They Came in Like a Wrecking Ball
They Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

– All month long we’re
partnering with Ulta Beauty to help raise money for Breast
Cancer Research Foundation. It’s a very important cause
and that is the only reason I have agreed to play this stupid dumb game. It’s time to play
Wrecking Balls. [Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”] – [singing]
I came in like a wrecking ball I never hit so hard in love All I wanted was
to break your walls – All right,
I need someone to race, someone with defined
twerking muscles, so please welcome back
Miley Cyrus. [cheers and applause] – I’m scared.
– Me too. – I’m scared.
What’s happening with that? All right. All right,
here’s what’s happening. I’ve never played this game. This is something
that my writers made up, and what we’re gonna have
to do–someone’s gonna put something on us–let’s
put it–let’s do this. – All right. Is it time
for me to do my– – Yeah, you have to–’cause we–
– Cover your eyes everybody. – All right.
– Just kidding. [cheers]
Just kidding. – This is gonna hang.
– Yep. – And we’re gonna–I’m gonna
wrap, like– – Here we go.
– All right. – It’s gonna go a little lower.
– Lower? both: Okay.
– All right. – I’m gonna wrap this
around you. – All right.
– This isn’t even going on TV, I don’t think.
[laughter] This is just for fun.
– Is that tight enough? – Yeah. Yeah, tighter.
– Okay. Then you just bend down. – All right.
– There you go. – All right.
– All right, sorry. I started too soon.
– So… – So, what is the…
– All right, so… – The gist?
– So, apparently, we’re supposed to use the thingy
dangling between our legs… – As we do. To do…
– And we’re supposed to use it, and we cannot use anything
except that– – Thing in between our legs.
– And the first person to get this ball
across the finish line using only the thingy dangling
between our legs… – Now do I have to stay here?
Or do I keep going? – No, no. We’re trying–
– Okay. – No, it’s not just to–
– Just keep going. – If you can do that,
good for you. – I do. I got some power
with my dangle-y things. – You’ve got–it
seems like you do… – Here we go.
– But–all right. So, um, all right, ready?
– I’m scared. – All right, go.
[burlesque music] – Oh.
[laughs] [grunts]
– Okay, hold on. – You know, this thing
is harder to use. Ellen! I am… [burlesque music continues]
[cheers and applause] G–Ellen.
This is not fair. I feel like–
– [grunting] – All right. – Ahh!
– Tied! [bell dings] Ellen.
– Hi. – I feel like you got to do
a practice run or something. – Yeah, I know.
It’s actually– – Do I get to take this home
with the Ellen underwear? – Yes.
– [laughs] – The problem is my thing
is already hitting the ground. – Yours is a little longer
than mine. – Yeah.
– [laughs] – The next step’s
a pretty important one. – All right and then–
– Oh, no. Don’t show Ellen. – Let’s–
– The truth. Don’t show Ellen the truth! – You kicked it!
You cheater! – I am a cheater.
[both laughing] [laughter and applause] This is getting where you’ll
never show this on television. – Oh! – All right. – Thank you, Ellen. It looks really good
with my dress. – [laughing] – Do I have something
between my legs? – All right. – Okay.
– You liked that one, don’t you? – All right. That means
Ulta Beauty will donate $10,000 to Breast Cancer
Research Foundation. – Thank you, Ulta.
– Thank you, Ulta.

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