The Side of Mexico the Media Will Not Show… Chapultepec Park in Mexico City
The Side of Mexico the Media Will Not Show… Chapultepec Park in Mexico City

now guys wherever you are from you probably know about Central Park in New York City but have you heard of this place guys this is Chapultepec Park and not only is it bigger than Central Park this is actually the biggest city park in all of Latin America today it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon so there’s all kinds of activities you can check out a performance you could visit the zoo you could visit one of the many museums that are actually inside of this park now Google told me that there were three museums but as I check this map I actually count four five six seven so the point is is more museums than you could ever visit in a day and it feels like there’s more to do here that you could do it a lifetime I mean I’ve been walking around here all afternoon and I could only show you a tiny bit of this park there’s a lake in the center of the park that you can actually ride boats around like pretty much everywhere in Mexico there’s plenty of street food options and while certain parts to this park might seem crowded and overwhelming there is more than enough space for everyone you can find a chill place to hang out kick a soccer ball pass a frisbee just do whatever you want to do and as amazing as this park is it actually makes me a bit sad too sad that I’d never heard of this place before I came to Mexico City and said that if you’re not Mexican chances are you haven’t heard of it either and to me that just shows that Mexico really gets mistreated in the media we have this idea about Mexico at least in Canada in the US as being a backward country where everything is just you know backward but I don’t think that’s the case at all in fact I think the portrayal that we get in the media as Mexicans all just wanting to hop the border to the US and everywhere in the country being dangerous I think it’s and I think walking on a park like this it’s impossible not to have your mind changed about Mexico I mean look at this place [Music] Mexico has problems yes but so does the United States so does my home country of Canada so does virtually any country that you can name and to focus only on the negatives is to forget about the beautiful nature and the beautiful parks and the beautiful city life that you experience in a place like suppose the peg park so the next time someone says to me hey Dan what’s your favorite city park I won’t say Central Park I will say Chapultepec oh did I mention there’s a castle yeah there’s a castle in this park [Music] you remove Central Park [Music]

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  1. patsy Pats says:

    I just became a patreon😀. Thank you for the beautiful and fun videos you make of Mexico!!!! 😊

  2. Inseguro Relax says:

    lo amas porque quieres encontrarte ATI mismo
    lo real está dentro de ti encontrándote

  3. Humberto García de Hoyos says:

    El Bosque de Chapultepec no sólo es inmenso, si no que tiene mucha historia mexicana!

  4. Abel Morales says:

    Siempre lo he dicho, Mexico no le pide nada a ningún lugar del mundo.

  5. mario rodriguez says:

    Great description..

  6. Champion Mendoza says:

    There are many many things and facts that most people do not know about mexico or mexicans .

  7. isabel lopez says:

    I went to CDMX for the first time this year in June and i loved it so much I took a second short trip just last weekend and I want to move there. I loooooved Mexico City and El Bosque de Chapultepec is a big part of that. I can envision myself spending a lot of time cycling, running, or just strolling through.

  8. El hijo del Ahuizote says:

    Incredible place, l love Chapultepec, l love México City, too bosque de Aragón park

  9. Go see the world says:

    Woww … Awesome Video … Big Thank you frm Australia 🤗🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺😊

  10. Juan Trujillo says:

    Dan, Gracias 🙏🏼
    You speak with your hearth . 👍🏼

  11. rinnikinn says:

    America is equality as dangerous and idk why people dont understand that. Like at least Mexico doesn't have any school shooters. Jesus. I'm planning on visiting this park and I'm excited

  12. Albert Bremner says:

    Ha…Fuck Central Park. This place was IMPERIAL.. Adios yanks

  13. Linney Salas says:

    Wow! I was thinking he's not going to mention the Castle. I am so glad you did. I love this park also.

  14. Pablo Amador says:

    Me suscribo se la rifo

  15. Veronica Rodriguez says:

    Mi México lindo y querido🇲🇽🇲🇽

  16. Ismael Castro says:

    Yes, There is a castle in Chapultepec. And I strongly recommend the history behind it. Castillo de Chapultepec,

  17. milan veverka says:

    Viva Mex…

  18. Jacy Alves Brito Jr. says:

    I'm from Brazil and I've always wanted to visit Mexico. Your videos made me want even more… Greetings from Brazil.

  19. Ivan Javier says:

    Lol for a moment I thought you said Chipotle 😊. Thanks for sharing videos of Mexico 👍

  20. Jerson Ochoa says:

    wow te quedó genial el video.

  21. BNan M says:

    The beautiful México, the México city clásic DF. Thank you for the ride… Muchas gracias por compartir de una Mexicana en el extranjero ❤️

  22. brandon cuautle says:

    Really love this video

  23. Curioseando con Patrick bello says:

    Me da gusto ver algo asi en mi país

  24. joze garcia says:

    Wuaooo me encantas 🤗😘

  25. isma Franco says:

    That's what makes me laugh about it. Mexico complains about their crime, their poverty, their lack of security and they do not see that their organized crime is the same as in Mexico. Yes, we will not have the life they have used but we Mexicans are Happy and proud that we are recognized by our history and culture United States may be a millionaire, but your money will never buy the Mexican culture
    I choose a thousand times Mexico

  26. jesus uribe says:

    Gracias.Mexico es GRANDE..!

