random letters…

  11. Zippertrain85 says:


  12. ChooseCarefully says:

    So God is no help at all? He just lays there and lets it all happen? Not a good message.

  13. starwatcher09 says:

    I think it's not what it means. I think the vid is trying to point out that under those 'rugs' (which represents the worldly needs), there is a 'floor' (which represents God) that would catch us when we are hurt or fall. 🙂

  14. Jose Reyes says:

    this a bit confusion to other people. but i respectfully this video message.

  15. TedNatanael says:

    luck Google:

    chfpn Films and stories with a good message

    Wiara Bogu prowadzi tam gdzie nie prowadzi niewiara
    Faith in God leads where the lack of it cannot
    – tedeus Dobre dzieje

  16. Heyzel Yes says:

    Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you…

  17. Tim Kochetkov says:

    Standing On God And A rug Is Not Possible? The Video Is Good. The Only Disadvantage Here Is That I Can't Tell Exactly What's Going On Like At The End Where The Man Stands On God And another rug.

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