100 thoughts on “THE ULTIMATE BEDROOM MAKEOVER + room tour”

  1. Miiichelle OLO says:


  2. BritgirlTX says:

    bingwatching your blogs … #talentedroommakeoverqueen

  3. RACHNA GOEL says:

    She looks like aashika Bhatia

  4. John Doe says:

    this popped up in my recommended again after a full year, and I can't believe its been only a year. I feel like you and your channel have grown so much since this. props to you.

  5. Luna Fotris says:

    HAHA RANDOM GUY THAT TOLD ME TETRIS WAS ANCIENT. Ashley mentioned it in a video that’s a year old soooo ya know it’s always cool

  6. Sophia Nicole says:

    oohh this is when u didnt have bangs. you look so different

  7. Prettyology ! says:

    14:40 is when tour starts

  8. Sharanya Maulik says:

    Ashley 2018: i did my bedroom in 4 weeks

    Ashley 2019: i did my stunning apartment in a year and now that its done ive decided im moving to new york in 3 weeks

    (also my bedroom is a closet)

  9. Shannen Canton says:

    6:33 butt fucking day is it?

  10. elia m says:

    Ashley you should teach us how to do the handy work lol i know NOTHING how can i learn? At least the basics

  11. Elizabeth Ornelas says:

    I love this video. I always rewatch it when there is nothing else to watch 😁

  12. WESplusMOM says:

    I never see ads in her videos?? How is she making money! Really enjoying her content ✌🏻

  13. Tee Queen says:

    What was it like opening your door with the carpet? And where did you get the carpet?

  14. Tanya says:

    this video really made me appreciate my carpet

  15. Amy Luchini says:

    I wish I had a big room and live in a house and not live in an apartment…

  16. GokuBlack Ultraviolet says:

    Trash ugly room just kidding I like it!

  17. Natalie Rozean says:

    What is the song playing while she’s cutting the rugs up? She has the most fun background tunes! Perfect for sped up footage!

  18. Elena Witt says:

    ngl i really felt that kid skipping in home depot

  19. Meii chan says:

    I dont know why but i love all your videos so much 💖

  20. 「Itsuki's Stars」 says:

    So, my mom thought I was straight when I told her I had lost my virginty. I told her: "No need, this he was a she."

  21. Jessie Carlson says:

    She says her outfits in this video are depressing, but they are still cuter than mine lol.

  22. Bonnore says:

    i come back to this video every once in a while. legit don't know how many times i've watched it

  23. Amelia Griggs says:

    Home Depot is literally the American version of Bunnings comment if ur aussie

  24. DongDong Wu says:

    Anyone here 2020 after she moved to NY? 🤚

  25. Akari Wu's Way Videos says:

    "Like pick a color to be" lol

  26. GaslitWorld f. Melissa B says:

    So adorable, so pretty, so talented, kinda funny, such a dirty mouth. Scrub that mouth with soap and stop calling yourself a pc of s***. that is not funny girl.

  27. Mia Mouse says:

    I think you should stop saying F**k and other words like that less often

  28. Lauren Val says:

    how does people with these aesthetic rooms have like one small rack of clothes

  29. Sin Yi Lau says:

    i want your jeans jai ^^

  30. It's Emily Nicole says:

    there are sooo many diy’s in this lol

  31. Wendy Wang says:

    Am I the only person who likes her bed sheet?

  32. Maddie Bee says:

    I’m jealous

  33. Regina Calix says:

    can u do a video of how to style snake ankle boots?

  34. Lexa Rene Miller says:

    I aspire to be as motivated as you one day

  35. Kitty Cat says:

    She had the parquet in her room. THE PARQUET. Omg why she covered it with that stuff 😟☹️

  36. Matilde Anacoreta says:

    Where did you get the rug?

  37. Apricot _Girl says:

    maybe put primer on the Styrofoam before the paint? idk

  38. Umi Salmah says:

    Cant wait to design mu own house soon

  39. Life of Sam says:

    Probably super late finding this video but it showed up on my feed and I am happy I watched the entire thing. Your style and the entire DIY was great but your humour and personality is what made me stay until the end! Thanks girl!

  40. Alicia Sandoval says:


  41. Alicia Sandoval says:

    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Ashley's background music: bay-beh, bay-beh

  42. e r y t h r a says:

    Imagine spilling something on the carpet 😣

  43. Ishani Karmakar Dey says:

    It's impossible to not intensely like you.

  44. Kaleb Quade says:

    I know this video is from a long time ago but dose anyone now what the rug is called

  45. AsmrbyTobi says:

    Who's here after watching her moving to New York Video? Thank God for this video if not I might have never met one of my favorite YouTubers

  46. yin hu says:

    I want to decorate my room,too

  47. Danae Kolyva says:

    I've come back to watch this ages later and I wanted to say what I always think when I see that zebra chair: it looks exactly like halva with cocoa.

