40 thoughts on “Things In Toy Story Only Adults Notice”

  1. lilblurry1 says:


  2. geck o says:

    Am I early?

  3. Samuel Bahati says:


  4. THE TOY PRINZ TR says:


  5. Juan Salgado says:


  6. THE TOY PRINZ TR says:

    Man if the kids from the 90s who watched toy story watched it again

  7. Ronith & Richa says:


  8. The Yash says:

    Why the hell didn't I watched Toy Story 4

  9. potatomato :p says:

    I noticed that buzz got drunk by drinking imaginary tea

  10. Tae S17 says:

    That last one made me think about all the toys I tortured in the past

  11. Isaac Panashe Jakata says:


  12. Jose Garcia says:

    I understood the hooker reference until I was in high school lol

  13. Tomakze says:

    Sid grew up to be a serial killer

  14. Anna Heyward says:


  15. Looper says:

    Which is your favorite Toy Story movie?

  16. Andrew Kercher says:

    "Andy's hearts and toy box"? And you think Buzz and Woody have an identity crisis? That's not just an adult theme, but I hope a grammatical error!

  17. Rakib Hossain says:


  18. Jared Alvarez says:

    Did you know that Woody’s last name is Pride?

  19. KING OF HEARTS says:

    Top comment is gay

  20. whiteandnerdytuba says:

    What did the toys think when Andy started masturbating

  21. Paul Bennett says:

    Well I’m an adult and I didn’t notice these…because I was concentrating on the story!

  22. DavijoMan says:

    Even as a child I understood all these concepts….

  23. Adrian Delgado says:

    So what. It is what it is. You can't make a good story without applying a sense of reality and ture drama.

  24. Jacque Robert Mesa says:

    Only real fans notice that andy owns a barbie doll… Pretty girlie andy

  25. TH3 F4LC0N says:

    "What do you say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?"
    "They don't call me Woody for nothing!"

  26. TH3 F4LC0N says:

    Toy Story actually has some surprisingly deep themes to it. You don't realize when you're a kid that when Buzz sees himself on the commercial that it essentially pushes him into an existential crisis that drives him temporarily to madness. The entire Toy Story series is united by the theme of "the fear of being forgotten", (well, the first three are, then they made the fourth one and kinda fucked things up. it was still pretty good though). But yeah, most of the Toy Story films involve some character trying to avoid obsolescence. (Woody tries to murder Buzz in the first film because Andy starts to forget about him, Stinky Pete is racist against space toys because they usurped western toys, and Lotso is a bitter cynic because his kid forgot about him.)

  27. TH3 F4LC0N says:

    "What's a cowboy without his hat?"
    Why does that line still sound so badass all these years later?

  28. Christal J says:

    Why y’all ain’t mention when Mr. Potato Head took his lips off to kiss his ass? That was the best part 💀 But I guess that was more obvious

  29. ChrisDanceMusic says:

    You're taking this too far. Its a kids movie

  30. LG Dude says:

    Waste of 4 minutes and 53 seconds

  31. Bear Hub says:

    At 3.45 you can see dinoco Which is of cars

  32. Jaxon Daly says:

    The fact that it’s weird for toys to talk.

  33. James Rosoman says:

    Buz Lightyear is a toy in toy story but in another reality he may in fact have be a comic book cartoon character who could fly and in yet a possible universe there was a man call Woody a Cowboy trick shot sherif who was also a comic book character but was he based on Roy Rogers or The Lone Ranger? The cartoon universe and CGI universe are a mixture of tall tales of many heroes or many villains but Hero's have many more face's on paper or 3d world but the question is are they really real or something else?

  34. Dina Shore says:

    I never noticed the carpet!

  35. The Wealth Generator says:

    Real OG's watched it as a kid and an adult

  36. Hide Barnes says:

    Love this film ♥️ it's my favourite as well as frozen

  37. Hide Barnes says:

    The carpet thing is cool tho

  38. 432hz • says:


  39. matt love says:

    1. Woody did not intend to kill Buzz. You forgot what you said seconds before to make a point that didn't need to be made. 2. There's no evidence Combat Carl was killed. He was probably one of the toys that took part in the insurrection later in the movie.

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