  27. Emmanys Jakie says:

    Great video of México!!!

  28. Didiplays Californian mapping says:

    Of course i am from Mexico and thé us

  29. jorge sorcia diaz says:

    Invítenle unos tacos y una chela a éste hombre, ya es mexicano!!!

  30. Todd Hata says:

    Great video, I just went there last week, it’s so huge and I barely saw much of it in half a day!

  31. Anthony Gallardo says:

    Mexico is far more beautiful than the USA. The problem is, Mexico is too Poor to the USA and Europe when it comes to the people . If Mexicans ate and dress more properly, Trust me it’s image would change . It might be True that The USA is the Fattest country in the world but it’s not as noticeable because white Americans are mostly Tall . Mexicans being fat and short is very noticeable. Mexico you could do it ! Eat healthy and stay healthy. I’m a Mexican American, I’m proud to have Mexican roots, I’m one of the few who proves White people that I’m smart , good looking and in shape . I hope one day Mexicans could see what I saw .

  32. Yurieru Ü OWSLA says:

    1:01 – where is these skatepark? :v

  33. J. M. Pérez says:

    Hope everything is fine. You haven't posted videos in a while. Your videos are great. Never mind YouTube just doesn't show me your videos anymore LOL

  34. Tara Lynn says:

    Thanks for the video! We are finally looking at mexico city as a travel destination next year. Why haven't we considered it before? Probably due to all the stereotypes we see in the media. However, it looks amazing and very vegan friendly and I now cannot wait to visit!

  35. Go Travel On The Cheap says:

    Such an amazing park. I would have never guessed it was in Mexico. That castle is so amazing. Was it built by the Mexican people?

  36. CharlieZuko says:

    Welcome to the City bro, glad you enjoyed it as much as you did.
    Thank you for the great, but most importantly, accurate feedback.
    Mexico City was rightly known by the Aztecs as “Tenochtitlán, the City of Dreams” unfortunately the media usually doesn’t give us the credit we deserve.

  37. JL Viruega says:

    Mexico is the second richest city in Latin America. Believe or not It is a first world city.

  38. M. Qualifié says:

    It's more beautiful than central park 😜

  39. M. Qualifié says:

    Mexico is a great country!!!!

  40. Amelia Brena says:

    Beautiful:Mexico es un pais grandioso en todo. Su comida, artesanía, su gente muy amable, pueblos paradisíacos increhibles. Es unico, amo mi tierra.

  41. Tiki Tiki says:

    You are so boring ,Mexico has the most beautiful tourist routes ,booooooorringg !!!!!

  42. Pedro Perez says:

    Chingon video

  43. brend Alvarado says:

    Me gustan tus videos, gracias por mostrar lo lindo de México.

  44. Cristian Toledo says:

    I used to live like 15 min running from the park, was very nice

  45. Diego Borlini says:

    México es el país más bonito del mundo. Saludos desde México.

  46. Lei - Lei says:

    There is a myth that says the central park is an imitation of the Alameda Central, which is in the city of Mexico,

  47. Iñaki Cedrún says:

    Thank you for this videos of México

  48. Austin Hester says:

    Yo ni sabia que existia ala verga y eso que soy de México 😂

  49. Can we get 50,000 vids without any videos says:

    Why i love you because you love Chapultepec Park. gracias! 😃

  50. Montebello1700 says:

    Awesome !

  51. WILD LIFE says:

    Gracias hermano, saludos desde México.

  52. superzxsuperzx says:

    Well said brother

  53. Veronica Ramirez says:

    Chapultepec is no doubt beautiful but do not use the park's Wi-Fi. They ask for your email and password or your Facebook and password. Since i needed the Wi-Fi i put in the email info and my account was hacked and had charges ran up. Join returning from my trip the charges were made the day i used the Wi-Fi there. Protect yourself and don't use infinitum Wi-Fi there.

  54. Jesus Dirzo says:


  55. j p says:

    Thank you to shere a bit of the real mexico…mexico te amo.

  56. Jose García says:

    Órale aguevo arriba Chapultepec

  57. sanjursan says:

    Ok, I'm ready to make the move. One last thing. Is there good Thai food in Mexico City?

  58. Lula Mendoza says:


  59. Ozzy says:

    Thanks my friend for saying the truth about MEXICO thanks

  60. Alejandro Mena says:

    Thank you for this video, Mexico is not just a country, Mexico is our home.

  61. Eliot Ariday says:

    Canadiense, yo naci en el pais donde los hombres no lloran, pero tus palabras otro poco y me haces llorar

  62. Rich Lawrence says:

    I was just there 2 weeks ago and it was my first time in Mexico City. Chapultepec is awesome! Thank you for making this video and I couldn't agree more with everything that you said! Well done!