  48. cookieaddictions says:

    I still have nothing but a bed in my room and I moved in 6 weeks ago…whoops

  49. Jorja hummel says:

    Can you like come do my room honestly

  50. Draqon Fruit says:

    Lowkey you are who I want to be in 7 years (im may 5, btw)

  51. M V says:

    Im here after watching her leaving la video..sad hrs..she left her planets for her neighbor to take care of..and aaah…ashley im just…u r so talented and skilled and the way u approach things absolutely incredible….like most room makeovers would just be ordering stuff and putting it in but u lit built stuff, redesigned things, and just u r amazing! The effort u put into ur youtube videos is paying off big time…aah im so nostalgic even tho it isnt me moving across the country…u have changed in a good way so much in one year…

  52. M V says:

    If i built my own bed i would be so afraid to sleep in it

  53. M V says:

    How did she balance school with this room makeover? And her editing job too?

  54. M V says:

    She carried all that stuff up the second floor….she is so fit lol

  55. M V says:

    “Oh gosh that is very crotchal” i love the things ashley says

  56. M V says:

    Most room makeovers would just be steps and like boring clips but u make it so fun and interesting to watch bc of ur commentary and small bits of education

  57. midoodlez says:

    Has anyone ever noticed how strong Ashley is! I know I could never ever carry her rug or mattress around in any way 👍💗

  58. Nidhi Negi says:

    Watching you is my favorite time pass 2020

  59. lena bosnjak says:

    How much did this cost is the real question

  60. anna love says:

    Girl, we get it. You have sex. We all do. You can stop talking about it.

  61. Halle Kramer says:

    Looks so cozy!!

  62. Sofia Polanco says:

    Really awesome makeover but peopleee never buy styrofoam! It’s super bad for the environment and using it for an aesthetic wall is super wasteful.

  63. Dhriti Narsaria says:

    Please do your magic to my room please please please

  64. Anna Khotrnco says:

    you are super smart❤🧡💚

  65. Pam P says:

    try using some words other than profanity

  66. M.A. says:

    where did she get the carpet from?

  67. jennifergorg says:

    An nooww. She's in New York currently don't have an apartment. BUT I'm waiting for a new apartment makeover in NY 😍💕💕💕

  68. ʚ strawberry _ milk ɞ says:

    1:52 Reminds me of a place where they sell plants near my house and there's a ton of variety and it's wonderful 🌱🌿❤✨

  69. Mélissandre Trb says:

    After watching your other videos and then watching that one I realize you have a deeper voice in this video somehow…

  70. Vika Rekonvald says:

    Can someone recommend some amazing channels like this one, please)

  71. Santhosh Md says:


  72. Lola Hünzler says:

    I got the same bed sheets almost half price at the official website.

  73. Emy Callahan says:

    I have come to the fact i watch to many room makeover videos because i have seen all of them before when i search up room makeovers or redoing my room

  74. mini primitive building says:


  75. ashley ann says:

    ok but i love her hair

  76. Jerry B says:

    Love watching you. Your Awesome

  77. Kateryna B says:

    I really like those shelves and that pipe closet rack. Looks very expensive.

  78. Junevel El says:


  79. MJ says:

    So freaking cute, lucky guy😩

  80. lopes L says:

    She is a GENIUS 😮

  81. Louis Jr Is Dancing says:

    Who is a very fast talker?
    Ashley who has a YouTube
    channel called bestdressed


    》》Who is one of the hardest
    working YouTuber in the world?
    Ashley who has a YouTube
    channel called bestdressed

    – Dancing Louie

  82. Axelle Awah says:

    Will you be able to open your doors ?🤔🤔

  83. Beauty with Mayra says:

    what is the name of that carpet? I like it!!!! A lot!!

  84. Haruhi Kurosawa says:

    I've literally always wanted that rustic wall look in my room but wasnt sure how to put bricks in my freaking room (like a cheap dumbass I even thought of using wallpaper) but wow that styrofoam idea is genius. Love u Ashely.

  85. favkrite. says:

    Please help me. I’m a kid and I literally don’t know how to do any of this. Help me pls..

  86. redhatgnome says:

    the only thing that makes go "but whyyyyyy?".. is the styrofoam (so bad environmentally). other than that, this is INSANELY WELL DONE WOWOWOWOW.

  87. Stephanie Jen says:

    Does anyone know how long her pipe lengths were cut to? :0

  88. Francesca Da Rocha says:

    I’m watching this video a year after it was posted

  89. Nil Berk says:


  90. Ruth Castillo says:

    Omg i want to be your friend lol

  91. Natasha Estrada says:

    Argggh I hate landlords that put that grey industrial carpet in their apartments so it feels like your living in The Office. Cheap cheap landlord.

  92. Sophie yoda says:

    HER Its so fluffy i can die

    ME iTs SoFlUfFy Im GoInG tO OfffffffffffffffING DIE

  93. Mary Sinnett says:

    I'm SO impressed!

  94. Sabrina scalmato-morson says:

    "where is there a traffic its 1 PM on a thursday"!

    Because people like you lol

  95. Manar itaa says:

    it's kinda weird sleeping and at the same time having the mirror in front of you lol

  96. TamTam 1928 says:

    That faux brick wall came out so good….love it! Kudos to you for a job well done lol

  97. Lil' BookishThoughts says:

    U seriously help me Ashley love ha and I relate with u so much

  98. starfaith says:

    Me: sees Swedish text

    Also me: feels bubbly because I’m Swedish and I surprisingly somehow feel special when I see something from Sweden even tho it has nothing to do with me

  99. Justin Berg says:

    Damn. You are so creative and good at so many things

  100. mogo cafe says:

    Beautiful girl, wish she didn’t say the word “fucking” too much

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