Thick Shag rug with MOTH Damage by Luv-A-Rug
Thick Shag rug with MOTH Damage by Luv-A-Rug

hello it’s ruglover mary for luv-a-rug in Victoria and today I’m showing a wooll felted Shag and we call it a felted shag because that these little posts they’re about a half an inch round in and this one’s about inch and a half long see it there there’s the base and as I unrolled this rug i found something I haven’t see in a felt shag mostly cause felt shags don’t last very long but this one being a darker color it’s harder to show stains and such when I unrolled it I found a moth larva casing it’s a little hard to see cause he’s the color the rug there you go a moth larva casing right there and there’s several of them hiding in between the tufts of the rug and you can see on the back here where they have started to eat the edging and these rugs if they do get a moth issue it’s very
easy for them to live in here for a long time without you noticing because the tufts
are so thick and that’s why it’s important to get
them cleaned often and to ah care take care of spills and spots and there’s a moth casing there and there’s one again hiding in here there’s he is right there. and there’s several of them on this end throughout
the rug so if you have one of these wool felted shag rugs you may want to get it inspected for moth larva because it would take a
really long time for them to eat through one these wool tufts because they are so thick and as you can
see it’s really easy for dirt dust and debris to get trapped between the fibers and that is
definitely a moth Haven for them to eat. so this is rug lover mary for luv-a-rug in Victoria reminding you to always get your rugs cleaned regularly and to make sure that these little guys don’t move in and damage your rug. thank you very much bye

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