  63. HARATRON 6/21 says:

    My people :'3 I'm so glad I was born in the Mexican family, Viva Mexico!

  64. Manuel Rivera says:

    Yo solo quiero saber que dicen esos comentarios extrangeros 😭

  65. depredador Azteca says:

    Excelente vídeo de verdad me conmovió saludos

  66. Mary Jean Russell says:

    Thank you so much for standing up for Beautiful Mexico! I am so sick of people putting it down! This is my history!

  67. Adrián Durán says:

    And its about to get bigger and will the largest in the americas

  68. Fabiola says:

    Gracias por tu video New Travel sobre Chapultepec (que en náhuatl significa "Cerro del Chapulín"), te quedó bello.
    Una corrección: Chapultepec es un bosque, no es un parque.
    Gracias por tu opinión positiva de mi país y en particular de la Ciudad de México.

  69. Candy Walker says:

    Thank por tus palabras a my México City México tiene todo como dices tu wow thank thank ok Love my México in México hay mucha Food of todas yo miro que hablas muy lindo de mi país México un saludo desde los ángeles California usa a mi como mexicana meda gusto que hablas así de México abrazos 👄👄👄

  70. Claudia Gomez says:

    Gracias de una mexicana

  71. Tayde Carbajal says:

    Es realmente bello, viva MEXICO

  72. kalikrates71 says:

    35 trump fans did not like this great video

  73. Robert Fenyk says:

    I love this park and how Paseo de la Reforma terminates at such a grand entrance to Chapultepec. So much to see. Clean, beautiful and VERY safe.
    Thanks for this great video. I want to go back.

  74. Alessandra Ortiz says:

    Dios te bendiga buen muchacho

  75. NoExisto ——- says:

    Like si vienes por la miss flor

  76. irene reyes says:

    Thank you for expressing your opinion about my country, Mexico. It is a beautiful country and it is misunderstood. Keep doing what you're doing you do a great job!

  77. J Jz says:

    To be honest the Mexicans don’t really give a fuck about what the Americans think of us. We are happy even though we may be poor we are happier and we have genuine friends and loving families. We are truly happy and some government or media is not going to change that fact so come to our country and we will let you know what you’re missing. Everyone is welcomed here with loving arms.

  78. joseph montero says:

    god bless Mexico City , miss my old days back when i was a youngster goin every sunday to el Toreo ,chapultepec , xochimilco , coapa, always something to do there

  79. Boo Ya says:

    you wanna here sick lies about other countries? listen to the U.S. News media… in their eyes, EVERYBODY IS EVIL & WICKED except the U.S.

  80. Ajay Dutta says:

    Dan my friend your best work was in Mexico.

  81. Ivan Mayet says:

    Siempre es agradable ir de visita al bosque de Chapultepec :')

  82. Adriana Vera says:

    I've watched most of your videos but not this one haha, I was looking for all the videos I can see from cdmx since I'll be in cdmx in two weeks I just cant wait to go back, I visited like when I was 9, NOW Im going with my two boys Im excited, great video btw.

  83. Mela Esquino says:

    Sigo mucho tus videos por youtube. Pero quiero agradecer tus inteligentes comentarios sobre la ciudad de Mexico. Yo como mexicana y viviendo hace muchos años em España. Me he hecho muchas preguntas. Sobre como es la vida en Mexico. Oi una opinion Japonesa. Y estoy de acuerdo . Que es un mundo propio. ..deseo que no varie mucho tu opinion. Pasado los tiempos. Y creo que solo hay que reflexionar un poco en sj historia. Y en lo que hoy mismo representa como Pais economicamente. Un saludo afectuoso.

  84. Roman Alejandro Ocampo Lopez says:

    Muchas gracias! X hacer videos así sobre mi país, gente como tu siempre será bienvenida a México y admirada. D parte d todo México mil gracias hermano! 🇨🇦🇲🇽

  85. Magnum Opus says:

    Trump 2020 no more Mexican in new york go back

  86. Th Castro says:

    Chapultepec Castle 🏰 the best place and unique in Latín America 💯. I love Mexico City 🇲🇽 thank guys for the great Video 👍👍

  87. JOSHUA NOYOLA says:

    Why americans wanna to mexico they talk so bad about this country.terrible

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    I love this place.. big part of my childhood 😍😍😍

  90. Emmanys Jakie says:

    El parque de Chapultepec acaba de ser nombrado el mejor parque urbano del mundo y fueron los mismos administradores de los parques de varios paises los que lo eligieron felicidades Ciudad de México por tener un gigantesco e impresionante parque

  91. carlos marquez says:

    100% agree with you, and honestly one of the best videos I been watching.. Congratulations very nice video..

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    Thank you Dan for your amazing reviews, we Mexicans are great people with great history. More people need to experience what Mexico City has to offer !

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    Es el único castillo real!!! 🏰 que hay!! En todo el continente americano

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